Prynt Pocket: This Gadget Turns iPhones into Photo Printers with a Virtual Twist

Prynt Pocket: This Gadget Turns iPhones into Photo Printers with a Virtual Twist

Prynt Pocket Turns the iPhones into Digital Photo Printers

The world is now becoming more digital in every nook and corner. We are living in the technological era where we get whatever gadget we like. We just have to press few clicks and it gets fulfilled. Certainly, this is awesome and we are quite fortunate to live in this period. We have to always keep updated with the technology news. The knowledge on the technology news will help you to keep pace with the latest happenings and updates in the world of technology. Well, the social media has become a platform for sharing photos and videos. This year it is expected that people would take close to 1.2 trillion photos which are digital by nature. This has been reported by the InfoTrends. But mainly the photos remain in the phones and do not get printed. Well, it is always good to have a photo album on your home or with you. You can carry all your memories with you. To make your dream come true and easily available there is an app namely Prynt Pocket which will is trying to reinvent the art of printing photos. Prynt Pocket specially designed for the smart phones and well, it is a really a bliss.

Prynt Pocket _1

The Prynt Pocket App

The Prynt Pocket app is designed by the Prynt which was launched in the year of 2015 and is now coming with a second version. The Prynt Pocket app is priced at $150. Well, there are many exciting features with regards to this app. The Prynt Pocket app will directly help you to get the photos printed from the best phone in the world- iPhone. You can have them printed without having the case removed. The photos will get printed directly from your iPhone. The digital users will have the liberty to choose from the digital or physical.

Working of Prynt Pocket-

After downloading the Prynt Pocket app from the store, take a photo or you can even choose from the photos which are available in your gallery. You can edit the photos as well by adding stickers, frames and filters too and the time duration is only 30 seconds. The best part is that it has a feature called the Live Photos which supports the images in motion. It also supports videos which can support loop back even. The Prynt Pocket will have all the record and it will get stored in the cloud. Once the photo gets printed, you can share on the social platform.

The Future

The future is something exceptional that is on hold and the technology news will help you to keep a rack of it. The technology news from different sectors of the world will enhance your knowledge. The Prynt Pocket app uses inkless papers and so there is no requirement of the ink cartridge or hopper. The pocket can hold a maximum of 10 paper sheets. Well, the iPhone user can have it for the time being while the Android users will have to hold their patience a bit before it is available for them

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Buying a new Android phone? Here’s how to strike a bargain

Buying a new Android phone? Here’s how to strike a bargain

Google’s Android operating system has a lot going on for it but, among its many victories, what arguably stands out the most is its open nature. In addition to enabling the installation of applications from anywhere, Android allows extensive customization, which means you can easily swap homescreen launchers, change your keyboard, set your favorite apps as default, among many other things.

On a broader perspective, Android’s openness has encouraged a large community of manufacturers, developers and enthusiasts to use the open-source code as software for both new and existing devices. Consequently, the number of mobile devices running Android at their core has risen exponentially, from about 5000 different handsets to more than 25,000 gadgets in use today.

Therefore, while going the iOS way will limit you to a couple of expensive iPhones and iPads, Android OS offers a wide variety of phones and tablets to choose from, regardless of preference or budget constraints.

If you’re looking to buy a budget-friendly smartphone, therefore, you’re better off taking your exploits to the Android world. That said, although you won’t be deprived of options, getting the best value for your money could prove a challenge. How do you ensure the phone you pick off the shelf is the best your money can buy?

Below are five undeniable tips to striking a bargain when shopping for an Android smartphone.

1. Make the right compromises

Budget smartphones often come with a few downplayed features which result from the manufacturers’ efforts to keep the price tag as low as possible. For the best bang for the buck, you’ll want to lend a close eye on the phones that come with the least number of compromises, especially in the areas you deem necessary.


If you love mobile gaming, for example, go for the phone that offers a well-sized, decent quality screen and reasonable hardware to handle your favorite titles, while staying within your budget. Factors like elegance and portability are less important considerations to a mobile gamer.

Keeping in mind how you’ll be using your phone is key to making a budget-conscious purchase. By understanding how you use it, you will know what areas you can and cannot make comprises.

