Quantum Internet goes Hybrid

Scientists turns quantum internet into a hybrid information network

A recent study published in the Nature magazine shows that the scientists had been successful in creating a one of a kind hybrid quantum network (quantum internet) link. The sudden surge in the development and evolution of the quantum information network is seen as new age technology which will leave everything behind by offering completely new capabilities in the field of communication and information processing. Coming up with a hybrid solution simply enhances the capability of such network to a whole new extent with immense future prospects. The team behind this remarkable research comprises of Nicholas Maring, Dr. Kutlu Kutler, Dr. Magherita Mazzera,Dr. Georg Heinze Pau Farrera from ICFO being led by Prof. Hugues de Riedmatten from ICREA.

What is a quantum internet information network?

A quantum information network or quantum internet is made up of quantum nodes which essentially stores and processes the information. These nodes are usually made up of matter systems which include doped solids, cold atomic gases and abundance of communicating particles in the form of photons. The major issue faced by the scientists is to find the right matter system which can help in providing optimum transfer of information. That’s why scientists have implemented the hybrid network wherein they were able to combine the best of the features from different material systems.

A number of earlier researches have shown that the transfer of information is reliably possible only between the identical nodes. But same haven’t been achieved before in any kind of hybrid network of nodes. In order to make this happen scientists have to devise a new solution which can help in strengthening the hybrid quantum network or quantum internet at the same time provides a reliable transfer of information. It is worth noting that photos are the one which helps in the transfer of the information. This happens when single photo gets to interacts in a completely noise free environment with other nodes or the matter system present therein which helps in offering varying bandwidths and wavelengths.

The future prospects of the hybrid quantum internet

The traditional world wide web was developed in the early 1980’s wherein information used to flows in the ‘bits’. This information is effectively processed and modulated by the chips placed on the computing devices and transmitted by the light pulses. By lights pulses we effectively mean the use of the optical fibers for high speed transmission of information from one place to another. When we talk about the quantum information network then the bits are replaced with the quantum bit or more aptly called ‘qubits’. Bits are usually known to carry only 0s or 1s but the quantum network can hold superposition of both of these states efficiently.

So quantum network will be able to allow us to bring highly secure data transmission along with enhanced data processing capability backed with quantum computing and furthermore it will help in help in enhancing the capability of other application and programs. In short quantum internet or network has the inert capability to revolutionalize the world like never before.

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