Get Local Help with Your Google Assistant

Google Assistant can help you with local stuff more smartly and intelligently

Google is simply aiming at making the Google Assistant the most intelligent and smart smartphone AI for the millions of users. It has enhanced the capability of the AI when it comes to sorting out the local stuff and offering the best of results to the users. Now users will be able to make use of AI to look for different nearby service such as house cleaner, plumber, electrician and other with simple commands.

Search things local easily with Google Assistant

Users are only required to say “Ok Google, find me a plumber’ and the Assistant will work on finding it through the search engine. This feature will work not just on the Android devices but also on iPhone and other voice activated speaker like the Google Home. This Assistant can even come up with follow up questions in order to offers you a more precise and local nearby options within few seconds. This feature helps in doing away with the need of typing out the query on the search box and actively looking into the search results to find the best possible match. Now users can simply ask the Google Assistant to do the apart of looking up the local services within few seconds without much effort. Ask the assistant for the recent sports score and it will surprise you with accurate live scores and yesterday’s score with ease.

Some other cool features of Google Assistant

You can ask the Google Assistant to search for images by simply asking for it. When it comes to local searches Assistant can advise you on where to eat, drink, shop and dance. It makes use of the ‘Nearby’ feature to locate the requite places near you and bring the best possible options in a moment’s notice. You can ask Assistant casually to shows you the nearby restaurants and it will be do so by bringing forward a list of popular restaurants in the vicinity with reviews, rating, address, direction as well as a link for calling the restaurant. If you are planning for getaway trip for the weekend but could get the ideas then simply ask Google Assistant about some cool vacation spots or ideas and it will showcase requisite search results which you can easily tap to get more information about some great vacation spots or ideas.

 Google Assistant new features is coming soon enough

Google is all set to lunch this new feature in US in the upcoming week while it will be rolled out in the rest of the weeks at the earliest. This feature will specifically showcase the pre-screened service providers in order to provide secure and safe service delivery. These service provider are either been screened by Google and partner companies like HomeAdvisor and Porch. If there are no pre-screened service providers then also Google Assistant will offer the nearby results but it has to be ascertained by the user whether they are up for job or not. Now users will be able to plan fixing, painting or cleaning projects with Assistant awesome help.

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