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How to Add Wi-Fi to Your Old DSLR Camera -FileEdge

How to Add Wi-Fi to Your Old DSLR Camera -FileEdge

WLAN retrofit to remote control your DSLR via Wi-Fi and transfer data, offers numerous advantages. You need fewer cables, can see your pictures immediately on the smartphone and do not have to go through the PC. We will show you how to do it.

WLAN retrofit is worthwhile. This allows you to wirelessly control your DSLR via Wi-Fi, and conveniently access data from the camera. If you already have a modern SLR or current mirrorless DSLM, you should already benefit from integrated WLAN. But how can photographers retrofit WLAN with their old camera and also enjoy this comfort? Read on.

Wi-Fi to Pentex

WLAN retrofit: Wi-Fi cards for DSLR and Co.

To Wi-Fi the fastest with a DSLR retrofit, Wi-Fi memory cards are available to play the game. These are special SD cards, for example from Toshiba, Transcend and Eye-Fi, which build a WLAN hotspot. And view and copy JPEG and RAW files on the memory card.

This works quite well now and needs only less technical knowledge. However, WLAN memory cards also contain a few disadvantages. Starting with the price, which is several times higher than with regular SD cards. In addition, these models boast no speed at all: in the laboratory, the fastest card reaches a maximum write rate of less than 20 MB per second. For huge RAW files and serials, it is therefore hardly recommendable. But if you have two card shafts flashing in its camera, you can use this card to store smaller JPEGs.

Wi-Fi Adaptor

Nikon and Canon DSLR: WLAN professional upgrade

The WLAN solutions from Nikon and Canon work more quickly and professionally. For the manufacturer’s DSLR range, special WLAN adapters are launched, which plug into the USB port or even function as a battery grip.

The WLAN adapter Nikon WU-1a for the four-digit D-series and a handful of Coolpix cameras beats about 50 euros. The WU-1b for the D600 and D610 as well. The official compatibility list can be found here. If a Nikon D800, D4S or a Canon EOS its own, must be much deeper into the pockets. The Canon WFT-E5 facilitates photographers around USD 533, the Nikon WT-4 even around USD 686 euros. This is probably only for very ambitious hobby and professional photographers.

Wi-Fi Adapter for Canon and Nikon DSLRs:

Price wise between the CamRanger settles itself and also connects via USB connection to current DSLRs of Canon and Nikon. The functionality of the Wi-Fi app makes the CamRanger an interesting partner for demanding photographers. Users are given access to virtually all important setting options – from exposure to white balance to ISO sensitivity, or entire HDR series. For this, the Wi-Fi app can score with professional features such as a histogram as well as an over- and under-exposure warning. The camRanger transfers the photos taken directly to the PC, smartphones and tablets. The CamRanger is compatible with all current Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

DSLR Dashboard: CamRanger in house

If you have some technical understanding, you can build your own CamRanger and much cheaper. The WLAN router TP-Link TL-MR3040, which you connect to the camera via USB, serves as the basic module. Replace the factory firmware with the open-source firmware OpenWRT. Then configure the WLAN function to your liking. Now you need the control software “DSLR Dashboard” for PC, Android or iOS and plug into the WLAN of the router. Once connected, you can remote control the camera and transfer pictures wirelessly using your Wi-Fi.


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How to Setup Your Own Personal Cloud Storage – File Edge

How to Setup Your Own Personal Cloud Storage – File Edge

The cloud storage is awesome, as far as flexibility for users is concerned. But many companies have abdominal pain, to give sensitive data into foreign hands. Own Cloud Storage is a handy opensource alternative that allows companies to build their own Cloud Storage on their servers.

Whether the data is with Apple, Google, Microsoft or the Telekom, companies are difficult to outsource sensitive data to cloud offerings. The flexibility that can be achieved is exactly what companies want; Only the security conscience is registering. Those who prefer to build their own Cloud Storage instead can do it with own Cloud. Our DIY Mode has set itself the goal of building a cloud on its own servers.

Make users happy

With own Cloud the benefit for the user is in the foreground. Cloud back and forth, is more interested in the synchronization of files, appointments and addresses. We show you what you need for own Cloud as you discover the software.

Cloud Storage Seagate

Checklist: You need this for own Cloud Storage

The requirements for own Cloud are not particularly high. A standard server environment with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is sufficient for the start.