2. Some research won’t hurt

Just as you would do before making a costlier purchase like a car or house, due diligence is essential to earning a good smartphone deal. Sure, the need for a new phone could be too dire to spare the time, but a few minutes on the Internet is usually all it takes to narrow down your potential picks to the best value Android smartphones.

Expert websites like CNet and TechRadar feature impressively detailed and frequently updated guides to the most reasonably-priced handsets on the market and are therefore a great place to start.

3. Know the best time to shop


Identifying when to buy a smartphone is essential if you’re aching for a bargain. The right time normally depends on the entry of new gadgets to the market, as well as price cut announcements by manufacturers and retailers.

For the best chance at a decent value smartphone, visit stores when there’s a good number of recently unveiled flagships. In addition to the many options to choose from, getting the latest phones will buy you enough time to spend with your new device before it’s rendered outdated by upcoming releases.

However, if the price of high-end flagship smartphones is too steep for your wallet, consider dialing down your prospects to the previous models, which are usually subject to price cuts a few weeks before or after the new versions are announced.

4. Choose the right payment method


These days, there are more options than ever when it comes to handing over the money to buy your smartphone. For most people, the familiar way is with a contract. The years old process involves paying a carrier a small fraction of the total cost of the phone and then paying off the rest over the length of the contract.

Although the cheapest up-front way to get your hands on the high-end devices, contracts lock you with your carrier of choice until the term expires. Nevertheless, if you want the latest Droid on the market without breaking the bank and getting an unlocked phone isn’t among your first priorities, signing a contract is an excellent option.

5. Consider a refurbished or used device

One advantage of the fast rate of update releases is that smartphones hardly stay a year in the limelight. This means a “used” Android phone in the current market may only be a few months old. Online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are swarming with people selling their used handsets, most of which offer great value for the money.

Alternatively, you can opt for a refurbished high-end device. Contrary to popular belief, a refurb doesn’t always mean the phone had a problem. Even something as minor as damaged packaging can send a gadget back to the company. Moreover, manufacturer refurbs typically undergo rigorous testing before they’re reintroduced to the market, and some even come with warranties.

Buying a used or refurbished smartphone admittedly has its risks, but sufficient research and a bit of luck can land you an incredible deal.

Click here for more insight on refurbished and second-hand gadgets.

Shopping for an Android smartphone can be quite the task, but it’s especially challenging if you’re running on a stiff budget. Nonetheless, the tips above will help you get the best out of what you have. All that’s left now is to go forth, read some reviews and weigh your options.
But above all, don’t forget  that the best bargain can only be struck by getting a phone that suits your particular needs. The variety of quality Android smartphones can be intimidating, but with enough patience and careful consideration, you’ll very likely find what’s perfect for you.


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Huawei P10 and P10 plus aims to get ahead of Samsung and Apple in Australia

Huawei P10 and P10 plus aims to get ahead of Samsung and  Apple in Australia

Huawei ranks as world’ third most popular smartphone manufacturer but most of the smartphone doesn’t know about it. In the last couple of the years Huawei has worked explosively to set itself as one of the desirable smartphone manufacturer but so far it has failed to eclipse the success achieved by the Apple and Samsung. It is interesting to note Huawei has secured the pole position in the Mainland China where it received a stiff competition not just from the established players but a number of local players as well. Huawei is looking forward to establish its stronghold in the Australian market by launching the P10 and P10 Plus flagship devices. Both Huawei P10 devices are known for similar look and feel like the Apple offerings and tend to possess a high end specification at a highly competitive pricing.

Huawei P10 Better design and configuration

Since its unveiling Huawei P10 and P10 Plus have received huge applaud for its interestingly innovative design and feel. P10 and P10 Plus boasts of a screen size of 5.1 inch and 5.5 inch LCD displays respectively with pixel density of 1920 x 1080 and 2560 x 1440 pixels as well. Huawei has very cleverly ensured that its device looks as close to the iPhone 6S as possible without infringing the copyright. This time around the fingerprint scanner has been brought right below the display instead from the rear of the device. It does have the curved corners which help in offering solid grip and has a minimal bezel design and these devices will be made available in three colour variants of blue, black and gold.

