Fire stick vs Roku- Who is On Top in 2021

Before discussing Fire stick vs Roku, we have outlined the features and function of these two. Let’s check out.

Are you in need of a cheapest and easiest way for stream videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO on to your TV? Then, two options are there that you can choose: Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

People usually know Roku as the most famous streaming services for a long time. But nowadays, Amazon’s Fire TV system is gaining fame in the market. According to CNET, both streaming platforms work efficiently. Most of the devices of these two platforms have got a rating of an 8.0 or higher.

What is Fire Stick

It is a media streaming device. With the help of this, you can watch the video, play music, install apps, etc. The device is built on the Android platform. It allows you to install apps on this device. Besides, you can play games and enjoy your favourite tunes.


User interface: Compared to the interface of Chromecast, it is a little bit busier. The interface is visually intuitive also. On the excellent video service, Amazon has put a heavy emphasis. This superb video service comes with an expansive library. Besides, Amazon offers you both Prime content and original content. You can get an F-list movie from Prime Video.

Fire Stick


If you want to set up the device, follow these under given methods.

First, you need to add power to the device. To do this, you have to take the adaptor and plug it into the TV Stick. After hitting one end to the device, your job is to promote the other side into a power outlet. It can make you sure that you have switched on the device successfully.

Next, you need to attach it with the HDMI port of your TV. After that, you have to plug the device into the port directly. However, you can use an HDMI extender if you don’t want any direct connection with the screen.

Now, your job is to choose the channel. Here, you need to turn on your tv and go to the same track. For example, you need to go to the media like HDMI1, HDMI3, etc. Then, you can see a loading screen. It will show the “Fire TV Stick” logo.

After that, you need to include the batteries into the remote. As soon as you complete the method, it gets paired with the device. In case you find that the remote is not paired, you have to press the Home Button. Hold the button for around ten sections. Wait until you see the “discovery mode”. As soon as you will see the mode, ensure that the pairing process is completed.

Next, you can see a few instructions appearing on the screen. Follow the process to connect the device with the Wi-Fi network.

At last, you have to register the device you have. The instructions will be available on-screen. It will guide you through registering your device.

Remote Control: 

The device comes with remote control. It is equipped with control buttons. With the help of these buttons, you can manage the volume easily. It allows you to keep it in mute mode. Besides, the control buttons enable you to return to the previous page, move forward to the next track, etc.

Moreover, if you want, you can activate voice command. Alexa helps the device in sync. You can pair the device with any other devices. If you want to get a completely hands-free experience, then the device is the right choice. The fire stick remote controlling ability with Alexa differs the device from Roku.

TV Compatibility: The device can support any high-definition television easily. In this case, it has a high-speed HDMI input and high-speed internet connection.

Storage: You can store information details in the 8 GB capacity. If you buy any content from Amazon, you will get the Cloud storage for free. Moreover, you can use external devices for connecting the device with fire tv stick. You can use this as additional storage through OTG Cable.

Parental Controls: This feature remains activated in this device. It helps you to prevent any unwanted content.

Voice Command: The device comes with Alexa Voice Remote feature. With the help of this, you can search for music, movies, shows, etc. Besides, it enables you to launch apps. You can manage the soundbar with the help of voice command recognition. For example, you only need to say “Alexa, find movies by Charlie Chaplin.”

Streaming and Picture Quality: The 4K Ultra HD streaming quality allows you to watch videos at 720p, 1080p, & 2160p. The picture quality can reach up to 60 fps. Here, fps stands for frames per second. You can get vibrant colours, outstanding picture clarity, and awesome HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG quality in this range.

Audio Quality: This streaming device allows you to use Dolby Audio. Thus, you will get a crystal clear sound.

Mobile App: It offers a mobile app that comes with a voice search feature. But the feature is not available in all countries. You can get playback controls and easy keyboard entry. In addition, you can access both games and apps quickly.

Content Programming: The device enables Amazon Prime members to get access to the latest movies. You can easily watch shows, movies from the Amazon Originals. Along with this, you will be able to see the contents in premium channels like Cinemax, HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. If you’re a new user of the device, then you can start using a free trial. Later you need to pay monthly or annual subscription fees.

