Toyota to Premiere Tj CRUISER at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

With an SUV like appearance and the utility of a cargo van, Toyota is all set to unveil it’s new in the line cruiser at the Tokyo motor show 2017. The new TJ cruiser is like a toolbox as it has a number of uses as well as enjoying the ride and the places you do visit in the car. Hence the name TJ, where T stands for toolbox and J stands for joy. The Toyota TJ cruiser will be next in the Japanese automobile manufacturer’s cruisers lineup. Toyota’s TJ cruiser is the company’s attempt at a crossover for SUVs and the space of a cargo van.

As the name suggests, the Toyota TJ cruiser is meant for people with a busy lifestyle and inspite of their heavy workload don’t want to give up on their fun and entertainment. The automobile allows the seats to be reclined completely thereby allowing storage of some huge items such as bikes and even surf boards.

The Design of TJ cruiserThe exterior of the vehicle is nothing compared to the automobile manufacturers previous cruisers. Its bulky size and shape may mean that it would not be suited for all types of roads and places. The TJ cruiser has a box like appearance. The shape of the automobile is reminiscent of a cabin that affords the owner a lot of space. This automobile was intended for high use and durability as it’s roof, hood and fenders are all resistant to dirt and scratches and even objects that are accidentally collided with like the occasional loose pebbles on a gravel laden road.


Storage Available in TJ cruiser The rear of the automobile can be opened completely to allow for storage of large items as well as loading and unloading of these items. The back of the seats behind and the side of the driver can be reclined completely to allow for storage of large as well as small items alike. The automobile also allows for the strapping down of the items stored, thereby ensuring security of the passengers as well as the items.

Toyota has gone all out in coming up with an automobile with a lot of space. The passenger seat directly behind the driver can be flipped in front, leaving room for storage of items such as grocery shopping. In addition to the rear door, the side passenger doors swing open completely, thereby leaving room again for transporting large items as well as easy entry and exit of passengers.

The Size of TJ cruiser- Getting technical, the automobile spans 4300mm in length, 1620mm tall and 1755mm wide. It has a seating capacity of four and a 2750mm wheel base. Each individual alloy wheel spans 20 inch in diameter covered with Bridgestone tires.

TJ cruiser Engine- This SUV is loaded with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine that is powered by a hybrid system. The automobile is said to run on a four cylinder electric motor and a battery pack. The standard model will come in a four wheel drive while AWD will depend on the model.

As of now the automobile giant is unsure of taking the TJ cruiser into production.

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