Huawei has brought the Leica branded dual camera set on the both Huawei P10 devices wherein the 12MP RGB sensor and the 20MP monochrome shooter works in synchronise fashion to take great images. Both the sensors captures images independently and then later on it combines them into one image which comes loaded with the enhanced detail and contrast. Both devices boast of the 4K video recording capability which is an added bonus for the users.

Huawei P10 A powerful contender to win people’s heart

Huawei has unleashed the widest range of features in the Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus smartphones which includes a massive battery of 3200 mAh along with the presence of SuperCharge technology allowing the device to get charge from 0 to 25 per cent within 15 minutes. The Plus variant of Huawei P10 boasts of a much larger 3700 mAh power which is enough to more than a day even for aggressive users.

Sadly both these device doesn’t boasts of the water and dust resistant design which might takes of its shines off against the flagship offering of the Apple, Samsung and Sony. Both of these devices come loaded with the latest version of Android 7.0 Nougat OS with a highly customisable Huawei Emotion 5.1 user interface above it. Huawei is going for a competitive pricing by offering Huawei P10 at $899 and P10 Plus $1099 to the Australian users.

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Moto G5S with Metal Unibody Design Images leaked: Report

Moto G5S with Metal Unibody Design Images leaked: Report

Very recently, most of you may gone through a leaked slide which brought out the list of phones that Motorola is planning to introduce very soon (may be this year). It is planning to launch two smartphones called Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus under the series Moto G. Recently, the company leaked a slide of the Moto G5 S in three various colors that displays its front and back panel. During MWC 2017, the company launched Moto G5 offers its fine similitude to Moto G5S, with the slight variations in the back panel.

Most of the trusted websites over online get the leaked slides from the most trusted source, the one that has provided news on Moto devices in the past. So, the news is true! In the slide show, the moto G5S has seen in blue, grey and gold colors. The home button and logo can be found between the display and the earpiece and the volume and power button is placed on the right side as seen in the case of Moto G5 and Moto G5 plus. If you go through the top and bottom of the back panel of this new series, you may find the two antenna lines that draws through it.

Substantiate the new Moto G5 S leak, fecund adviser Evan Blass has presented a display slide that allow us know the Moto G5S on with a sib, the Moto G5S+ or Moto G5S Plus. These slides appears to be part of the Motorola’s presentation where it declared the other phones probably would launch this year very soon.

In addition to that, we can able to come across the other Moto phones that are supposed to be the fourth generation Moto E and Moto E Plus, that are not yet announced. It is to believe that there are a lot of very interesting features have been incorporated in these two fourth generation phones.

This wonderful smartphone Moto G5S will definitely aimed at the inexpensive aspect, it as well does appear the design of Moto G5S will lift up this to a somewhat more superior level than the regular Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. Rendering the rest of the specs are succeeding with the leaks that are existing so far. If you are looking for a more premium handset can hold a Moto Z2 series that are believed to be consist of wonderful level of features.

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Is Toshiba’s New Portégé X30 the Ultimate High End Ultraportable?

Is Toshiba’s New Portégé X30 the Ultimate High End Ultraportable?

Toshiba says its new Portégé X30 note pad will carry out the employment with a publicized battery life of up to 18 hours. Toshiba’s powerful Portégé X30 is more slender and lighter than its ancestor. Picture: Toshiba If you’re after a top of the line lightweight tablet that can last throughout the day, Toshiba says its new Portégé X30 scratch pad will carry out the occupation with a promoted battery life of up to 18 hours. How it performs in this present reality stays to be seen.

ZDNet’s audit of the as of late propelled Portégé X20W-D ultrabook discovered its promoted 14.5 hour battery to be “goal-oriented”. In any case, the endeavor class Portégé X30 is probably going to speak to business clients for its execution, security and durability. The Japanese tech mammoth concentrates on the undertaking nowadays, which clarifies the Portégé X30 elements and beginning cost of $1,450.

The magnesium-amalgam body note pad weighs 2.31lb (1.05kg) and is 0.59-inches (15.99mm) thick, which is 13 percent lighter and 11 percent more slender than its antecedent. It highlights a 13.3-inch Full HD touch show at a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel determination and accompanies Windows 10 Pro.

