Stamp :Google Creating Snapchat Discover Competitor

Stamp: Google’s similar to Snapchat is on the way

How to make news more interesting to younger generation? The answer to this question will Google with “Stamp” possibly will deliver very soon.

In recent times, news flared around the Internet that Google wanted to buy Snapchat for an exorbitant amount. Although the company that owned the application rejected its offer. It seems that Google has not taken this decision very well because they surprise with their new move. Apparently, the company is working on its own version of Snapchat. In fact, it is already in full development. And we know his name and some of the details about this project.

In the fast-paced information age, it is difficult to attract the attention of people for an extended period of time. To spread news and media content, Google is now planning a feature called “Stamp”, which is similar to Snapchats “Discover” mode.

The service is to be built around Google’s AMP feature, by which websites load faster. Looks the whole thing similar to Snapchat. For example, on mobile devices, wiped-out boxes with attractively prepared content such as text, photo or video content could be distributed. Among other things “Time”, the “Washington Post” and “CNN” already had an interest in the project. Already next week “Stamp” could be officially presented.

Under the name of Stamp – the idea of this project is suspiciously similar to the one of Snapchat. It is a collection of stories formed in the form of slides. It can consist of images, video or text. Does this ring to you?

Stamp: Google creates its own Snapchat

Like Facebook did when Snap spurned their offer to buy in, Google is devoted to repeating the content of Snapchat. Other advantageous of the long listing of applications that copy to the hot app. The procedure of Stamp prospect to be indistinguishable to that of Snapchat. Users will be capable to post stories that are consists of images or videos. As well as they can also include text or labels.

It has also been revealed that Stamp would be based on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). For those who do not know what this means, say that it is a system that delivers a spectacular page loading speed. So Stamp would load very fast. Another aspect that several media have reported on Stamp, is that it would not need to be downloaded. But Google plans to incorporate it into the phones. Although it is something that has not been confirmed at the moment. What does appear to be confirmed is that the content will appear in Google searches. This can give huge exposure to the creators of such content.

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