Additional Accessibility: People having visual impairment can easily get the benefits of the features. The VoiceView screen reader is helpful in this case.

Warranty: This streaming device offers a limited 1-year warranty and service. However, if you are a citizen of USA, you will be able to get an optional 2- and a 3-year warranty for extra.

What is Roku? 

This streaming device doesn’t so much suffer from the biased user interface. People don’t use it for browsing. Before turning it on, you need to decide which content you are going to watch. The UI system of the device is very easy to read. It comes with most of the primary streaming services. Besides, it also features AirPlay 2 support & Windows and Android screen mirroring. But the drawback is that it has a lack of Dolby Vision HDR.

fire stick vs Roku

Set Up:

It is very easy to set this device up. Just follow the method to do it properly.

First of all, your job is to attach the box or device with the TV. In this case, you can turn the device on also.

After that, you need to choose a language.

Now, what you have to do is to set up network access— wired or wireless. When you take help of Wi-Fi, you get to see all available networks. After that, you need to select your network from the available list. Then, you have to put the Wi-Fi password to use the network.

Next, what you need to do is to put the code number you have. As soon as you enter the number, this product will get activated. You can use any one of these— PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone. Then, go to the and open it. Follow the instructions to enter the code.

Now, build a strong password, and user Id. Then, you need to put your address information, a credit card or PayPal account number. You don’t need to give any charge to use these devices. The main job of the payment details is requested for making the payment process quick and easy. However, you need to pay extra fees for a subscription if necessary.

Those who have a Roku TV can include some extra items while setting up the method. For example, you can add verification of an antenna, cable TV connection and channel scanning.

At last, you get to see the Home Menu on the screen. It will allow you to get access to devise operation as well as the channels/apps selection.

User interface: User interface: The device is one of the simplest UI available in the market. You can browse titles with the help of this. However, it happens that without having to open the app, you can’t explore any piece of content. The interface of the device seems like it is a smart TV. With the help of this device, you can get access to apps easily. As a result, it allows you to watch anything you want to see.

Remote Control: In this case, you will find the same buttons that are available in Firestick. With the help of the shortcut buttons, you can switch one channel to another. However, in the field of remote control, it is not up to the mark. Firestick is better in this case because of its voice control capabilities.

TV Compatibility: It supports HD TVs (up to 1080p), 4K UHD TVs (up to 2160p). Besides, the 4K UHD HDR TVs are compatible with HRD10.

Storage: The device comes with limited storage, i.e. 256 MB and 512 MB memory.

Parental Controls: Usually, it doesn’t come with any parental controls. But if you want, you can make a 4-digit PIN. You need to do it before including any new channel to the player. However, you should remember that you should not use the PIN to prevent the playing of such contents on the Roku that are inappropriate for children.

Voice Command: Sometimes, the device is compatible with voice search. It is the free Roku mobile app that helps it to do so. You can get the app for stick models. However, it is not available for the Express and Premier series.

Streaming and Picture Quality: The Roku stick’s 4K Ultra HD quality allows you to watch smooth videos. But to get this high quality, you require a 4K Ultra HD TV. Moreover, you need a stable and high-speed internet connection. You need to check whether you are using the right HDMI port or not.

Audio Quality: It comes with an excellent audio function. This feature makes the device compatible with digital stereo over HDMI, DTS Digital Surround, and Dolby Audio.

Mobile App: You can download the free mobile app easily. What you need to do is only to use your phone to control the device. The device allows you to enjoy songs with your friends, cast phone’s photos, recorded videos, etc.

Content Programming: This streaming device allows you to access more than 450,000 movies and TV programs.

Additional Accessibility: It comes with similar support like the Firestick. The Audio Guide feature of the product is helpful in this case.

Warranty: The device offers you a 2-year warranty.

What Are Streaming Devices?

This one is a physical media device which helps you to offer apps and content. In this case, you need to connect the TV with the Internet. These allow you to watch movies, play hit songs, and so on. You can get streaming technology in several forms. However, these can be built-in gaming devices.