The scratch pad in  Portégé X30 is accessible in three standard setups, and in addition worked to-request alternatives. The section level model accompanies Intel’s Kaby Lake Core i5 processor, 8GBRAM, and a 256GB SSD stockpiling, while the $1,900 demonstrate offers a Core i7 processor with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD stockpiling. The mid-level $1,600 demonstrates has a Core i7 processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Availability choices incorporate one USB 3.0 port, two USB Type-C ports, a HDMI port, a microSD space, Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

 Portégé X30

The basic features of the laptop which makes it unique –

Toshiba’s Portégé® tablets abandon one supposing they’re light on power, as well. In any case, when time comes to take care of business, they truly get serious. With improved Intel® Core™ processors underneath the hood you’ll be multitasking easily. Furthermore, on account of long battery life evaluations, you can experience your day effortless.

Consistent with Toshiba’s legacy of development, Portégé X30 have been built with one of a kind plan highlights for a more grounded, more dependable, more slender and lighter tablet. Look at magnesium compound housings with honeycomb structures for a more grounded and upgraded toughness and unbending nature, stun engrossing outlines, and the effect savvy hard drive for included assurance.

Portégé X30 tablets are a definitive articulation of Toshiba designing and unbelievable Toshiba quality. That is the reason select models are upheld with a three-year standard restricted guarantee.

Portégé® tablets help one to remain protected and continually versatile because of this suite of shields against stuns, spills and falls. Portégé® tablets are rich in components that make versatile life easier and you more successful. An implicit optical drive on select models, strong state drives, LED illuminated shows and long battery life evaluations are only a couple of cases. These have a quick start-up, prevalent smoothness and speed, and the flexibility to remain more associated with the intuitive tiles interface.

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Gadget Review: ER4XR Headset

Gadget Review: ER4XR Headset

In 1991 Etymotic Research launched the ER4. At that time, the Etymotic ER4 was the world’s first universal Inear monitor and still enjoys a legendary status today. A quarter of a century later Etymotic with ER4SR and ER4XR finally brings the long-awaited successors of the Inear ancestors.

The pair of Inears cost just under 400 € and thus hardly more than the previous models. For current prices, please see the following links you may check online.

The outer packs of the new headset is quite large, which is mainly due to the generously dimensioned zipper case inside the packaging. In addition to the ER4 also packed with the rich accessories. Etymotic gives the Inears 3 pairs of the known triple flanges of silicone, as well as 2 pairs of foam tips. There are also replacement filters for cerumen, the right tool for changing the filter, a shirt clip and an adapter on a 6.3mm jack in the packaging. A nice gimmick is the enclosed Certificate of Performance that is individually issued for each individual Inear, serial numbered and signed. This includes various measurements which guarantee the quality of every ER4. Among other things, there are diagrams of the frequency response and the channel deviation.


The history of the ER4XR

At the beginning of the era in 1991 there available only one version of the ER4. Nevertheless the ER4S joined and the original ER4 was renamed ER4B.

The retrofitted B stands for Binaural – a special recording technique exclusively for the playback via headphones. Unlike conventional material, binaural recordings are usually not equalized for loudspeakers. The ER4B should be able to reproduce these recordings very faithfully. Nowadays, due to the limited distribution of binaural recordings. For conventional recordings, the ER4B simply sounds great.

And that was the impetus for the ER4S. At Etymotic, it has been found that conventional CD recordings usually have an emphasis on high frequencies, which are automatically compensated by loudspeakers during playback. This is how the ER4S, which plays in the high frequency as compared to the ER4B.

 ER4XR _1

Etymotic is a great success: The S-version is still the best-known version of the ER4 and still boasts its achromatic sound reproduction. Drivers used are read within a deviation of less than 1 dB. Of course, tuning the Inears to the most accurate sound reproduction. Etymotic boasts a 92% coverage of the frequency response of the ER4S and the self-determined target. The sound that the ER4S transmits to the eardrum thus corresponds to a great extent to what we are accustomed to by our natural hearing – at least the theory.