Currently own Cloud is available in three versions: Community, Business and Enterprise. For the first experiments, the Community Edition does it, in professional use, there is the Enterprise with the best support as well as the possibility to operate several own Cloud instances side by side. There are also clients for OS X, Linux and Windows for building the cloud, which is available for Linux and Windows. They are also going to introduce useful apps very soon.

Cloud Storage Server with standard tools

Setting up own Cloud is not rocket science it is easy if you follow our DIY, but if you’re looking for a simplicity like Dropbox, this is wrong. On a naked Windows Discover the latest info on Windows 10! Or Linux does not run the software. Apache 2, PHP as well as a MySQL database are necessary. Get the current Own Cloud package and unpack it. Then copy the directory “own cloud” into the web server directory, usually / var / www. In order for the configuration to work, the user under whose account the web server is running must also have the apps, config and data directories. This can be done with chown -R www-data: www-data / var / www / own cloud / install / x, where for x once apps, config and data must be specified. “Www-data” is, for example, the owner of the webserver under Ubuntu.

own cloud storage

Cloud Storage: Fine settings for Apache

If you are using Apache, you should then switch on .htaccess. To do this, open the / etc / apache2 / sites-enabled / 000-default file in an editor, find the entry “AllowOverride” and set it to “All”. After that restart Apache and it can go with the actual configuration.

Perfect setup: Cloud Storage in your server room

With Cloud, admins can easily tack the configuration via a browser. We help with the first setup steps.

If the device has worked as described, the own Cloud interface should be available after restarting Apache at http: // localhost / owncloud. If the installation did not work out completely because a PHP module is missing, own Cloud also shows the same. On this first visit, you must assign a username and password. This will be the admin account for ownCloud. After the “Advanced” drop-down menu, you can explicitly specify the data directory for own Cloud, ie / var / www / owncloud / data; You must enter the access data for the database. If MySQL users and password, then ownCloud itself can create the appropriate database. Now you can register and make the first configuration steps.


The makers of  Cloud have a sense of humor, after the first login you can see that everything is still empty and you should now upload something quickly. However, they have set a hurdle and limited the file size for uploads to 2 MB. You can change this directly in the file php.ini via the PHP values post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Important: Apache must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Users create and updates

For a basic function test, the admin can now himself upload a few documents and check the clients. In a second step, however, a few test users should also be created. To do this, click the gear wheel at the bottom left of the window and select “User”. Via “Create” you can create new accounts. By the way, you can limit the storage space for users using the “Standard Quota” option. It is also important that you keep your own Cloud up-to-date. You simply need to download the latest version, unpack it and install it over the old version. Important: Leave the two folders / config and / data untouched, because your settings and data are there. On the next login own Cloud will update automatically.

OwnCloud Cloud Storage: advantages and disadvantages

All the advantages of the cloud combined with the security of your own server, that sounds good. In practice, however, it is not so easy, because you also give away a few advantages of real Cloud Storage offers.

The advantages of own Cloud are obvious: Companies can operate a powerful sync service in their own server room. At the moment, there are clients for Windows, Linux and OS X, and mobile apps are set to start soon. You can force encryption on your own Cloud or use a file diversion.

Scalability is not self-evident

The great thing about Cloud Storage offers is that you can scale very well. You suddenly need twice as much memory because they have two major new projects? No problem, simply choose the cloud provider with the doubling and already the memory space is available. If you run your own Cloud Storage, you have to take care of it yourself. Even flexible payment options, such as “pay per use”, of course, is not with your own Cloud Storage. The third disadvantage is that companies keep control over their data, so they must also ensure their own security for our business area. Whether the company is just as good as a professional Cloud Storage provider, is questionable.

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This Hummingbird Folding Bike Won’t Put Your Back Out

This Hummingbird Folding Bike Won’t Put Your Back Out

Hummingbird Bike – Folding Carbon-Fibre Bike

A London start-up firm, the Hummingbird Bike Company has created a folding carbon-fibre bike which tends to weight only 6.5 kilograms.  The Hummingbird designed, manufactured and assembled in Britain to the highest standards utilising a series of leading technologies from quick prototyping utilising


3D printers to motorized industry CAM machines.  The bike would be quality tested and considered safe to be used on the roads.  It is said to be the lightest folding bike in the world. Engineered by motorsport experts Prodrive it is a hand-built bike which tends to hit the scales at about 6.9 KG that is half the weight of the other bikes. It is considered to be a blend of British craftsmanship together with advanced technologies.


