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Apple’s iPhone 7 – Internal Hardware – Upgraded

The iPhone 7 is said to be the latest iPhones of Apple having substantial better camera features, with new glossy black colour, improved battery life with faster processors together with improved water resistance, employed through a click-less haptic home button. It does not seem to have a headphone jack. This is the gadget iphone 7 of Apple.

The iPhone 7 tends to enhance the most significant features of the iPhone experience. The iPhone general design is said to be the same to the iPhone 6S though it introduces new colour choices, water and dust resistance together with a new capacitive, static home button and without the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The internal hardware of the device has also been upgraded, inclusive of the heterogeneous quad-core system-on-chip.


It comes with improved system together with graphics performance as well as upgraded 12 megapixel rear-facing cameras having optical image stabilization on all models. It also has an extra telephoto lens on the iPhone 7 Plus model in order to offer enhanced zoom capabilities. Users have mixed feeling to iPhone and though reviewers observed the progresses in camera, particularly the dual rear camera on Plus model, they also informed that thegadget iphone 7 had not made many changes to the display or the build quality, where the opposingleading smartphones exceeded the quality of the iPhone 7.

Removal of 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Several reviewers had emphasised on the provocative removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack and some critics had debated that the change had been meant tostrengthen licensing of the branded Lightning connector as well as the sales of the wireless headphone products of Apple.

They questioned the results of the change on the audio quality and Apple was also mocked by the critics on their statement that the change would need `courage’.The headphones which tend to connect to it should be Bluetooth or fitted out with a Lightning adapter. Moreover it has intended new totally wireless high-tech AirPods to simplify the transition.

 iPhone 7_3

The sales number for gadget iphone 7 has not been released by Apple though several U.S. carriers have reported that it had been high in demand during its launch. Subsequent reports towards the end of 2016 had informed that Apple had abridged the production of the models owing to slow-moving sales together with fall in demand.


Apple has informed that the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 7 Plus are the best iPhones created by the company. Externally the two devices does not seem to be expressively altered from its earlier generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. They tend to have the feature of 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen sizes together with the same dimensions. However there are some visual alterations as well as some significant interior deviations.

Apple’s Red Special Edition Model

For a cleaner, sleek look, antenna bands are not present through the back of the device. There are new colours sold together with the Silver, Gold and Rose Gold shade, with matte black colour which Apple has called `Black’ and a new `Jet Black’ having high loss finish. Recently a third new colour had been introduced by Apple a (PRODUCT) Red Special edition model which is deep red aluminium.

With regards to design, the body of the gadget iphone 7 has been reengineered making it IP67 dust and water impervious. This tends to obstruct splashes, brief submersion in water and rain. The iPhone 7 does not have a physical Home button since it has been replaced by a solid state pressure sensitive button which tends to get linked to a redesigned Taptic Engine.

 iPhone 7 _4

This delivers haptic response representing out-dated button presses.The updated display is said to be 25% brighter, supporting a wide colour range for richer and true-to-life colours. The iPhone 7 has been fortified with an A10 Fusion processor which is said to be faster by 40% than the processor in the iPhone 6s.

Moreover it tends to feature two great performance cores for system intensive chores together with two high-efficiency cores which is said to function at 1/5 the power in order to save on the battery life for smaller chores. With the enhancements in the processor, the device is said to have the best battery life in an iPhone.

iPhone 7 – All Improvements of Camera

The gadget iphone 7 has stereo speakers placed towards the top and bottom of the iPhone which are a new addition as well as the enhanced features in the form of an overhauled camera system. It features a 28mm 12-megapixel camera all together with optical image stabilization as well as a wider f/1.7 aperture 6-element lens combined with wider colour capture and a new Apple image signalling process which tends to cause a brighter, sharper and more complete photos in low-light conditions also.

It features all the improvements of camera in the iPhone 7 and in addition to the 28mm wide-angle lens it also has a second 56mm telephoto lens for dual-camera functions which supports improved optical zoom. Moreover it also comprises of a new shallow-depth-of-field portrait mode which utilises the two lenses in drawing out the picture theme while concealing the background.

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