Fitbit Strikes Deal With Google That Could Lead to Wearables Collaboration

Fitbit Strikes Deal With Google That Could Lead to Wearables Collaboration

Fitbit- Google Collaboration in the Works?

Fitness bands are the rage these days, anyone and everyone wants to get on the fitness bandwagon and for good measure too. With life being so hectic and with bad eating habits, it is no surprise that people want to start exercising and get fit. So to help them along the way companies such as Fitbit have come up with Fitness bands or trackers. A while back the Fitbit brand was a well- known one and still is today but over the years it has undergone some serious problems as people have moved on to smart watches to track their fitness levels rather than a band.

So to come out of their rut, Fitbit is partnering up with Google to get deeper into the healthcare sector.It is now moving it’s attention from weekend athletes to the healthcare of individuals. Looking at Google now, the tech giant has not done too well for itself too in the wearables department either. So who knows maybe this Fitbit- Google collab will give their wearables a much needed boost?

The whole Fitbit- Google Collab:

Fitbit’s shares have plummeted about 70% since their initial public offering back in 2015 and now to put a stop to that plummet, Fitbit has partnered up with Google to enter into the healthcare sector.

Fitbit recently announced it’s attention to use Google’s health data standards for apps commonly known as Healthcare APIs. What this does basically is that Fit bit will be able to connect its wearable devices to medical records used by doctors and the hospitals. So now there won’t be any need for totting around those medical files whenever  you visit the doctor, all the data will be present on your new Fitbit wearable device.

The collab does not end here either. Fitbit will also make use of Google’s cloud storage platform, which has already got most of the approvals necessary like the federal Health Insurance Portability and HIPAA an act that regulates the use of medical records. This would give Fit bit a little breathing space as they would not have to build their own law compliant systems.

Advantages of the Fitbit partnering with Google:

As one could imagine there are many benefits of partnering up with Google. For Fit bit specifically their reach to worldwide customers will expand as well as they will reach their customers faster. The other advantage as stated by Fit bit is that they will be able to enhance customer experience with their Fitbit- Google collab.

This new partnership could also mean that Fit bit and Google may come out with a new line of wearables too.

The struggle in the wearable market:

Both companies have had their share off bad luck in the wearable department, while Fit bit’s shares have plummeted 70% since its initial public offering, Google’s Android Wear failed to pick up users attention for well over seven years. Google has even renamed Android Wear to WearOS in an attempt to build up that brand with consumers.

As mentioned earlier, this Fit bit- Google collab could mean something new in the wearable department. Let’s see if that works out.

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Best New Beauty Gadget of 2018

Best New Beauty Gadget of 2018

Beauty Gadget for Your Personal Use

There are a lot of beauty gadgets whereby one can perform their beauty regime in the confines of their home. You can get amazing results from your hair to your face, skin and teeth. There is plenty of beauty gadgets for every part of your body including removal of unwanted hair and getting a clearer and glowing skin. There are lot of massages and even diffusers that release a relaxing scent to help you wind down at the end of a tiring day. Some of this beauty gadget becomes great gifts to your loved ones.

Here is some of the best beauty gadget for your personal use:

Clarisonic Mia 2 Blend and Cleanse Holiday Gift Set

Beauty Gadget Clarisonic Mia 2 Blend and Cleanse Holiday Gift Set

With the Clarisonic cleansing brush you can remove foundation and eye shadow without much ado. This beauty gadget comes with an additional brush head that applies makeup. It buffs on the foundation and gives an airbrushed finish without getting your fingers dirty. It is retailing at $149.

 blendSMART2 Rotating Foundation Brush

 blendSMART2 Rotating Foundation Brush

This beauty gadget which consists of a rotating brush gives the perfect no-makeup makeup look. It blends the foundation, blush, eye shadow and highlighter to give a flawless look. This gadget spins at 190 RPM and comes with an interchangeable brush head and has antimicrobial fibers designed with a purpose of sensitive skin types in mind. This foundation brush costs $69.

LumaRx Full Body Hair Removal System

Beauty Gadget LumaRx Full Body Hair Removal System

With this beauty gadget all the unwanted and unsightly hair can be removed from large and small areas including the chin, underarms, bikini line, legs and arms. This device uses the intense pulsed light technology (IPL) to help reduce hair permanently. This hair removal gadget costs $449.99.

Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Beauty Gadget Cloud Nine Waving Wand

The Waving Wand from cloud Nine gives loose waves or smooth curls. This beauty gadget has a temperature-controlled wand and comes with a pair of heatproof gloves, paddle brush and travel bag. It costs 99 pounds.

Panasonic Facial Steamer

Beauty Gadget  Panasonic Facial Steamer

For a clearer, brighter and softer skin, use the facial steamer for 6-minutes. This beauty gadget by Panasonic takes your skin regime to a totally new level. This facial steamer costs 99.99 pounds.

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz

Beauty Gadget Baby Quasar Clear Rayz

This beauty gadget is a zit zapper. With the help of the blue and red lights, there will be healing of breakouts in a few days, calm the redness and prevent dark spots. This device costs $249.

NuFace Trinity

Beauty Gadget NuFace Trinity

The NuFace Trinity uses microcurrent technology. This beauty gadget gives a lift to the cheeks, brows and jawline for up to 24 hours. This is a temporary tightener and though electricity is sent into the skin there is no pain felt as it has two metallic balls that act like massagers. It stimulates circulation and tightens facial muscles for firming the skin temporarily. It costs $123.

Sigma Beauty Go Clean Duo

Sigma Beauty Go Clean Duo

This beauty gadget comes with a makeup brush cleaning grooved mat and brush shampoo. The grooved mat helps to remove liquid foundation and gel eyeliner from deep down the bristles. It is a very handy device for cleansing all the makeup brushes. This gadget costs $35.

Optimizer Voyage Tri Light

Optimizer Voyage Tri Light

This is a handheld beauty gadget that has a mix of yellow, blue and red LED lights that gives a light therapy treatment. It helps getting rid of bacteria and gives a clearer skin. It is selling at $265.

Ghd Platinum Styler

This Platinum flatiron heats up in quick time and gives your hair a straight look. This beauty gadget gives the desired results without causing damage to the hair. It comes at a cost of 165 pounds.

Tangle Teezer

With this beauty gadget you can smoothen the knots and detangle the hair. It helps to detangle curly hair that is knotted. It costs $15.

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

This beauty gadget vibrates and helps to massage in the eye cream. It deflates puffiness of the eyes and lightens unsightly under eye dark circles. It reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and under eye bags. It is selling at 119 pounds.

This Works Scent Well Diffuser & Oil

With this diffuser, the oil which is a mix of lavender, chamomile and patchouli creates a relaxing effect. It is retailing at $125.

Revlon 360 Dual Fast Dry Hairdryer and Styler

This beauty gadget works in two ways. It acts as a traditional dryer for blow drying the hair or you can twist the barrel to dry the hair faster between two barrels. It is priced at $60.

Rodan + Fields Amp MD System

This beauty gadget uses microneedling technology. It exfoliates the skin and helps in healing the scars. There is a retinoid serum that has been included in the pack which is quite effective. It is retailing at $220.

Smart Electric Toothbrush

This smart toothbrush links to your smartphone and ensures a complete two-minute brushing without pressing down too hard while brushing the teeth. This beauty gadget also has new smart brush heads and a tongue cleaner. It comes at a cost of $330.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

This beauty gadget uses the blue light and red light technology for treating acne prone skin. It kills the bacteria and helps the zits to shrink fast. It costs $20.

Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller

You need to put this gadget in the fridge 15 minutes before using it. Combine it with an eye gel and roll it especially around the eyes. It will help to remove the puffiness from the eyes and sells at 28 pounds.

Tria Age-Defying Laser

This beauty gadgets helps to erase wrinkles. It works on the entire face and uses the same wavelength as some of the professional lasers but at energy levels that cannot damage the skin. This device takes a little bit longer to get the desired results. After a period of three months and using it for five days in a week there will be significant improvement in wrinkles and dark spots. It is selling at $495.