The Hummingbird is said to meet up with all the requirements of the urban cyclist, a beautifully engineered simple solution to the user.  It is easy to be taken on the train or store the same beneath your desk since it is ultra-light as well as foldable.  Moreover it could also have the possibility of placing it in the boot of your car. The Hummingbird Bike, besides being 3 kilos lighter than its closest rival, tends to boast of a unique together with stylish design which combines form as well as function.

Hummingbird Bike Easy to Fold & Carry

Being easy to fold and to carry it around, it is adequately compact to be carried in an elevator and light enough to carry up the stairs making it perfect for the modern urban traveller. The greatest incredible feature of the Hummingbird Bike is its invention wherein their project team have worked hard in offering the best user experience.


The folding feature is said to be the biggest invention since it tends to resolve an issue which any other folding bike tends to have. The axis for the back triangle is towards the bottom bracket shell while the chain tensioner is detached which means it has a lighter system as well as a safer one and the chain do not tend to fall.

 Hummingbird Folding

Some of the independent designers are resorting to crowdfunding in order to get their lighter, snazzier folding bike designs off the ground and the Humming Bike Company a London based firm is not an exception. The company is of the belief that it could be the lightest folding bike in the world stating that the Hummingbird is a total of 3 kilograms lighter than its closest rival.

Hummingbird Bike Design has Custom Mechanism

The design utilises carbon fibre since it seems to be lighter than steel and has the tendency of absorbing shock vibrations. According to designer Petre Crasiun who is considered to be an avid cyclist, on Dezeen had stated that the design has a custom mechanism which enables the back wheel to fold beneath while at the same time tends to keep the chain in tension so that it does not drop.

Hummingbird closeup

Craciun’s obsession with lightweight and folding bikes had led him in the creation of the design which is simple, light and easy to use.  Presently the company is seeking funding £50,000 on Kickstarter with the Hummingbird which will be coming in four colours namely red, yellow, black and raw carbon fibre together with one or five speeds and 16-inch or 20-inch wheels. Its pricing begins at £1,100 and more additional information one could visit the Kickstarter campaign or the Website of Hummingbird Bike Company.

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File Edge Gadget Reviw: Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Home Wi-Fi System

File Edge Gadget Reviw: Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Home Wi-Fi System


We are defined by the needs and the choices we make in this world. Our bucket list never ends and it gets increased one or the other item. Well, besides the basic amenities that has been pre-defined in the historic age, now the current world requires Wi-Fi always. The recent development in the field of the networking is an exceptional Wi-Fi system named as Ubiquiti Amplifi. If you are working in a place where you are sharing the networks or the power source, the mesh topology comes into picture. This type of network topology makes use of the multiple Wi-Fi stations in a small area of network. The recent Wi-Fi Ubiquiti Amplifi like all the other devices enables this feature by making use of IEEE 802.II s standard. It works on the protocols which are defined for the transmissions of data. However, it requires multiple devices for the smooth working of the network.


The hybrid wireless mesh protocol is used by the 802.11s for the proper functioning of the network. The best part is that you don’t need to know the technology when you are using the Ubiquiti Amplifi. The specifications are awesome to mesmerise you. The model comes with a dual 2.4 and 5 GHz band router cube and there are two mesh points. It is easy to use and very user friendly. You just need a plug outlet and play the Wi-Fi solution. Post that you need to install the image and keep an eye with the apps from your Android or iOS mobile app. It is pretty easy installing the images and then keep on monitoring. You just need to connect the Amplifi HD with the main office PC and the cable modem. Post that you need to open the app and set the installation. If you do not possess a smart phone, you can even do it from your PC browser. There are four Gigabit LAN ports, along with a WAN and a USB 2.0 port which can be used for the future purposes.


After the installations, you need to set the password by setting up the mesh points which is pretty easy and it won’t take a lot of time. Once the blue light is fixed, your connection would be stable and there you are with all the access to internet. Ubiquiti Amplifi can cover up to a huge amount of area close to 20000 square feet and the speed can reach a maximum of 5.25 GBps if all the 3 access points are made into use at the same time. The speed is pretty good when the strength doubles. It picks up the channel automatically and choose the best path which has less traffic and load. It all depends on the location and the elevation as well. Another feature which is very unique in nature is that it can separate the SSIDs for both the band channels

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Airdog: Programmable Drone Follow You Down the Slopes

Airdog: Programmable Drone Follow You Down the Slopes

Airdog Drones

Whether surfing down in Miami or kayaking in the wild, it would be wonderful to find yourself in action later. Memories made for a lifetime! Drones are the new Airdog in the market. It follows you wherever you take it and wherever you go.The versatility of drones is wide and thus is useful for various actions in routine practices globally. From delivery of various products to rescue missions, satellite signaling and capturing aerial images of the earth and its various places, drones do it all. Having candid images of kayaking in the rough sea or hiking in dangerous summits will no longer be a mystery, nor impossible. The drones ensure that our favorite memories are now being clicked while providing us with supreme updates in the most unexpected places.

