Behold the Luxurious BMW 8 Series Concept Car

What you need to know about the BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series Concept car is a perfect combination of luxury and sportiness combines with the perfect automobile technology, and gives an outlook on the new version of the new BMW 8 Series. We have all the info!

Introduction: BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series particularly bullish that comprises of fantabulous automobile technology. The wheel arches are strongly exposed, the exhaust pipes are reminiscent of the Lexus LC500.

BMW 8 Series _1

The taillights could come directly from the i8 and protrude at the top out of the bodywork – this should give the rear even more latitude. The new concept BMW 8 series equipped with automobile technology has comes up with the new Ducktail spoiler is quite new.

The Barcelona Gray ensures a certain elegance, looks from almost certain angles almost dull. Overall, BMW is looking for the perfect mix of luxury and sportiness. Designer Adrian van Hooydonk describes the BMW 8 Series Concept with advanced automobile technology has the three “P”: Power, Passion, Performance. It remains to be hoped that BMW will transfer as much as possible from the elegance, presence and performance of the study into the series.

Interior: Seats in the BMW 8 Series

The doors of the 8 Series Concept open gently as soon as you stroke your hand over it. Caution is advised when getting into the car: the carbon-fiber strips with the Concept BMW 8 8 Series lettering are not to be scratched. In general, this study must be treated as a raw egg. The seats with carbon ridges look like tightly screwed slat seats. However, surprise, not only drive the seats electrically in position, they are also more comfortable than imagined.

 BMW 8 Series _2

BMW relaunch the BMW 8 series! In 1989, the generation E31 came onto the market and is still considered a design icon. Just 30 years later, the luxury coupe returns. From 2018 onwards, the series version completed with amazing automobile technology will compete against the Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

The concept BMW 8 Series, presented by the Munich team, presents a very concrete outlook. BMW promises the incorporation of the fantastic automobile technology that the new BMW 8 series is to be strongly oriented on the fully-driven design study. The long-term concept shows that BMW is serious about returning to the class of luxury.

The proportions are typical BMW: In the new series greatly supported by this automobile technology has come up with the huge snout, long wheelbase, crooked silhouette and heavily exposed wheel arches. The front with the typical sharknose is dominated powerfully. They are lined with narrow headlights with laser light.

BMW 8 Series _3

The daytime running lights are hexagonal designed, as we already know from current BMW like 5s or 7s. The design concentrates on only two lines, both of which have their origin behind the air outlet. The powerful 21-inch rims fill the wheel arches well and look exactly right. Typical study are the from the full milled exterior mirror bars and the nonexistent door handles. This new series that is incorporated by this advanced automobile technology has comes up with touch screens, as used by McLaren in early MP4-12C models.

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