Your Inbox Can Do A Lot More Than Just Organize Your Email

Your Inbox Can Do A Lot More Than Just Organize Your Email

Now do much more with your inbox than just organize your email

We have been using our Inbox just for one primary task for long and that is to send and receive mails. But over the years the capabilities of the Inbox has quite enlarged from just the ability to organize your email. It can be now utilized to perform a wide variety of tasks basically related to the field of communication and utility. We have a wide variety of email plugins available with us which can be integrated with any inbox to boost it capability further.

  1. Create a personal journal

It is worth noting that every email services allow you to send to yourselves which can be used for a great effect. You can start creating a private loop system wherein you can end up in keeping avery secure and discreet private journal right within your inbox. In order to create your first entries in the journal just compose an email, enter your own address and send it to yourself. You can organize your email to work like a digital diary and there are a number of formatting features available for you like text colour change, highlighter, attach photos, paste links and much more to make it more exciting.

  1. Start saving article for latter reading

If you don’t get enough time to read everything you across online then you can organize your email to save the articles. Nowadays every other article comes with a share-to-email button and giving a click on it will help you storing the web clipping right into your inbox. Whenever you get the time then you can read by simply opening your inbox.

  1. Back up everything you need

Gone were the days when you have to keep hard drives or pen drives with you to keep a copy of important files and documents. You can now organize your email to keep a backup of almost everything important present on your mobile or computer. Google offers 1TB of storage with its Google Drive for just $10, YahooMail offers the same storage for free and Apple charges just $10 for 2TB worth of data. Backing up your data in your inbox isn’t much sophisticated but it is quite handy and easy to use.

  1. Turn your drafts into memos

The best thing about the emails it can be viewed from anywhere and any devices with no strings attached. This utility offered by the emails can be exploited to create a digital a memo quickly than ever before.

  1. Share photos more privately than ever before

Sharing private photos belonging to your or your family has never been so simple and faster. You can organize your email to save and share private photos which aren’t required to be shared with world certainly not on the social media. You can create a dedicated family email account and upload all the private images as well as the share its log-in credentials with other members so they can also share their images with you.

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Everything You Need to Know About HTTP/2?

Everything You Need to Know About HTTP/2?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP/2

To get an understanding of HTTP/2, one needs to have a fast and apparent conception regarding protocol considering the context the Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP.  It is said to be a mechanism utilised by Internet browsers to demand information from the web server which tends to display the pages on the screen of the device which is utilised.

HTTP/2 is considered to be an auxiliary in expressing HTTP on the wire though is not a ground-up alteration of the protocol.  The methods of HTTP, status code and semantics tends to be equal and the same should be possible to use APIs as HTTP/1 x for representing the protocol.

Emphasis of the protocol is based on performance, end-user perceived latency, server resource usage and network. The main objective is to enable the use of an individual link from browsers to a Website.   HTTP/2 earlier known as HTTP/2.0 is said to be a main revision of the HTTP network protocol which is utilised by the World Wide Webresulting from the former new SPDY protocol.

This had been established by Google. The working group http is, of Hypertext Transfer Protocol, wherein `bis’ is considered as `second’ of the Internet engineering Task force.  HTTP/2 is considered to be the first latest version of HTTP as HTTP1.1 standardized in RFC 2068 in 1997.

Applications – Quicker/Simpler/Strong

HTTP/2 is inclined to make our applications quicker, simpler as well as strong.  Moreover it also tends to open various completely new options for optimizing our applications and enhance performance.

The main purpose of HTTP/2 is to reduce latency by permitting full request and response, multiplexing, reduces protocol overhead through well-organized density of HTTP header fields. It also adds to the support for request prioritization and server push and in order to implement these essentials, there is a huge supporting cast of the other protocol augmentations like new flow control, upgrade mechanisms, error handling.

However these are said to be the most important features which all web developers need to comprehend and leverage in their applications. The application semantics of HTTP in any way is not modified by HTTP/2.

All the essential concepts like HTTP methods, URIs, status codes as well as header fields tend to stay in place.  On the contrary HTTP/2 is said to modify how the data gets formatted and transported between the server and the client.  Here both are inclined to handle the complete process and hides the overall complexity from our application within the fresh framing layer.

HTTP/2 Enhanced Performance/Accessibility of New Abilities

The consequence is that all the prevailing applications can be delivered without modification. HTTP/2 has introduced a new binary framing layer to accomplish the performance goals set by the HTTP Working Group, which is not backward compatible with previous HTTP/1.x servers and clients, therefore the main protocol version augmentation to HTTP/2.

Unless one is executing a web server or a custom client by functioning with raw TCP sockets, the difference will not be noticed and all the new and low level framing will be performed by the client and server on behalf of the user.  The only noticeable difference observed would be the enhanced performance together with the accessibility of new abilities such as request prioritization, server push and flow control.

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