Functions of Airdog Drones:

These Airdog super gadgets can fly around and be manipulated to reach out wherever we want it to. Modifications made over the years by various companies allow these Airdog drones to be customized according to our needs.

A unique such company called Airdog has started their own company which has launched a new customized type of drone which allows its users to carry around while filming activities like sports events, activities, adventures, biking etc.

Airdog -1

This function is obviously fulfilled by the usage of GPS, and such innovations have been incorporated into modern day wrist bands and gadgets. Airbag has named it AirLeash. This allows for accuracy and programming before, after or during a flight. This cuts down on the necessity of using a phone or other gadgets. Such devices are particularly exciting for modern day vloggers as well as professionals.

The Airdog drone has gone through various modifications and updates, one such being setting the time, altitude and other specifications before starting the filming/flying process. This is easily synced with Google Earth, making life easier and faster. This also enables the Airdog drone to avoid dangers and thus damages. A super cool gadget indeed! Many versions of the devices have been modified according to terrain, for examples water, mountains, etc.

The Airdog device is foldable and portable, very easy to carry and move around with. Although it is not equipped with an attached camera yet, the GoPro Hero 5 can be used instead. Better and modified versions are yet to release. The initial price that it s available for is $999 and with time it will shoot up to $1500. Even though it is a financial crunch, but it is most definitely worth the investment.

Such products may not be for satellite imaging and high profile accuracy as required for such services, but it definitely is an intelligent device which enables the user to simplify their life and professionally work without much hindrance.

Drones have a bright future of development and will only get better, simples, perhaps more expensive with time, but worth every penny. The Airdog stands by its name and does justice to the product by giving its customers the best product performance.

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New iPhone 8 Leak Reveals Apple’s Brave Design Decision

New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple’s Brave Design Decision

Apple’s Upgraded iPhone Leaked News Has Created a Buzz Amongst Its Buyers

iPhone is the most cherished smartphone of all times. The very idea of using a smartphone is associated with the Apple’s invention of iPhone 8. There are several other companies that manufacture smartphones but none can beat the very invention of iPhone in this regard. Apple never fails to surprise its onlookers by incorporating upgraded techniques every now and then.

With the launch of every model of iPhone, Apple makes sure that it grants something new to its buyers. This surprise is what arouses the expectations of the buyers and they eagerly wait to get bold-out by every upgraded version of software, features and design to proceed further in terms of smartness.


Whenever Apple announces any new model, there comes several news which crop ups owing to the launch. Since Apple is in the habit of surprising its audience, people keep on imagining that what would be the surprising element in the newest smartphones. Experts have suggested that Apple’s 2017 release will out do itself from all angles. It would fulfil all the wishes of their buyers.

iPhone 8 -1

Nikkei which is an Asian based media giant has proclaimed that Apple will upgrade its newest launch by infusing OLED displays which would allow this upcoming iPhone to be the best iPhone release till date. Its release is suggested in 2018 and thus, with upgraded display there will be hike in price.

As per certain industrial sources, it is revealed that Apple will launch OLED based iPhone 8 along with two upgraded version of LCD in iPhone 7S and iPhone 8. After this news went viral everyone seems to be eagerly waiting for the launch of these models, and sources have suggested that the demands will surpass supply leading to shortage of product in the market. This leaked news has already created a buzz amongst the iPhone freaks.

It is an undenying fact that iPhone 8 with OLED display will have a much increased price which is not possible for everyone to afford, such customers can quench their thirst by buying iPhone 7S, though it has an LCD display, so you won’t get the same kind of picture quality which you will get in OLED display. The OLED display gives you real time images, the picture quality you will experience will force you to forget the difference between a real picture and the one you will see in your phone. The picture quality of OLED display is beyond all horizons.

It is also reported that iPhone 8 will not only have an OLED display but will also have the edges covered with brass. The shoulders will be different than the one we are accustomed to. Thus, iPhone 8 with its trendy and attractive features infused in the upcoming version will create a new era of iPhones which would be cherished by all, but only some will be able to afford it because of the increased price. The news that has been leaked will give sometime to the buyers to prepare themselves to buy the product.

