Google Flights: New Tool to Find cheap flights

Getting cheap flights booking is becoming easier with Google Flight now. Some time ago we presented several tools to plan trips of which there are several compactors and sites. Through this wonderful tool called Google Flights, we can able get the cheap flights booking, which offers a fairly complete search of the different airlines and routes. The service will bring new options such as price alerts for cheap flights booking and hotels, according to the company’s blog.

The internet giant has updated its Google Flights service to offer a benefit to its users. From now on, people will be able to receive notifications when they expect flight prices to increase, based on their historical price changes. With this tool, users can make their reservations in time for cheap flights booking without having to pay exorbitant prices for their trips.

In the coming weeks, all users will see an alert when flight prices are going to go down or up. For example, after doing a search and selecting a specific flight for cheap flights booking, the service will alert you about price changes and show you the possible trend. So you can know if it’s worth buying at that time or wait a little longer.

On the other hand, if you only searched the route without selecting a flight, notifications from Google Flights will be based on suggestions on cheap flights booking to find the best price for this route. It will also show you when the price could increase based on historical data.

In addition, by flagging the track on cheap flights booking, Google will alert you by notifications or via email if that flight will increase in price in the future on the cheap flights booking.

On the other hand, the search engine will also alert you to the prices of hotels in your destination. For example, the results will tell you if the price of the hotel is cheaper than it normally is or if there is a discount rate for those dates.

The idea is that when selecting a specific destination, Google Flights will show us cheap flights booking and also alert us when there will be an increase in its price, and how much money we save if we make the reservation for cheap flights booking when we are making the query. This update also shares some tips for specific trips, including recommendations on alternative dates, based on historic price jumps.

Also, if we have not specified a flight but we have a destination in mind that we want to travel Google Flights shows us different recommendations so that we can get the best prices, letting us see what happens if we change the tentative date or if we arrive at another airport the same city. Google says in its press release that you can ask the app regarding the cheap flights booking to send you notifications via email.

Google Flights: Some news on hotel search

In addition to this exciting new feature, Google Flights will also inform users about some hotel offers for destinations of their choice. With the above, the company aims to help us get the best prices whether we are going to go on vacation with the family, or if we are planning an important trip in our favorite destination or an official trip.

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