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On 12/09/2017, was a great day for Apple. The company co-founded by Steve Jobs and based in Cupertino premiered numerous gadgets. That whole arena resides all the employees and developers to one of the largest company event of the world.

But not only that, this 2017 Cupertino celebrated 10 years of launching its first Smartphone with the launch of a very different iPhone that we know, with the release of a new version of Apple Watch and even with an improvement for Apple TV.

A lot of information came from the Steve Jobs Theater at noon on this September 12 and so, here we crumble the most important thing you should know about each of the revelations that Apple released today:

APPLE PARK, a complex for community development

More than 260 thousand square meters is the new headquarters of the company. The great dream of Steve Jobs was finally materialized and although someparts are still under construction. Steve Jobs Theater inaugurated by Tim Cook is the place where the expected conference was held.

The current CEO of Apple talked about the benefits that the building represents for the developers and highlighted the technology that makes it, highlighting the long network of solar panels that will serve for the electrical supply of the plant.

apple iphone x

APPLE WATCH SERIES 3, a new cell phone on the wrist

Of the Apple Watch Series 3 there is not much else to say. Apple wearables are the best selling on the market and with the arrival of this new edition of smart watches they will only solidify their leadership.

The design stays the same, what it does change is its processor that makes it able to connect to Bluetooth and LTE, which in its most expensive version integrates an eSIM to make mobile connectivity possible without having to load the iPhone. This way we can make calls directly from the it.

The battery will have a duration of 18 hours of autonomy and will have a water resistance of up to 50 meters, which is why it is ideal for swimmers and any type of athletes. And the new operating system (WatchOS 4) will have improvements in their applications performance and physical monitoring.

The new watches will have a base cost of $ 329 without LTE and $ 399 with the cell phone feature. Its pre-order will start on September 15 to have it in stores on the 22nd of the same month.

APPLE TV 4K, entertainment in the best quality

There is also not much to say here, just that it was an urgent improvement for the Apple TV, as it was not updated for two years. This fifth generation will broadcast content in 4K UHD thanks to its operating system tvOS 11 and a new processor more powerful.

What’s interesting about this update is that Apple announced an alliance with major Hollywood studios to have their content for sale or sale on the App Store available in 4K at a price just like HD.

In addition, and as expected, Netflix and Amazon Prime content can be fully enjoyed in Ultra HD.

Apple, iPhone 8, performance enhancements and cameras

The design remains almost intact. The important thing with this update is on the inside. Its Bionic A11 processor makes it 30 percent faster in graphics and 25 percent faster in processing than its predecessor.

The cameras were improved. They will feature 12 MP and with new sensors, deeper pixels, a new color filter and greater stability. In addition, in its Plus version, its dual camera will have openings of 1.8 for wide and 2.4 for telephoto.

In addition, its video capture improved and now we will have it in 4K to 60fps, Apple promises that it is the best video recording that any other Smartphone in the market. What really interesting with this camera is that it is calibrated for augmented reality. Experiences in AR can be exploited to the maximum with some video games.

Another novelty is the charge via Wireless, which will allow us to charge our cell phone without having to connect any cables.

Its base price in conventional size will be $ 699, while in Plus will cost $ 799. Your pre-order will start on September 15th.

Apple IPHONE X, a smartphone for history

But that was not all. And as always we have been accustomed to it came the moment of “One more thing …”. And that thing more was the iPhone X, the Smartphone that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the launch of the gadget that generates more revenue to the company.

Ten years ago Steve Jobs presented his first model and now Tim Cook does homage with a cell phone whose screen is spread over the entire front surface. The famous Start button and Touch ID disappear to give way to Face ID, a mode that allows the cell to be unlocked by recognizing the user’s face.

This caused the front camera to be greatly improved and now has many more sensors, better approach and an infrared camera not only to take better sefies (even in portrait mode) but to unlock the cell phone immediately and without fail.

Its sensors allow the phone to recognize our face even when we have changed the cut, removed the beard, put on glasses or even aged a little. In addition, the company ensures that its technology is so sensitive that the phone can not be unlocked with masks that simulate the user’s face. In the words of the executives the opportunities to unlock it with a false face go from one in a million.

In addition, just as the Touch ID worked, the Face ID will also allow you to make purchases with Apple Pay and within the App Store.

Along with this update comes Animoji, which are simply emoji that we can modify by the same expression of our face.

The Retina Display disappears to make way for the Super Retina Display that uses OLED technology with high contrast, higher resolution and allows the phone to be thinner.

Its price could be the big problem for many as it will have a base cost of $ 999. It will be in pre-sale from October 27th and in stores on November 3rd.


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