In 1994, Etymotic bows the criticism of many customers: The ER4S is too hard to drive for portable use. The ER4P was born, which could be driven more easily by a higher efficiency. A secondary effect was the slight decrease in upper mid and high tone compared to the S variant. Some customers, who the ER4S was too ruthless, the resulting, slightly warmer sound came very much. But here, too, the success of the Inears once again turned out to be a right decision. With the ER4PT, the ER4P subsequently experienced a slight revision, but remained virtually unchanged.

And now, 25 years after the original ER4 – the long-awaited successor: ER4SR and ER4XR.

ER4XR is having the new feature that elongated housing shape of the Inears. This leaves the unusually deep seat in the auditory canal. Certainly, this is not comfortable for everyone, and can be very unpleasant especially on initial contact. Because, like his ancestors, the new etymotic ER4XR sit so deep around the auditory canal that they pass the fleshy part and close in the bony part. And at first this is almost as unpleasant as it can be expected, but it also brings some advantages. One advantage of ER4XR is the resulting high insulation against external noise are also hardly further extended. The downside is obviously nothing as it offers long-term comfort. With some habituation, but that does not present a problem there – really comfortable.

However, the material of the housings is new. Forget the rustic charm of the coarse plastic housing, and say hello to aluminum for the current version ER4XR! A long overdue change, which finally brings the new ER4XR also optically and haptically to its price level. In the course of this Etymotic also decided to send the proprietary 2-pin connection retirement. Instead the new ones put on a nose and groove modified connector on the basis of the MMCX – the use of other cables is however complicated. The good news is that the new cables do not make any cravings change. Qualitatively, the new cables in ER4XR are exceptionally high-quality. In conjunction with the supplied shirt clip, cable noise is no longer a problem; Due to the angle at the cable connection, the cable routing over the ear is somewhat cumbersome.

In 1994, Etymotic bows the criticism of many customers: The ER4S is too hard to drive for portable use. The ER4P was born, which could be driven more easily by a higher efficiency. A secondary effect was the slight decrease in upper mid and high tone compared to the S variant. Some customers, who the ER4S was too ruthless, the resulting, slightly warmer sound came very much soothing. From Etymotic’s perspective, this was rather a necessary to achieve better efficiency. With the ER4PT, the ER4P subsequently experienced a slight revision, but remained virtually unchanged.

And now, 25 years after the original ER4 – the long-awaited successor: ER4SR and ER4XR


25 years have passed since the launch of the original Etymotic ER4XR. 25 years and somehow has everything remained the same? Modified shape, the improved sound quality. Etymotic has already made a statement decades ago, which still exists today with the current version ER4XR. It is therefore all the more pleasing that Etymotic, with the re-release of the classic, only addresses criticisms. What remains is the tried and tested vote, but also the typical deep seat in the ear – the typical etymotic virtues that one can hate or love. Just like Etymotic promises with the current version ER4XR: A classic redefined.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

The CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017 comes with the LiveSketch tool. It converts sketches into curves and is intended to revolutionize the vector graphics: single curve points. The future belongs to natural drawing 🙂

The graphics package CorelDraw appears for the first time with the latest 2017 instead of a version number. Manufacturer Corel marks the change of new versions every two years to annual updates with the CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017.

The Graphics Suite consists of CorelDraw, Photo-Paint, Font Manager, PowerTrace, WebsiteCreator, Connect and Capture. The most important component is the vector plotter CorelDraw.

With the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 for Windows, Corel provides for the first time an application software that supports drawing by artificial intelligence.

The new tool is called LiveSketch and, according to Corel, uses a neural network to intelligently interpret hand drawn strokes. Other highlights of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 include improvements to the workflow and support for the latest technologies, such as print-sensitive input media, the Microsoft Surface Dial and Ultra-HD 5K monitors.

New key features include the newly developed LiveSketch technology, optimizations for input strippers, optimized nodes, draw points and vector previews, a separate tablet mode and the import of working environments from previous program versions

The LiveSketch technology

According to Corel, vector graphics are stuck in the 90s, when the technique gave little more than the imprecise mouse. Creating illustrations on individually set curve points is an anachronistic and comparatively complicated workaround. With the new LiveSketch tool, CorelDraw users will be able to draw vector graphics in a natural way, without having to set up curves for digital work.

