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Web Developers – Mobile Web Specialist Certification

The Google Developers Certification Team is happy to publish the Mobile Web Specialist Certification for web developers who tend to desire enhancing their performance from the other web developers in portraying their skills in the creations of responsive together with flexible web applications. Centred on in-depth study of the market the latest certification stresses on the developers has a tendency of having in-demand skills as mobile web developers?


However the skills shown in the exam could also be utilised on the desktop and through all browsers. You could utilise the Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide for any assistance. When one is prepared to take up the exam they would have to write the code in a timed performance-based exam and the cost of the certification would be $00 USD while for Indian it would be Rs. 6500. Three attempts are permitted for the exam. By earning a Mobile Web Specialist Certification one has the advantage of displaying a digital badge on their resume as well as social media profiles. Being a member of the Mobile Web Specialist Alumni Community, you stand a chance to access to program aids which are aimed on growing your prominence as a certified developer.


Assess Knowledge on Development of Mobile Website

The Mobile Web Specialist Certification is in partnership with Associate Android Developer Certification in the family of performance-based certifications of Google. The Mobile Sites certification exam has been intended to assess one’s knowledge on the development of mobile website and one would need to pass the Mobile Web Specialist exam in order to be qualified in Mobile Sites. At the start one is required to sign up and get registered for Google Partners in order to be eligible to access the Mobile Sites exam. The Mobile Sites certification exam presently is available only in English and comprises of a set of coding challenges together with an exit interview. The exam has been designed to check your awareness of basic as well as advanced mobile websites perceptions as well as the following details:

  • Value plan of mobile websites
  • How to progress the speed of mobile website
  • How to generate an effective user experience for mobile websites
  • Introduction to advanced web technologies

Mobile Web Specialist: Designing & Developing Websites

It is suggested that you have an on-the-job experience designing and developing websites for mobile receptiveness as well as page speed, before appearing for the Mobile Web Specialist exam. One needs to also be familiar with the concepts of web developments together with the best practices. Moreover he should also have the experience in creating as well as maintenance of the websites. A study guide for the exam is also made available in the Partners Help Centre which tends to cover the various subjects for the exams. In order to access the exam from one’s Partners account, the following steps can be taken:

  • You could sign into your Partners account
  • Click Mobile Sites towards the left navigation in the `Certification’ section
  • To start with the Mobile Web Specialistexam, you could click `Take exam’. You can also review the exam study materials that are linked on that page.
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