The new versions of Xbox and PlayStation come with this technology. Although you can take the help of separate streaming devices— Amazon Firestick or Roku stick for viewing content. You only have to plug them into your TVs HDMI port. These devices enable you to watch movies, TV shows, news, live events, and so on.

A few examples of famous streaming devices are Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, NVIDIA Shield, MECOOL KM3, Tivo Stream 4K, and several Android TV Boxes.

Why Use a Streaming Device?

When you use a streaming device, you can access your favourite movies, news, TV shows, Live TV, Podcasts, music, etc. Most importantly, you don’t need to download anything. This device allows you to keep all of these movies, shows in your drive directly. Therefore, you can save plenty of storage space on your device.

Besides, there is another benefit which users can get, i.e. Real-time access. It allows you to watch or hear media right away. But it depends on the internet speed. In this case, you don’t need to wait to download the file. Besides, these devices allow you to save different content and apps.

Now you can watch several shows and movies whenever you want because you can use these devices anywhere. But you need to have a TV and WIFI connection. The streaming devices are ideal for those users who are travelling for business. You can use them even in the hotels. Here you will get apps for Movies and TV Shows, Music that can easily make your streaming device into a personal media hub.

Why do you need to use a VPN with the streaming device? 

You should always use a VPN whenever you install any third-party application. It helps you to secure your identity. You will not be able to set up a VPN application on the Roku device. However, you can install it on the Amazon Firestick. If you want to protect your device using a VPN, you need to take a router. It will help to set the VPN.

Fire stick vs Roku: Key differences

Here we are going to discuss fire stick vs Roku. Let’s check it out.

If you’re pondering about the Amazon Fire TV stick, you need to consider Amazon Video streaming service and Alexa voice assistant. Both of these two are defining features of the amazon fire tv. Roku can access Amazon Video. But on the Amazon streaming hardware, the streaming service can be brought front and centre. It is beneficial for the Amazon Prime subscriber.

On the other hand, the Roku device is platform-agnostic. It means that the device doesn’t depend on the streaming service. This device helps to make all of the streaming services available on the hardware. Moreover, Roku Channel is entirely a free and ad-supported streaming service. It is ideal for those cord-cutters and folks who are in need of extra options for watching something.

Besides, this one comes with a better search function. This feature helps you to scan more subscription services. In addition, this device comes with a built-in feature. The function of the feature helps in tracking when the movies, shows come to the streaming device. You can use this built-in feature to watch something new.

Plenty of options are available in the Roku devices— high-end Ultra, mid-range Premiere and Express, and Roku Streaming Stick+. Compared to the premiere version, the last one can stream videos at 4K/HDR with longer range. . However, this version doesn’t come with Dolby Vision. If you want to get this feature, choose the Roku Ultra, however, if you are looking for a device to play games, select Shield Nvidia or Apple TV. Don’t use any of these— Amazon or Roku.

Which one is easier to use?

Compared to the other one, Roku is easier to use. It can take you to the home menu directly. You can see all the downloaded apps there. Besides, it helps the app store to make it visible immediately. Most of the people prefer to use this one because of its simple interface.

But it doesn’t mean that the interface of fire TV is hard to use. In this case, you need to give effort while finding something. You can get different apps for Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, etc. Moreover, the device allows you to turn it on quickly. You can get different apps for Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, etc.

Furthermore, the device will enable you to have the content right up front. That means you will be able to turn it on quickly. Along with this, you can download apps like Amazon Fire TV VPNs.

However, each member of these two streaming devices come with remote control features. This feature is not available in Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. Both of these have a traditional control scheme feature. Each of these has built-in microphones.

Fire stick vs Roku- Which one has more content?

If we want to elaborate Roku vs fire stick as per the content available, it is quite impossible to say which one has more content. You need to count up each video on these two platforms, which isn’t so easy. Besides, you should know how many streaming services and videos are available on each platform. Thus, you can make an estimate.

Each of these two devices allows you to access services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Go/Now and YouTube. However, Roku gives you extra access to their Channel that we have mentioned earlier. This device comes with more channels compared to the other platforms. People consider the Roku as a ‘channel’ full of videos that you can find on YouTube. Also, it has a complete playlist of old Western films. But Amazon doesn’t come with this feature.

