Latest Amazon Kindle Oasis: Bigger, Waterproof, Less Expensive

Latest Amazon Kindle Oasis: Bigger, Waterproof, Less Expensive

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis

For all the book worms out there, reading is become even better with Amazon’s latest gadget, The all new Kindle Oasis. Last year Amazon rolled out its new Kindle Oasis series in kindle and this year you can feast yourself on the all new kindle oasis. As the name suggests the device is an oasis of sorts allowing the user a lot of different ways of enjoying their books.

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis can now even be used under water to a depth of 2m and for 60 minutes as given by IPX8 standards, which is pretty cool if you’re a mermaid, but for us mere mortals dropping the gadget in the water may now not be such a bad thing. Amazon Oasis now comes with a 12 Led backlight as opposed to the 10 Led light in the previous one.

Kindle Oasis

Having no space to save all your ebooks/audiobooks, fret no more as the new Amazon oasis comes with 8GB of storage. The Amazon Kindle also comes with an added feature which allows you to shift from ebook to audio all at a commands notice. So you now can enjoy reading a book at home and then listening to it on your way to work or maybe even listen to it while coking at home. But things may not be so simple as that. If you buy an ebook you also have to pay for the audio book before you can avail of such a feature. Amazon has made this simpler for you by offering the audiobook at a discount provided that you already bought the ebook.

The amazon kindle Oasis comes in an all new design made in an aluminum finish and a larger 7 inch screen as compared to the last model. The gadget also has its screen towards the left, this asymmetrical design helps the user to better handle the device while reading. Amazon Kindle Oasis now comes with a 300PPI screen meaning that the device now fits in more words per page thereby ensuring fewer pages to be turned.

Kindle Oasis has now an even longer battery life. Unlike the last model, the current one does not require a large battery cover instead the company said that it has made the new amazon kindle Oasis with an already built in cover and it is also providing a number of water resistant options.

The font on the new amazon Kindle can be customized according to ones needs and the color of the screen can be changed from black with white text to white with black text. A reader can even change the boldness of the text to suit their individual reading styles.

Pricing of the device is made much cheaper this year around despite the device now offering much more to the user. The gadget will be available at an introductory price of 250$ which is 40$ less than the previous model. The fall in the ebook market was a major concern to the sales of kindles, but apparently Amazon seems unfazed as is obvious with the release of the new amazon kindle Oasis.

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