From sketches of the Wacom tablet, LiveSketch generates Bezier curves independently. The user determines how many seconds CorelDraw vectorizes the drawing. Until then, he can make several starts for the perfect curve, compose a curve from several partial lines, or make a center line from different lines.

For Wacom pens, CorelDraw now supports tilt, rotation, and orientation, as well as printing. Curved curves can be edited later; Pen characteristics such as tilt and pressure are retained. The pen support up to the 6D pen also extends to Corel Photo-Paint

The LiveSketch technology, developed and patented by Corel, uses the power of a neural network for vector-drawing on pressure-sensitive terminals. Vectordesign is to become as simple as drawing with the pen on paper.

The new tool recognizes different character styles and interprets them. This eliminates the time-consuming on-paper drawing, scanning and vectorizing, as designs can be designed on the screen from the start.

Optimization of input pins

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 makes it easier to achieve natural coloring and coloring by providing enhanced input support. CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT also convert the inclination and rotation of the input pin. PHOTO-PAINT now supports pens and brushes for natural painting and drawing on input devices such as WACOM or Microsoft Surface tablets.

Optimized nodes, drawpoints, and vector previews

The newly designed nodes and draw points can now be handled more quickly and more intuitively. Each node is assigned a unique form to allow users to immediately see if it is a pointed, smoothed, or symmetric node.

Also new are the color adjustment options for previewing and editing the curves. Colors for the knots, draw points and previews are adjustable and stand out clearly from the underlying colors. Clearly visible interactive controls simplify the work with object fillings, transparencies, crossfading, extrusion, shadow and outline.

Own tablet mode

The tablet mode makes it possible to create sketches and make adjustments by fingerprinting or typing. To maximize the size of the drawing window, only the most frequently used tools and commands appear in the new touch workspace. CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT automatically switch to Touch mode as soon as a 2-in-1 device is used as a tablet.

Import of working environments from previous program versions

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers many ways to customize the interface, including keyboard shortcuts. Workspaces from versions since X6 can also be imported.

Greetings to Microsoft and Adobe

The update provides support for Windows 10 including Ultra-Hi-DPI screens up to 8K as well as for the Microsoft Surface Dial, but remains compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. When you detach the keyboard from a hybrid device, CorelDraw automatically switches to a workspace optimized for touch operation.

CorelDraw can also use Adobe color management when programs from both manufacturers are installed on the same computer. Import and export filters are also available for PSD, AI PDF, EPS and other formats

Components of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

In addition to CorelDRAW 2017, the vector illustration and page layout application, and the PHOTO-PAINT 2017 image processing program, the following content, programs, and auxiliary applications are included:

The font management program Corel Font Manager 2017

The Corel PowerTRACE 2017 vectoring tool embedded in CorelDRAW

The full-page browser Corel CONNECT 2017

The screenshot tool Corel CAPTURE 2017

The Corel Website Creator for creating, setting up and managing websites

The development environment Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 7.1 for the automation and control of devices

The PhotoZoom Pro 4 plug-in that allows you to export and enlarge digital images from Corel PHOTO-PAINT

2,000 high-resolution digital photos

10,000 clipart and digital images

More than 1,000 TrueType or OpenType fonts

350 templates, 2,000 vehicle templates

More than 500 interactive frames and picture frames, more than 600 color traces as well as vector and bitmap fillings

New training videos (total duration over five hours)

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions) with the latest service packs. It requires an Intel Core i3 / 5/7 or AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB of hard disk space, a multitouch screen, mouse or tablet and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 will be available on is available now. The versions are getting delivered in boxes from 18 April 2017. The full version costs 699 euros, the upgrade 349 euros. All previous versions (except for Academic, NFR and OEM) entitle to upgrade. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 allows you to purchase a re-upgraded version.

In addition to the purchase versions, Corel also offers an annual subscription for 239.40 euros.