There are a lot of high-tech beauty gadgets that can be used for your personal use or even be gifted to your loved ones. Just as we workout to keep fit and strengthen our muscles, beauty gadgets give our face and entire body a complete transformation from cleansing to toning to removal of unwanted hair. You can pick up those gadgets which are best suited for you

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Google Pixel 3 Name Spotted in Android Source Code

Google Pixel 3 Name Spotted in Android Source Code

Is Google working on a new Pixel 3 Phone?

Has Google got the Pixel 3 phone on the cards? Could we have the next Pixel coming out shortly? These are the questions on everyone’s minds. Well there is little doubt that Google has got a smartphone in the pipeline but is it the Pixel 3? If reports are anything to go by, Pixel 3 could be the new phone in question. Being spotted in Google’s very own source code, there is compelling evidence that latest Pixel phone  could be the next Google made phone to grace the markets.

Whether this new phone will be released as latest Pixel phone which is not really known but as of now the phone is being called as such within Google.

What Source code has the name Pixel 3 been found in?

Spotted by XDA developers, the name Pixel 3 was found in Google’s very own source code which tells us that the phone could be next in Google’s production line.

The source code deals with a software, that is meant to bridges a gap between the Android operating system and the hardware that will use it. This software goes by the name of HAL or Hardware Abstraction Layer. According to XDA developers this software will supposedly make a device such as the Pixel 3 continually scan for networks without the need for manually searching for networks. According to the source code this software will supposedly support only Pixel 3 with the name of the phone expressly mentioned.

This source code is the first mention of the phone by Google.

Is Pixel 3 next Phone in the Production Pipeline?

Being mentioned in Google’s very own source code leaves little doubt in anyone’s mind that latest Pixel phone  could be the next Google phone in the market. We are not really sure as of now whether the phone will launch under the Pixel banner but with the name being used in the source code, it suggests that the company is using the name for internal communication purposes.

Right now there has been no news of the phone or anything regarding the specs of the latest Pixel phone . But rumor has it that the phone will have a cheaper version under the Pixel 3 banner.

Besides this there are also rumors doing the rounds that there could be three models of the latest Pixel phone  that could be launched. Of which one may be the cheaper version.

More news may come out about the pixel 3 in coming months. Looking at past Google Pixel releases, Google Pixel 3 most probably will be launched in October. In the past Google has released various versions of the phone depending on size but this time around we see three phones one of which could be the more affordable version of the latest Pixel phone . Code named “Desire” the affordable version of the phone could be the cheaper version of the latest Pixel phone  while the other two could be the normal version and the XL version of the Pixel 3 phones.

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Powerful LED Based Train Headlight Optimized for Energy Savings

Powerful LED Based Train Headlight Optimized for Energy Savings

New LED Based Train Headlight to Consume Less Energy

Train headlight is an important feature in any train. Trains which are slow to apply the brakes and stop, have to warn people or cars on the tracks to move away as a train approaches. One of the main features in any train headlight is the ability of the light to be seen from a far distance. This requires the light used to be strong. Current lighting in train headlight use halogen light bulbs or incandescent light bulbs. This form of lighting is not energy efficient to say the least.

The current form of illumination used in train headlight are not energy efficient and give off a lot of heat. Researchers are now looking for alternative methods to illuminate train headlight that are not only energy efficient but also give off less heat. Researchers have now come up with LEDs as a solution to be used in train headlight. This solution will not only give the desired power of light and over a longer distance but will also reduce green- house gas carbon dioxide emissions by 152 kilograms per year if the lights are used for 8 hours in a day.

How did scientists come up with a way to use LEDs in Train Headlight?

Using LEDs as a light source in train headlight means that trains will meet the standard required for them to illuminate the tracks ahead of them as well as getting the benefits of using LED lights. LED lights give off more power, consuming less energy and they are more rugged than other forms of light. They are also known to last longer than other conventional forms of lighting.

Researchers have come up with a design of placing the LED lights in such a way as to give maximum output of light but with consuming lesser amount of energy. This new design of LED train headlight use 20.18 Watts as opposed to several hundred Watts of energy consumed by current train headlights giving off the same amount of power.

Another advantage in using a number of LEDs in train headlights is that they can be dimmed by switching off a few of the lights when the train approaches a platform so as not to blind the people on the platform.

How was the LED Train Headlight made?