Besides, you can find contents easily on the Roku compared to the Amazon Fire TV. With the help of these devices, you can scan a lot of streaming services. Moreover, the search scan of it enables you to list a vast number of streaming devices according to prices. At the same time, the subscribed options will show at the front place. The device helps you to save money for longer periods. However, Amazon also has an outstanding searching feature.

Fire stick vs Roku- Which one is cheaper? 

Now we are going to discuss amazon fire stick vs Roku as per the cost. Both Roku Express and Amazon Fire TV Stick are available in the market at $29. If you want to get a 4K streaming device, choose Roku Premiere or Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Each of these devices supports 4K/HDR video quality. You can also get the total content library on both devices.

Want to get the best playback experience? Then, you need to choose the top-tier players. Roku-Ultra and Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa are beneficial in this case. Roku-Ultra is available at $99. Whereas the other one, you can get at $79.

Fire stick vs Roku- Which one is better? 

It entirely relies on the streaming device that you are going to buy. Go with the primary Roku streaming device if you want to buy for someone who is not so technical. However, a few people prefer to use Alexa devices. For them, you need to go for the Amazon Fire TV family of devices.

Best for 4K TVs: Roku Streaming Stick Plus

In this case, the battle is between Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. But according to the users, Roku wins the race. If we elaborate fire tv stick vs Roku streaming stick plus, then we can say that this streaming device has similar benefits — interface and search. It offers more options for renting or buying 4K movies.

But for the Fire Tv, you won’t get any of these— Vudu and Google Play Movies and TV apps. Even Apple’s TV, a third-party app, doesn’t permit you to buy movies directly from the app. It is a major drawback of this streaming device.

Fire TV Stick 4K is compatible with the Dolby Vision HDR format, whereas the Roku doesn’t have such compatibility. Perhaps, this compatibility is vital for you. But it is when you find that your TV performs significantly better with DV rather than standard HDR. However, this ability of Fire Tv Stick 4K cannot beat the strength of the Roku.

Best for voice: Fire TV + Alexa

Do you want to use voice control for finding the movies, or shows? If yes, then you need to go with Fire TV. It can give you fantastic voice control when you watch movies, shows, etc. All Fire TV come with voice capability.

It is a built-in feature available in the remote. Most of the cases, these devices come with voice remotes. But you cannot get this feature available in the cheap models. For example, this feature is unavailable in Express Plus and Roku Premiere.

This voice system helps you to search any app or to control the playback via voice. Besides, you can launch apps and control the playback speed. It enables you to do both fast-forward, and pause the tune via voice. Also, the Fire TV allows you to control smart-home devices, know weather conditions, answer questions, etc. You can hear Alexa’s voice talking back via TV’s speakers.

Moreover, it becomes more advantageous when you have an Alexa speaker. For example, if you have the Echo Dot, you don’t need any remote. It allows you to have a hands-free experience. Here, you only need to give commands to Alexa. For example, you need to say “Alexa, watch Roma” as soon as you say that it will launch Netflix. Then, it will play a movie.

You can use the Roku players. It works similarly to Alexa, and Google Home speakers work. But you won’t get the same benefit from it like them. Sometimes, Netflix may not work. You need to say “Roku” after your every command. People who have Google Home speakers, and willing to use it to control TV, should not use Fire TV.

Best for private listening via headphones: Roku

This streaming device offers cool features in its higher-end players. Besides, it comes with a built-in headphone jack available in the remote. This one is a built-in feature for the high models. You only need to plug the headphones into the clicker. As soon as you will do it, the audio on the soundbar will get muted automatically. Then, you can easily hear the sound through your headphones.

All the latest models— Streaming Stick Plus Headphone Edition, Ultra LT and the Roku Ultra— comes with a headphone jack remote. Moreover, each Roku device comes with private listening function. This function allows you to listen to your contents privately using the free Roku app. The function of it is similar to the Ultra. You just activate the app and connect the headphones to the phone.

