Nuro: The Self-Driving Delivery Vehicle

With many people buying things online, delivery becomes a very lucrative business. Picking stuff up directly from the warehouse and delivering it straight to one’s door step is the order of the day. Engineers have found a new way to deliver products to one’s home that to without the need for the vehicle to be manned. This new toaster shaped vehicle is termed as Nuro.

Other that ferrying people around, this steeringless vehicle is meant to move goods up to down from warehouse to home. Engineered by two engineers from Google, who worked on autonomous cars at the company, nuro is a self- driving car that was recently unveiled by the duo.

What is Nuro?

Nuro is a toaster shaped delivery vehicle. The autonomous vehicle is meant to ferry not people but the goods you order online form the warehouse to your doorstep. Nuro also comes with a built in remote that allows you to control the vehicle remotely too.

The team behind Nuro, aim at making human life easier through the use of robots in performing daily activities. Nuro is their start at improving that human life by using robots.

Nuro is just the Start…:

Besides Nuro, there are a lot of other self- driving delivery vehicles out there, one of them being Udlev a Bay area startup aiming at the same thing. Toyota recently unveiled another self- driving delivery box called the “e-pallette” intended at local deliveries.

Rumor has also has it that Amazon has acquired a patent for its own self delivery vehicle, which will carry packages from the warehouse directly to a buyer’s doorstep.

When will Nuro and such…, be ingrained into our Daily Living:

Whenever we hear about self- driving cars such as Nuro, we think of when we can own our own self- driving car. But the need of the economy right now is transporting cargo and that is where all efforts to make a self-driving car are focused at.

Transporting goods over-seas by ship or by trucks are also being automated even as we speak or in this case read. But self-driving vehicles such as Nuro are aimed at the small scale for now.

With the number of people ordering things online increasing every minute, there is a lot to be made from getting transport organized to ferry those huge amounts of goods from warehouse or factory or even grocery to one’s doorstep. Recent study puts the value of this market at 86$ billion annually and this business does not show any signs of slowing down too.

Why stop at autonomous cars these days, companies are thinking of newer and faster means by which goods can be delivered safely to their customers and one such way is by using a drone. There were even talks of Amazon using delivery drones.

Getting a horde of delivery drones in the sky has a lot of hurdles as of now but who knows in the future weather this will be another common means of getting a delivery to a buyer’s home.

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