Apple Airpower Wireless Charger Rumored to Ship in March

Apple Airpower Wireless Charger Rumored to Ship in March
Apple’s AirPower set for A March Release? Last September, there was talk of releasing Apple’s AirPower but since then there has been no news concerning the wireless charging mat until now. New reports suggest that Apple could be releasing the AirPower wireless charging mat somewhere in the later half of March 2018. This oval shaped AirPower mat is capable of charging three products at a time and all these products do not have to be Apple compatible.

Apple will begin shipping the Airpower wireless charging mat in March. The company released details of the AirPower mat alongside a statement about releasing the iPhone X and iPhone 8 last year.

What is wireless charging?

The concept of wireless charging is not altogether new, we’re just seeing the concept of wireless charging a phone or any other device now. The concept of wireless charging was thought of by Nikola Tesla who said that you could transfer power between two objects through an electric field.

Today the charging mats that have become so popular, contain a magnet as well as loops of coiled wires surrounding that magnet. When current is passed from the mains to the charging mat, the coiled wires create an electromagnetic field around the magnet or inductor, giving you your wireless charging.

The charge that the Apple AirPower can transfer to your smartphone or other Apple device will be around 7.5 watts meaning that charging won’t get any faster as conventional chargers are capable of transferring 15 watts.

What’s different in the AirPower mat that other wireless mats don’t have?

Currently all charging mats are capable of charging only one device at a time but the Apple AirPower oval mat is capable of charging three devices at a time and according to Apple’s vision those three seem to be an iPhone, AirPods and Apple’s Watch Series 3. Any device that is Qi enabled will also be able to be charged with the Apple Air Power wireless charging mat.

Besides the mat supporting three devices charging at once, the AirPower mat also comes with some extra tech that puts animation on the devices while charging. The iPhone being charged with the other devices will also show the charge levels on all three devices on its screen.

Apple’s Watch Series 3 is actually meant to be charged with Apple’s magnetic charging pucks, but the AirPower mat contains some additional tech which detects the Apple Watch Series 3 when it is placed on the mat for charging. Then the Apple Watch Series 3 will begin to charge as any ordinary device that supports Qi charging.

Release date for Apple’s AirPower mat and it’s Price:

Apple is likely to send its AirPower mat out for delivery in the later half of March as for the actual date there is no news. There is also the likelihood that Apple might launch its Air Power mats during their hardware event that is held in March. As for the price the Air Power will be available at seems to be around $200 if rumors are anything to go by.

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