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Lightweight Automotive Structures Car Research Offers More Sustainable Future

Lightweight Automotive Structures Car Research Offers More Sustainable Future

New research offers a sustainable future with the rise of the Lightweight Automotive Structures cars

A research conducted on the Lightweight Automotive Structures cars has shown that such cars will happen to highly fuel efficient which is the need of the hour. Almost all the companies are planning to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the automobiles in order to offers a better future to the masses and their research are in varied phases for the same effect. Yesterday a new facility was launched by the Senator James Paterson at the RMIT University in the name ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS).

A new beginning in Lightweight Automotive Structures

The ATLAS initiative has been started by the RMIT University in close partnership with two major universities namely Deakin University and Australian National University. Apart from these two universities the ATLAS initiative has a number of backers from the Ford Motor Company, CSIRO to as many as 11 other key international partner organizations from various countries like Germany, England and USA. The reason set to be conducted at the ATLAS is aimed bringing new products and processes which can help in transforming the Australia’s automotive industry with a focus on the sustainable resources.

ATLAS will be working on finding and developing new lightweight automotive materials as well as some advanced manufacturing processes which can help other industries to innovate further and create more job opportunities for others. The team at the ATLAS is very confident of building and inventing new lightweight automotive product designs backed with a serious abundance of the light weight components with high value. They will also be providing some sought out engineering services in the upcoming future to the global automotive market with their growing expertise in the light weight automotive designs backed with expertise in lightweight automotive structures & components.

Lightweight Automotive Structures Powering the global automobile market

ATLAS currently has enough brilliant minds at its disposal to empower the research the lightweight automotive structures like never before. It can help in shaping a new tomorrow where we can have more vibrant and highly sustainable economy built on the fuel efficient automobiles. This training center will focus on developing new lightweight technologies which can be brought onto mass production lines for the betterment of the planet.

Secondly it will look at the possibilities of carving battery manufacturing processes along with the energy storage design which will; help in limiting our dependence on the fossils fuels and ultimately helps in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to a whole new extent.

As stated earlier this research bringing together some of the world’s renowned scientists, engineers and brightest minds in their respective field who will be working together to develop, train and mentor the next generation of researchers for Australia. This research brings together as many as 16 different organizations from varied countries namely United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia with a single goal of bringing such technologies which gives their due focus on the environment. ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS) is expected to take 13 PhD candidates and 5 postdoctoral research fellows in its mission.

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