Apple Working on Force Sensor Gloves for Gesture Controls

Apple Working on Force Sensor Gloves for Gesture Controls

Apple to make in- roads into the future with force sensor gloves. These so called force sensing gloves could be potentially used to control devices, computers and other gadgets of the future. Apple plans on incorporating force sensing circuitry into clothes which can be used to issue commands. These force sensing gloves can issue commands by touching various surfaces in different ways. Apple plans on bringing the gloves used in the iconic movie “Minority Report” to reality in the form of its force sensor gloves.

Change in The way we Interact with computers using Force Sensor Gloves:

Today we use various gestures on mobile devices instead of the ordinary tapping on particular keys or in place of using keyboards. But all this is for now. Apple is apparently looking at the future with Force sensor gloves.

An Apple patent was published by the US patent and trademark office recently and described how gloves or any other clothing could be used in issuing commands. The circuitry incorporated devices would allow the wearer to issue commands without the need of a tactile display.

The Tech behind Force Sensor Gloves:

The fabric or gloves would contain a force sensor which would be connected to a control circuitry. This control circuitry would in turn be connected to conductive strands that fit into the fingers of the glove.

The tech in the circuitry would allow the wearer to not only issue commands by simple touch but to also issue commands based on pressure as well.

Applying the idea to Any Fabric:

While the same logic could be applied to any fabric, Apple is specifically keen on the force sensor gloves route. Hands are the easiest place to input such a technology as hands will be key when issuing commands.

The technology could also be used in kiosks, automobiles, head bands, wrist bands, furnishings and various other clothing items that can be thought of.

Apple’s patent on Force Sensor Gloves:

Apple’s patent on force sensor gloves includes multiple force sensors on a per finger basis. Meaning that each finger will be able to issue multiple commands based on the number of sensors in each finger in the glove.

Force Sensor Gloves may also contain “stiffeners” that would allow a user to issue commands without even touching surfaces in certain cases. This will be especially useful in cases of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The patent on the force sensor gloves goes on to mention force circuitry that will be connected to sensors that are woven into threads in the gloves.

Apple files a number of patents on a regular basis. While it is not indicative of a future product that will reach shelves in the near future, it does show what Apple is willing to spend considerable resources on.

It is even possible that a display could accompany such force sensors incorporated into gloves or any other wearable fabric. The fabric based force sensor could combine elements of both fabric as well non fabric technologies.

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