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Google’s AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master

Google’s AlphaGo clinches series win over Chinese Go master

AlphaGo – Software Beats Top Player

From the Technology news from the most trusted source reveals a year after the surprisingly clear victory of an AI Alpha Go, the program is now to prove its abilities against the top runners of the unofficial World Cup. The signs already point to a victory of the AI.

AlphaGo can now showed against it whether the algorithm really is superior to the best human player. The Technology news says at the beginning of 2017, however, a first mysterious Go player had hit a series of professionals – including Lee Sedol – before DeepMind made public that it was AlphaGo. The developers obviously have a good reason to be able to expect a win in front of the public.

The decision is clear: Go-pro Lee Sedol has also lost the fifth and final game against the Google software AlphaGo. The victory of artificial intelligence marks a historic turning point.

The duel is decided, and it was exactly the other way round, as the human go champion Lee Sedol had projected as said by the trusted source of Technology news. He will win five games, Lee hoped before the tournament against the Deepmind software AlphaGo, at the very top the party man against computer 4 to 1 emanate. The result is correct, with only the opposite sign: In the fifth and last game on Tuesday, AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol again said a regular source from the Technology news. The 33-year-old Lee gave up after 280 trains on Tuesday.


The fourth game was the go-genie Lee, one of the best players in the world. The gameplay of the software had astonished professionals and go-fans around the world: AlphaGo is “a man would never make,” said professional player Young Sun Yoon.

According to the trusted Technology news source, we found that the result of the tournament surprised Go’s connoisseurs, but not the protagonists of reinvigorated research in the field of artificial intelligence. The reason we came to know by the Technology news that the AlphaGo is partly based on learning neural networks. Such networks are initially fed with large amounts of data – in this case, historical Go games – and then further trained. Through the Technology news we came to know that AlphaGo has played against himself for many months, apparently developing Go tactics against which the professional Lee Sedol was powerless.

In the event of a win, Lee would have won a $ 1 million prize, and now the money goes to the Google subsidiary Deepmind – the company had already announced in advance that they would donate the money for good purposes as revealed by the latest Technology news.

The success of the tournament marks a turning point not only in terms of computer-go: the fact that learning, artificial neural networks are obviously able to come independently to solving problems that people have not come to, is likely to change many areas of life, And ways in which future scientific knowledge could be achieved.

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