Like in cars, the LED train headlight combine the use of a parabolic reflectors that guides the LED light into a beam. LEDs used individually give off only a small amount of light. Therefore researchers came up with a solution of using a number of LED lights along with parabolic reflectors to give a strong beam of light.

Researchers had to balance using a less number of LED lights to give off a strong beam of light, using these LED lights in combination with the parabolic reflectors and also ensuring the LED lights did not become too hot to prevent any circuit damage.

Finally they came up with a solution which uses two half circular parabolic aluminized reflectors in making LED train headlight. This design solved two problems. The new design not only gave the desired amount of power using less number of LEDs but also ensured that the train head light did not get too hot and damaged the circuit. This design also left room for the circuit, that is needed to power the LEDs, to be placed in the middle of the two half parabolic reflectors.

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Files Go: A Smarter Search for Files on Your Phone

Files Go:  A Smarter Search for Files on Your Phone

Google brings smarter file search on Smartphone with Files Go

Almost every other mobile manufacturers packs in their distinct version of the file manager with the Smartphone. Some are great but rest of them is just too miserable to use therefore Smartphone users tend to download third party file manager app from the app stores. Google brings it very own Files Go app which will soon become the must have and standard Android file manager in future.

It will become a simple and smart way for the Android users to find files instantly, share with others and free up space at the same time. Google is making the file search, share and management simpler and more aggressive on the Android platform with the Files Go. Some of the notable features of this app include:

  1. Files Go do the Files search

Being a file manager it has to establish itself as the best in the file search functionality over the others. With Files Go users will get the ability to search the files just like they do on the internet. The inability to use microSD card at the time or living with the contacts of the internal storage has become quite common for the Android users.

Therefore they need to a good file search functionality which can help in finding and modifying files whenever needed.  Users are simply required to open the Files tab then give a tab on the search icon in order to find the files present on the smartphone within a matter of seconds.

  1. Files Go Find the exact location of the duplicate files

Apart from the usual file search users also have a tough time finding the duplicates of the same file. Files Go will make it easy to free up space by getting rid of the duplicate files.

Files Go comes with a unique features which allows user to detect the duplicate files instantly by simply giving a long press on the “i” icon and get to see the location of the file. It has been found that most of the Smartphone users suffer from the low storage arising from the presence of the duplicate files.

  1. Files Go remove the backed-up files

Now almost every Smartphone user is making use of the cloud services either by their own knowledge or without even knowing it. Most of the Smartphone manufacturer has started bundling their own cloud app which helps in backing up files like photos and videos online.

The best thing about Files Go is that it works like a charm with the Google Photos. With having the Files Go users will be able to detect and get prompt to remove the files which have been already backed up on the cloud in order to free up more space.

Files search and management has become an important and critical things for the smartphone users as app need more space while they are stuck limited storage on their devices. Some users even have to sacrifice second sim in order to get more space by adding the memory card. But Google Files Go will be a must have app for millions of Android users by offering great file search functionality and ability to free up space in split of a second.

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Apple Airpower Wireless Charger Rumored to Ship in March

Apple Airpower Wireless Charger Rumored to Ship in March
Apple’s AirPower set for A March Release? Last September, there was talk of releasing Apple’s AirPower but since then there has been no news concerning the wireless charging mat until now. New reports suggest that Apple could be releasing the AirPower wireless charging mat somewhere in the later half of March 2018. This oval shaped AirPower mat is capable of charging three products at a time and all these products do not have to be Apple compatible.

Apple will begin shipping the Airpower wireless charging mat in March. The company released details of the AirPower mat alongside a statement about releasing the iPhone X and iPhone 8 last year.

What is wireless charging?

The concept of wireless charging is not altogether new, we’re just seeing the concept of wireless charging a phone or any other device now. The concept of wireless charging was thought of by Nikola Tesla who said that you could transfer power between two objects through an electric field.

Today the charging mats that have become so popular, contain a magnet as well as loops of coiled wires surrounding that magnet. When current is passed from the mains to the charging mat, the coiled wires create an electromagnetic field around the magnet or inductor, giving you your wireless charging.

The charge that the Apple AirPower can transfer to your smartphone or other Apple device will be around 7.5 watts meaning that charging won’t get any faster as conventional chargers are capable of transferring 15 watts.