People who are looking for private listening functions should go for fire TV. It allows you to pair Bluetooth headphones. But if you use it too much, you can face issues like lip-sync error. In this case, the volume control is very useful.

Best for TV and device control: Fire TV (Fire TV Cube)

In both cases, you can find remote control buttons. These buttons help to control your TV.

The setup process is also very simple in both cases. You can use the clicker of Roku streamers instead of the remote of your TV. The streamer can recognise your TV automatically. Thus, it helps to program the remote wirelessly. However, Fire TV is still beneficial in this case. It is because this one is cheaper and more capable.

It is the Express Plus and the Roku Streaming Stick which come with TV control remotes. For the case of Roku, there are only TV power and TV volume up/down buttons available. You can get these buttons in the other one also. But that one contains a mute button which makes it unique. With the help of Roku’s remotes, you can control the TV merely. That’s why, if you want to control soundbars, Fire TV is the better option. With the help of this, you can control AV receivers also.

On the other hand, if you have an HDMI soundbar, you can manage the volume and power buttons of Roku to control it. But in this case, you need to confirm that your TV supports HDMI CEC. However, people prefer to choose Fire Tv. It is because the remotes of these devices allow you to control almost any bar.

Also, Roku doesn’t come with anything such as Fire TV Cube. However, it is a combination of all capabilities of Fire TV Stick 4K and Echo Dot. This device comes with the ability to control the entertainment systems using voice.


Hopefully, you have got enough details about Fire stick vs. Roku. Above all, we can say that people should use Roku streaming devices because Roku is easy to use compared to a fire stick. That’s why you can set it as your default recommendation. It is the right choice for those who are new to streaming space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you need a subscription for Amazon Firestick?

No, there isn’t any prime subscription. You only need to have an Amazon account to use the device. However, if you want, you can buy content. Also, you can use music streaming apps like Netflix. You can get these available in the Amazon app store.

  • Does Amazon Fire Stick replace cable?

There is no need of using any replace the cable to use the streaming device. However, Amazon Fire Stick is not a cable box. The device has apps that can support internet content.

  • Can you plug an antenna into a Roku?

The Roku TVs feature an ATSC tuner that gives you access to all digital “over-the-air” broadcast television. The HDTV antenna helps you in this case to provide access to those channels. This antenna has a direct connection to the Live TV input on your Roku TV.

  • Is Roku compatible with amazon prime?

Yes, it allows you to see Amazon Prime shows, movies, etc. on it. Usually, Amazon Prime Video app is not available on this device. However, you can download it and then access within a few minutes.

  • How do I connect my Roku to my wireless?

First of all, you need to tap on the Home button. You can get it on the remote.

Then, you need to choose the Settings option. After that, you need to click on Network in the on-screen menu.

Next, your job is to choose the Set Up Connection.

Now, you have to choose the Wireless option. However, you will get to see both Wired and Wireless options.

After that, wait for a while until you can find your Network.

At last, you need to put the network password. Then, wait for some time until you will get the connection confirmation.

  • What is a better fire stick or Roku?

According to reviews, Roku is the winner. It gives you extra options for renting or buying 4K movies.

  • What channels are free with the Firestick?

The channels that are free with it are as follows:-

  • Prime Video.
  • Netflix.
  • Apple TV.
  • Disney+
  • Britbox
  • Hayu
  • Boxnation


  • Difference between fire stick and tv

Compared to the Fire TV, the other one comes with a more slender shape. It makes the fire stick ideal for portable streaming. As a result, you can get access to your entertainment whenever you want. On the other hand, if you purchase the Fire TV bundle, you will get an Alexa Voice Remote.

  • How does amazon fire stick work?

Usually, a USB port connects the device and HDMI TV. Besides, it contains a Bluetooth remote. You only need to plug in the device. As soon as you plug it in, it will take you to the setup process. Then, you need to log in to your account. After that, you can access music and videos through the Amazon account. Moreover, it allows you to see uploaded images to your Amazon Cloud service.

The device gives you access to multiple apps and games. For example, it enables you to use it to use Netflix apps. Besides, you can open YouTube also. Moreover, you can get services like HBO Now, ESPN, and Hulu at a cost.


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