Everything You Need to Know From the Geneva Motor Show

How different is Geneva Motor Show from Mobile World Congress?

In less than two decades we can saw a great transition for the mobile which turned itself into a powerhouse device from just a buttoned candy bar. But same can’t be told about the car in general as they are just the same but a bit different and having some serious tryst with new technologies. Geneva Motor Show showcases the might of the car industry and brings the new beats into the play before moving into the mass production and similar can be said about the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona wherein the best of the mobile industry products sees the light of the day.

Both the shows gives due importance to the Europe but one saw the supremacy of the continent while other simply showed that the continent has lost its sheen.

Geneva Motor Show – Europe retains the powerhouse badge

The recent rise and the limited success seen by the Tesla branded vehicles is giving a stiff competition to the traditional car makers but age old automobile leaders are just due to make their next decisive move.

This year’s Geneva Motor Show brought the best of Aston Martin to the world in the Lagonda concept but other automobile makers weren’t much behind.

Rimac came up with the Concept Two and Buggati simply brought it extremely fast and ludicrous Chiron Sport supercar. Being a premium brand Jaguar is looking towards grabbing the pie of the lower end market segment by bringing an affordably priced I Pace SUV while showcased yet another masterpiece powerhouse vehicle in the form of V10 station wagon.

Shift in mobile segment but supremacy remains in car segment

MWC is a major event for the mobile industry which has seen a significant shift in supremacy of the eastern mobile giants. In the recent years we saw massive decline of the Eastern mobile manufacturers like Nokia, Ericson and Siemens and the top 3 mobile manufactures reside in the east and most importantly China while just one major manufacturer reigns the mobile world from US i.e. Apple.

At MWC it can be easily felt that both the Chinese and American manufacturers were aggressively looking towards catching the fancy of the European buyers. Looking at the Geneva Motor Show it can be seen the car industry is just at the same stage as was the mobile industry in 2007.

We are just on the verge of seeing a new engineering feat in the automobile industry which will be just like iPhone moment thereby revolutionizing the automobile industry as a whole.

BMW, Audi, Mercedes are pushing the engineering forward to bring vehicles which will define the future mobility. While Volvo is extensively researching in building next generation of trailers, trucks and other vehicle which can navigate through the varied terrain and road conditions with ease and simplicity.

Geneva Motor Show also brings back the focus to the Europe which had always been influential and relevant even in today’s diminishing car market. It is worth noting that European car buyers had always been decisive on eventually what is made and what isn’t.

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