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How to Sync All Your Apple Products

How to Sync All Your Apple Products

Are you someone who is constantly searching for good deals on iPads? Is your search history full of queries like “iPhone accessories near me?” If you love your Apple products but hate updating each one every time you add or delete a contact or perform another task, you need to know how to sync all your Apple products.

Check Your Version of iOS

To sync all your Apple products at once, you must be using the most recent version of the operating system. Gather up your Apple devices and check for iOS updates on each one, following directions to update the devices as needed. You can find this information by going to your Settings menu, tapping on General, and tapping on Software Update.


Set Up or Sign Into iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is the cloud storage used to store your documents, media, contacts and other information so you can easily access it from any of your Apple devices. Once you’ve updated each device, the setup assistant will ask you to set up or log into iCloud. Don’t worry if you already skipped the setup process. You can find iCloud by tapping on Settings and iCloud and then entering or creating an Apple ID.

Choose Your Plan

Every iCloud user automatically receives 5GB of free storage space. For the casual user, this is likely plenty. However, if you use your devices for something such as running a business, you’ll likely need to purchase more space. A variety of plans at several price points are available.


Turn on Automatic Downloads

Automatic downloads will auto-sync your iCloud-friendly apps as well as your music, books, photos and contacts. You can turn it on for each device by tapping on Settings and choosing iTunes and App Stores.

Perform these steps with each device to ensure each one is synced with iCloud. Once completed, you’ll be able to access any information you put into the cloud, including important work or school documents, from any of your Apple devices.

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LG G6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 : File Review

LG G6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 : File Review

LG G6 does not pass the Samsung Galaxy S8: The Test

Giant screen, dual camera: At first sight the LG G6 plays in a league with iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8. We have tested the smartphone and explained why it really inspires us – and we still can not clearly advise to buy.

One thing you have to leave LG, When it comes to innovations, the Koreans are often at the forefront. While a lot of competitors are only showing boring new editions, LG’s top-of-the-line models always have something new to offer – and often remain behind the competition from Samsung. Why also the new LG G6 does not pass the Galaxy S8, read here.

The most important feature of the LG G6 can be seen at first sight: Like the Galaxy S8, it brings a gigantic screen in a small space. 5.7 inch diagonal measures the chic display, the resolution is 2880 x 1440 pixels, the aspect ratio increases from 16: 9 to 18: 9 (or in other words 2: 1). And nevertheless: While the large display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its 5.8 inch with minimal smaller housing already impresses at first sight, it affects the LG G6 almost old-fashioned.

LG G6 vs galaxy s8

Classically robust design

This is probably due to the fact that, unlike the Galaxy, it has no rounded edges but is classic flat. Many would have liked the better, we found it a bit boring. In use, it made no difference: As with the S8, the LG G6 can only be operated with single hand usage.

The rest of the design looks rather cautious in comparison to the Galaxy S8. A wide metal frame almost the display and the glass back with metal optics. There, like the predecessor LG G5, the dual camera and the fingerprint sensor are found. Unlike the Galaxy, the scanner is placed under the camera.

While the LG G5 still has the lower edge removed to provide special modules, this feature has now disappeared. The modules like a camera extension or a box for better sound were probably not as well as hoped. Sad side effect: Unlike the G5, the battery can not replace the LG G6. This is at least not necessary for the start: A whole day of use was always in it, with the quick charge function, the battery is also quickly re-filled. A real plus of the decision: thanks to the fully enclosed housing, the LG G6 is the first LG smartphone to be water and dustproof.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Strong comrade pair with weaknesses

LG has always set new standards in the last few years, so the LG G5 was the first smartphone with double-knotters. And the LG G6 has it back on board. While Apple uses it on the iPhone for an optical zoom and blurred backgrounds (portrait mode), can be shot with the camera of the LG G6 photo as with a wide-angle lens. This actually works very well, but has a sad side effect: Once you get used to the wide angle of view, you would like to photograph the whole day with it. After all, it is often useful to be able to capture more.

Unfortunately, the dual camera does not produce much: especially in the case of poorer light, the wide angle images are much worse than classic recorded photos. This should be mainly due to the different apertures: While the main camera with a diaphragm of f1.7 is quite sensitive to light, the auxiliary clip, 24 aperture is more suitable for low light shots. Wide-angle images are therefore extremely noisy. Moreover, because the optical image stabilizer is not used in the wide-angle mode, they are also often blurred.

