Prynt Pocket: This Gadget Turns iPhones into Photo Printers with a Virtual Twist

Prynt Pocket: This Gadget Turns iPhones into Photo Printers with a Virtual Twist

Prynt Pocket Turns the iPhones into Digital Photo Printers

The world is now becoming more digital in every nook and corner. We are living in the technological era where we get whatever gadget we like. We just have to press few clicks and it gets fulfilled. Certainly, this is awesome and we are quite fortunate to live in this period. We have to always keep updated with the technology news. The knowledge on the technology news will help you to keep pace with the latest happenings and updates in the world of technology. Well, the social media has become a platform for sharing photos and videos. This year it is expected that people would take close to 1.2 trillion photos which are digital by nature. This has been reported by the InfoTrends. But mainly the photos remain in the phones and do not get printed. Well, it is always good to have a photo album on your home or with you. You can carry all your memories with you. To make your dream come true and easily available there is an app namely Prynt Pocket which will is trying to reinvent the art of printing photos. Prynt Pocket specially designed for the smart phones and well, it is a really a bliss.

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The Prynt Pocket App

The Prynt Pocket app is designed by the Prynt which was launched in the year of 2015 and is now coming with a second version. The Prynt Pocket app is priced at $150. Well, there are many exciting features with regards to this app. The Prynt Pocket app will directly help you to get the photos printed from the best phone in the world- iPhone. You can have them printed without having the case removed. The photos will get printed directly from your iPhone. The digital users will have the liberty to choose from the digital or physical.

Working of Prynt Pocket-

After downloading the Prynt Pocket app from the store, take a photo or you can even choose from the photos which are available in your gallery. You can edit the photos as well by adding stickers, frames and filters too and the time duration is only 30 seconds. The best part is that it has a feature called the Live Photos which supports the images in motion. It also supports videos which can support loop back even. The Prynt Pocket will have all the record and it will get stored in the cloud. Once the photo gets printed, you can share on the social platform.

The Future

The future is something exceptional that is on hold and the technology news will help you to keep a rack of it. The technology news from different sectors of the world will enhance your knowledge. The Prynt Pocket app uses inkless papers and so there is no requirement of the ink cartridge or hopper. The pocket can hold a maximum of 10 paper sheets. Well, the iPhone user can have it for the time being while the Android users will have to hold their patience a bit before it is available for them

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