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Google Wallpaper Adds New ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Colors’ Categories

Google Wallpaper Adds New ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Colors’ Categories

Google Wallpaper: Many new Wallpaper images and two new categories ‘Art’ and ‘Solid Color’

When the pixel smartphones came onto the market in the fall of last year, the pre-installed Google wallpaper and the app for changing the pictures was become very popular. Probably also Google has the app shortly afterwards in the play store outsourced and for all users to the released downloads. Now the app has got a big update with many new Google wallpapers and two new categories.

There are a lot of wallpaper collections in the Play Store, but most of them consist only of a collection of countless images with more or less good quality. Google’s app, on the other hand, offers a range of high-quality and selected background images, sorted by categories. From there, you can partly display information about the picture and also make it directly from the app as a background image on the smartphone.

The selection is huge, growing more and more. If you like, you can set the Google wallpapers at fixed intervals. Thus there is always variety on the wallpapers offered. In addition, users who already have Android can also use their app to pimp their screen.

Very recently, the app has received a major update that has brought new Google wallpaper in many categories. An exact list of Google is not available, so you can simply open the app again and search for new matching works. Since few days ago, there was now another update on the server side, which also brings two completely new categories filled with many more pictures.

The first category in Google Wallpaper is called “art” and contains corresponding artworks or Google wallpaper inspired by works of art. In fact, at first sight, you can get the impression that these are real masterpieces – even if probably Google’s designer or guest designer hand. The second category is called “Solid Colors” and contains simply backgrounds consisting of a single color. If you want to adapt your smartphone minimalist, here is exactly the right thing. There are all basic colors in different gradations.

Google may have released the update to version 1.1 so that new Google wallpaper can be executed directly on the server side and brought to the app – because otherwise you can not explain that just days after the update, new categories and new pictures Pop up. Unfortunately, there is no official announcement and no change log, so it can always be worthwhile to open the app. 🙂

In the individual categories there is also the possibility to get a new Google wallpaper from this category daily. Unfortunately, there is still no chance to be surprised every day by a new wallpaper from all categories.

Google has brought some partners into the bottom line for this project to make a large selection available. The update has already been completed for a few days and should now have arrived with all users. If you are still on version 1.0, the app can also download directly at APK Mirror and either install or reinstall it over the existing one.

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Most popular mobile phones of 2017

Most popular mobile phones of 2017

There is nothing as frustrating as being influenced into buying a phone only to end up with a phone that freezes most of the time and does not have the features you desire. This is why we find it necessary to put up a list of the best latest phones on the market. Also, the phones here have been tested to ensure each of its features work as stated. This review is also meant to enlighten you on the key things you should consider when choosing a smartphone.


  1. Samsung galaxy s8

This is the best and excellent smartphone in the world currently hence great features. Samsung has dropped their home button and their branding from the front thus the phone’s screen occupies 85% of the phone. It has a 5.8-inch screen offering a great display of 2960 by 1440 megapixels. By default, you can change its resolution from FHD+ to WQHD+ in the setting. The phone’s body and the display have been balanced so that it does not feel that big. It has an efficient fingerprint reader at the back.

The phone is a light despite its size; it is comes with an operating system of 7.0 hence you are guaranteed great experience and zero freezing. In addition, the phone’s CPU is Exynos 8895 octa-core hence fast screen touch response, no freezing and an amazing performance. It also offers you a large storage space of 64 GB hence no need of an external backup storage. Galaxy s8 features a decent battery life of 3000mAh which can last a full day in its full usage. It offers an excellent camera with its front camera having 8MP and the rear camera having 12MP, guaranteeing you clear pictures.


  1. iPhone 7 plus

This phone is as excellent as the galaxy s8 it features apple’s dual camera with the rear camera having 12 MP which is capable of zooming up to 2 times and the front camera having 7 MP. It is heavy when compared with the Galaxy but is still light weighing 188g. Its operating system is iOS10 which is high and guarantees you great experiences with your smartphone. The phone’s screen size is 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 offering a clear display and more display colors. It is the best-looking smartphone in the market. It features a RAM of 3 GB hence fast touch response and no freezing. Its battery of 2900 mAh guarantees you a full day of usage without having to recharge.