What’s different in the AirPower mat that other wireless mats don’t have?

Currently all charging mats are capable of charging only one device at a time but the Apple AirPower oval mat is capable of charging three devices at a time and according to Apple’s vision those three seem to be an iPhone, AirPods and Apple’s Watch Series 3. Any device that is Qi enabled will also be able to be charged with the Apple Air Power wireless charging mat.

Besides the mat supporting three devices charging at once, the AirPower mat also comes with some extra tech that puts animation on the devices while charging. The iPhone being charged with the other devices will also show the charge levels on all three devices on its screen.

Apple’s Watch Series 3 is actually meant to be charged with Apple’s magnetic charging pucks, but the AirPower mat contains some additional tech which detects the Apple Watch Series 3 when it is placed on the mat for charging. Then the Apple Watch Series 3 will begin to charge as any ordinary device that supports Qi charging.

Release date for Apple’s AirPower mat and it’s Price:

Apple is likely to send its AirPower mat out for delivery in the later half of March as for the actual date there is no news. There is also the likelihood that Apple might launch its Air Power mats during their hardware event that is held in March. As for the price the Air Power will be available at seems to be around $200 if rumors are anything to go by.

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Debussy: Next Generation Smart Headphones with Touchscreen

Debussy: Next Generation Smart Headphones with Touchscreen

Debussy Touch Screen Headphones So if you’re in the market for a pair of headphones and if you have the budget to go along with it, you might want to check out the new Debussy touchscreen headphones. While companies are scrambling to make the latest wireless headphones, Debussy has taken it a step further with a touchscreen LCD on the side of the ear cup. Debussy is bringing out these premium headphones with gold plating at the Consumer Electronics Expo this year. Coming in at a whopping $5000, these headphones are the height of luxury headphones and if you can burn a hole through your pocket, you would definitely want to flaunt these where everyone can see.

Touchscreen Debussy Headphones:

These days in order to use wireless headphones or Earbuds, you would require your phone or laptop or some other device with wireless connectivity. But with these  Headphones you need none of the smart paraphernalia.


The  headphones come with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity and a LCD screen on the side of the ear cup. So there is really no need for the smart something with Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite tunes.

The LCD screen on the Headphones allows you to browse through your favorite playlists and pause tracks when you have to take a call. But, is having a screen on the side of your head a good idea? I mean trying to scroll through the screen while listening to music seems to be a little difficult don’t you think? Well of course, you don’t need to pull out your phone to change the tunes and all but still….

For those who feel these  headphones are great, these Debussy Headphones developed by a French startup claims to offer a “musical life without limitations”. Maybe so when it comes to listening to tunes on these Debussy headphones but the only but serious limitation that comes to mind when getting these Debussy Headphones is the PRICE.

Features on the Debussy Headphones:

These gold plated Headphones come with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, which is good for wireless music streaming. These headphones also come with their own 4GB storage and a 20 hr battery life.

Coming to the voice control part, you can stop songs and take a call by accessing the in- built voice control. The Headphones have an in built mic that lets you record music and ambient sound.

The Design of these headphones may change along with the price but the main software will remain the same claims the company.

Reality of the Debussy Headphones hitting the market:

The CES is a place to be when it comes to checking out the latest and newest in gadgets. It is also a place for companies to showcase various prototypes but many of them don’t really come out for sale.

At present the Headphones are in prototype version with the startup Debussy planning on a kickstarter funding in the month of March. Debussy plans on launching their premium headphones within 18 months.

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iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 , Which is Best

iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S8 , Which is Best

How does Samsung S8, iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 holds against one another?

This year has brought a sudden surge of innovativeness and risk taking attitude toe the smartphone industry which was sorely missed last couple of years. Samsung took the stage with its refreshing take on the Galaxy S series with Galaxy S8after the debacle of the Note 7. On other hand Apple did the impossible and came up with an iPhone which simply takes every breath away with it bezel less wonder (with unfortunate top notch). Google isn’t far away from the party as it brought a new refined Google Pixel 2 which has more software based optimization making it the best of Android experience on any given smartphone.  Here is a through comparison which will aid in making an formed buying decision.Design Factor


All three models feature the bezels or edge to edge display in different manners but none of them are pioneer of it. The best thing about this display is that we get the same phone but with a large display without any increase in their overall form factor thereby making them easier to hold in hand than other options from the earlier days. iPhone X is quite larger when compared to the iPhone 8 and it is bit awkward to use while Samsung S8 slides into the hand perfectly without any issue. When it comes it comes to daily usage, ergonomics and utility Samsung S8 is the prime candidate while iPhone X comes next but Google Pixel 2XL is simply too large and bold than any other smartphone.