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Innovative Earbuds Keeping Track of Audio Histories

Innovative Earbuds Keeping Track of Audio Histories

The music-holics are always keen about earbuds. Earbuds are their ultimate asset, as it helps them to tune in to their favorite song, music stations or channels. Fujitu and Yamaha has revolutionized the whole idea of earbuds by unveiling a new technology in this domain and have consummated artificial intelligence that will grasp the ambient music and will keep on pumping you by geo tagging it and enabling you to play backwards even if someone returns back to the same location. This invention is sure to turn the whirlwind by creating a sensation in the audio pragmatics, but specifically for certain desired locations.

This new development in the field of audio histories is capable of creating a developed version of Google Maps in which all its users will be able to replay songs, conversations and ambient noise from their past and preferred locations.

EarBuds _1

Japan is famous for its technology and is always first in the race to shock the entire world with its every take on technology. This advanced version of earbuds is built by Fujitsu in collaboration with Yamaha. The system incorporates a pair of earbuds which would be wireless and will also substantiate its innovation by fitting in built-in GPS, Bluetooth and microphone. Thus, these earbuds are multi-tasking through which you can simultaneously tune in to your favorite music audio or use it for conversing and GPS tracking.

You can automatically record your preferred sound and can upload it to an artificial intelligence platform which would be cloud-based with the help of a Smartphone. So, in this way you can switch over to all your previous location (obviously one at a time) and listen to your past songs and even you can keep a track of your audio histories. All the songs would be tagged in your geo location and it begins to play automatically when someone wears your earbuds irrespective of which location he or she crept in.

This whole idea behind enabling the users to revisit their audio histories is about providing emotional services to the customers, this was a very important move in the process of marketing its products by attracting both their old and new customers to get hold of this innovation. Fujitsu has proved that it can not only manufacture a new product, but can also force the audience to grab it and the earbuds are designed in such an intelligent manner that it allows you to focus on every changing beat in the music as per the song desires. So, it will adjust to the quality of sound depending upon the music that is being played.

The whole idea is very fresh and no work of this sort had been previously, so Fujitsu is a bit confused whether they want to sell this product to some specific customers by keeping it private or they should make the product viral. They are still venturing on figuring out what features to make public and what to keep private.

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Steering Clear of Danger: How New Technology Helps Prevent Accidents

Steering Clear of Danger: How New Technology Helps Prevent Accidents

There are enough things to worry about when you’re on the road (cough, cough: other drivers…) that you shouldn’t have to worry about things that can be prevented by new technology.One of the coolest things about the technology boom over the last decade or so is that cars and trucks are now equipped with gadgets that make driving easier and safer. Not only are some of these gadgets designed to help you be safer behind the wheel, but they also alert you to other drivers who may not be as intent on driving correctly as you are. Here are a few of those gadgets that make driving easier.


With the ever-present nature of mobile devices today, there’s really no excuse to drive without Bluetooth capabilities in your vehicle.

Whether it comes standard, like in this RAM 1500, or you add one to the vehicle yourself, Bluetooth technology allows you to pair your mobile devices with the car so you will never have to drive distracted.

Distracted driving accounts for more driving deaths and injuries than impaired (drunk) driving, so hands-free technologies are one of the easiest ways to help that number drop. This technology lets you communicate with your device through the speaker system in your vehicle, so you can make phone calls, play music and even send text messages without having to take your eyes off the road. This is one of the simplest ways to help you avoid accidents.

Pre-Collision Technology

This is a passive technology that helps drivers avoid accidents by automatically applying the brakes or giving the driving a collision warning so they can adjust accordingly.

Systems like this use a type of radar that constantly scans the car’s surroundings for possible collision sources. When the car detects that a collision is possible, it will cause an alarm to go off and a light to blink to warn the driver. If a collision is imminent — say, you aren’t aware that the car in front of you has stopped — then the system may take over and brake the car on its own. This is a great feature for new drivers as well as experienced ones.

Lane Departure Warning

Another type of safety technology is a lane departure warning system, which will let you know when you are getting too close to the lane next to your vehicle.

As with the pre-collision technology, this system uses sensors to monitor the position of your car in the lane. If you start to veer because you are drowsy or because you are distracted, an alarm with sound, alerting you to the danger so you can correct it. This technology is usually paired with a blind-spot detector as well, letting you know if it’s safe to merge or not.

Each of these systems may be available on new cars or installed after you purchase a vehicle. The process of each system vary, but each one will make driving a lot safer.


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