Google Pixel


  1. Google pixel

It offers one of the best cameras; its rear camera is 12.3 MP which is the highest around, and its front camera is 8 MP. It has a screen of 5.0 inches although if you prefer bigger screen phones, you can have the 5.5 inches pixel XL. It also features a clear resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels hence you can experience great display. It has a CPU of QUALCOMM Snapdragon it is the latest Snapdragon processor hence guarantees you fast speed response. The phone has an operation system of Android 7.1 and allows you to enjoy software direct from Google


  1. Lg g6

Lg is a good looking phone that comes with excellent features such a very good camera, a wide angled screen, and a tiny bezel. It offers a great photography experience as it offers a rear camera of dual 13 MP and a front camera of 5 MP. It is a bit heavy as it weighs 163g. It also features the latest android operating system, android 7.0. Its screen is 5.7inches which is big enough for any activity. Its screen resolution of 1440 by 2880 pixel guarantees you a bright display. Like the Google pixel, it features the latest snapdragon’s processor of QUALCOMM Snapdragon 821 which ensures that the phone works at its best without freezing. It also offers a great battery life as its battery is 3300mAh.

one plus

  1. One Plus 3T

This phone will enhance your camera experiences as it the rear camera is 16 MP and the front camera still having the same 16 MP. It offers an internal storage of 64 GB guaranteeing you enough storage for any number of apps as it is expandable to up to 128GB. The screen is 5.5 inches which are big enough for any activity. It also offers an excellent screen display of 1080 by 1920 pixels. The phone is a bit heavy with a weight of 158gm.

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HTC’s squeezable U phone is apparently coming May 16th

HTC’s squeezable U phone is apparently coming May 16th

HTC U Phone- a squeezable Smartphone with touch sensor embedded frame

Every Smartphone company is currently striving to create new and improved gadgets that will be ‘better than the best’. While Apple and Samsung are the undisputed pioneers in this field, another Smartphone company which is set to create history in terms of ‘innovation’ is HTC.

According to a flyer sent out, this Taiwanese company is set to launch something spectacular on 16th May. The tagline which said ‘squeeze for the brilliant U’ has made the entire world think that what this could possibly be. The company is all set to launch the super shiny and chic U phone Ultra or simply the ‘U phone’.

Touch sensitive outer frame

In recent times, the company was subject to several rumors and leaks, and to clear it all HTC launched a teaser on the social media platform. The teaser with the headline ‘edge sense’ cleared all the doubts about this latest company venture. HTC U phone will be embedded with touch sensors in the frame surrounding the phone.

Well, that’s not all, this ‘never heard before’ feature will let the user interact with their Smartphone by simply squeezing it. This touch sensitive outer frame of the squeezable U phone will respond to specific actions.

With this feature, the users will be able to launch camera apps or operate other applications on the phone directly. According to reports, the U phone Ultra was just a teaser trailer, and whether the actual Smartphone will have a change of design, is not yet confirmed.

Smarter Smartphone

U phone will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 5.5 Quad HD screen, and 4 gigs of RAM. Reportedly, the phone will also feature a 3,000 mAh battery and at least 64 GB memory.

That’s not all; U phone will be water resistant, with 3.5 mm audio jack and 12 megapixel shooter. With Android Nougat 7.1, HTC U phone is all set to change the future of touch sensitive Smartphone. The USP of HTC U is its sense companion or virtual assistant.

This gadget will be a smarter Smartphone for it will advise the user to leave early for work if it’s about to get snowy, will book seats for you, suggest best restaurants on road trips, remind you to carry your power bank and so on.

Let’s hope the rumors are true

The best feature of this squeezable U phone is that it will interact with you, and will get to know your tastes and preferences over time. That’s what the latest reports and teaser trailer suggests, whether or not the Smartphone will actually have the feature is not yet confirmed.

Evan Blass, the famous tech tipster said that a variety of sensors will be embedded into the metal frame of HTC U phone. So, when you are in a crowded bus or in an event you don’t have to go through the hassle of entering the lock pin, opening the app section.

All you have to do is squeeze your phone a little and get the work done. It’s a novel approach, however, all these should only be considered as ‘rumors’ until the actual U is launched. Fingers crossed for 16th May!

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