Google Pixel 2


All three of these smartphones has tried to boost the security on the mobile with more refined and new age bio metrics presence. Apple simply takes the lead with its Face ID which is its exclusive selling point. This facial recognition system can be easily used to unlock the phone without the need of entering passwords and it also saw the demise of the fingerprint ID on the Apple iPhone. This facial recognition is good, accurate and smart but it also fails to get the job done in the low light condition or you go through a makeover like growing a beard or simply shaving it off.

Samsung brought a whole arsenal of biometric security feature on the Galaxy S8 with facial recognition, fingerprint detection ad iris scanning onto the smartphone. However the most reliable option on this smartphone still happens to be the fingerprint scanner than any other method though the placement of the sensor beside camera was a poor choice. Google Pixel 2 XL comes with the facil as well as fingerprint recognition and both of them just work fine when comes to unlocking the device and nothing special about it.


iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 offers the best of the OLED based full-screen display while Google Pixel 2 suffers from the screen burning and blue glares which are evident in everyday use. However the notch on iPhone X display simply plays a spoilsport and winner emerges none other Samsung S8 which is just mesmerising to look into and upon.  All of these displays offers crisp and rich colors with sharper details and goes easy on the eyes. iPhone X comes with a 5.8 inch OLED display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 even Samsung S8 also has a similar sized screen of 5.8 inch OLED display with a resolution of 2880 x 1440. Out of these three, Google Pixel 2 XL has the largest display at 6 inch with an OLED brimming at a resolution of 2960 x 1440.

When it comes to daily Samsung S8 happened to offers a best mix of colour and detail than any other smartphone. Though it is eveident than in showing certain pictures all of these smartphone tend to show completely different picture from one another which is cause a concern.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Battery Life

When comparing smartphones we tend to talk the battery backup right at the end but in order modern having a great smartphone which last for few hours isn’t an option. The battery lives offered by all these devices are quite similar and each phone has its own distinct way of handling battery usage to increase the overall life. Sadly iPhone X performed poorly on the daily basis by needing charge before the end of the day though depending upon your usage you might be able to stretch it to the end of the night. On other hand Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2 XL offered a much battery life due to battery enhancement baked right in the Android OS. In this regard winner was the Google very Pixel 2 XL which seemed to be charged enough to cover half of the next day as well.


Flagships are known to offers high end camera for almost DSLR level of photography experience and these three aren’t much different. Google Pixel took the crown of best camera on smartphone from the Apple iPhone last year and it even does so this year with Google Pixel 2 XL.  All of these devices excel in different areas when we exclusively talk about the camera performance. iPhone X tend to capture better color and details as well as the best selfies you can ever get hold of.  Google Pixel 2 XL is more aptly suited for the low light photography challenges while Samsung S8 simply doesn’t come any close of these two devices.

iPhone X has an elegant design with impressive display but it doesn’t have age old home screen which adds a learning curve for the users. Google Pixel 2 XL simply lay bare the best of Android on a device which is highly capable in very manner but that screen burn issue is serious advantage. Samsung S8 simply offers the best flagship smartphone experience but its interface isn’t as exciting as Google Pixel 2 XL or Apple iPhone X. Each of these smartphones excels in one area while lags in another. You should make your buying decision based on your priorities in the features.

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Google Mini Reportedly Crashes When Used at High Volume

Google Mini Reportedly Crashes When Used at High Volume

What is Google Mini?

The Google Mini is a 360 degree speaker and currently selling at $30. The Google Mini is wrapped in various coloured fabrics. Google has given importance to its design, but it is not as efficient as the Amazon Echo Dot.

It comes with a micro USB cable for power supply and the LEDs light up when the speaker is active. At the back of the Google Mini is a small slider, to mute the sound. The Google Mini has touch sensors to control the volume. When you tap on the left of the speaker, you can turn down the volume and tap on the right to increase the volume.

The Google Home Mini runs on Google Assistant, and makes use of voice commands to perform functions like setting alarms, getting weather reports, etc.

The Google Mini, one of the low cost speakers, was a popular choice for quite a few of the people out there. With its built-in speaker, it is used to listen to belt out loud music. It is not a very powerful speaker, but due to its low cost, many people went in for the Google Mini.


Some of its users were faced with the device crashing when playing music at high volumes. When turning up the volume, especially to the maximum level, the Google Home Mini crashed and restarted. This was noticed when playing a couple of songs. Sound tracks like “Royals” by Lorde and “Icon” by Jayden Smith, when played at high volumes were causing the Google Mini to crash.

It is not exactly clear at what volume, the Google Mini crashes. But the users say that the songs like “Royal” and “Icon”, when played at the highest volume, caused the Google Mini to crash.

This is likely to be caused by some bug.  Google is aware of the scenario, as many of the users have been posting their comments on the Google Forum as well as Reddit. They are gathering all the feedback from their users and are looking out for a solution to the problem.

Google has requested their users to use the power cable supplied along with the Google Home Mini. They have advised their users to fill out a crash report and send in their complaints. The company has assured them of a solution to the problem. Google is trying to fix the problem, but how long will it take is anyone’s guess.

If you have a Google Mini speaker, then the most advisable thing to do right now, is not to play it at maximum volume. One can only hope that Google comes out with a permanent solution as soon as possible.

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Xiaomi Yi 360 Camera Can Shoot In 5.7 K Resolutions

Xiaomi Yi 360 Camera Can Shoot In 5.7 K Resolutions

Xiaomi Yi 360 camera leaves everybody stunned by capturing videos in 5.7K resolution

Xiaomi has made a name for itself globally within the shortest amount though it majorly sells its products in two countries with the highest amount of consumers namely China and India. Since its inception Xiaomi wanted to be seen as a firm which brings a connected ecosystem of the device but not simply as a core smartphone manufacturer. Therefore Xiaomi funded other small companies, labeled its logo on its products and provided the best class connected devices at affordable price points. Xiaomi Yi 360 is another successful product from the Xiaomi backing of the Yi Technology which is growing like on global scale.Xiaomi Yi 360 as the name gives away is a ‘360 camera’ which offers a unique perspective to the users of their surroundings.

This camera is widely available globally from Europe, Asia to U.S. where it is being sold by the Microsoft’s brick and stores as well as online stores. Xiaomi has priced this camera aptly at just $399 which makes it highly competitive and value for money product in the market. It offers quite high end features to the users in it price range which gives a stiff competition to the Samsung Gear 360. Samsung Gear 360 has support for only 4K resolution video capturing but the Yi 360 can easily overtake with its 5.7 resolution recording capability.

Xiaomi Yi 360 Better hardware, better specs

The Yi 360 comes in a unique rectangular shape with a sleek modernized design though it is available in only black variant. It is loaded with a 12 megapixel Sony camera sensors with a f/2.0 aperture and the ability to capture 220 degree videos. Under the hood it has the Ambarella H2V95 processor which is good enough to stitch the videos in the 4K resolution but to make to turn videos in 5.7K resolution users will need to export it to a computer.

It has a single camera along with a 2 inch display screen which showcases the mode being used at any given moment. It also has three buttons, MicroSD card slot and Wi-Fi support. Users download its dedicated app from the app store and once you are connected with the camera then you will be able to preview footage in real time on your mobile device and shoot away.

Shoot videos like never before

With 5.7K resolution video quality is simply amazing though the mic provided with this camera isn’t good enough. Photos & videos captured using it is amazing both in the daylight conditions as well as low-light conditions. Colour accuracy is perfect, distortion is bare minimum and the details captured in the shot are quite impressive. The best thing about Yi 360 is that it can even record 360 time lapse videos which offer a unique perspective but it gets recorded only in 4K resolution. Xiaomi has provided this camera with a remarkable 1430 mAh battery which is good enough to get an hour of continuous recording.

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