Google Search Changes Tackle Fake News and Hate Speech

Google Brings New Search Engine Changes To Do Away With The Fake New And Hate Speeches

One of the major technology news doing rounds this week includes the changes made by the Google in its core search engine. This will help in stopping the rise and spread of the fake news as well as hate speeches in the online world. The changes implemented on the Google search is filled with different measures specifically dealing with the ranking sites as well as people who checks upon them to establish results as accurate. In simple words fakes spreads like a wildfire and more number of search on similar topic helps in bringing the fakes new right into the prominence. Now the changes being implemented on the Google search will help in getting it out of the search engine working in a subtle and determinate fashion.

Google has clarified in a blog that it will be bringing a number of changes on the core search engine to thwart the attempts of the extremists at abusing the system itself. Google had deal with the backlash when the search engine platform for abused in giving the prominence to the groups which deny that Holocaust has even taken place.

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What changes are being implemented in Google search?

The vice president of engineering at Google search division named Ben Gomes has stated that engineers has carefully made a number of structural changes which will do away with tricks utilized by the people in tricking the algorithms. Over the past few months it has been found that a number of groups and organization were effectively making use of the fake news on Google’s search engine to spread completely false, fabricated, offensive as well as misleading and low quality information to the users. The new metrics brought to the ranking systems in the Google search will simply stop the false information getting into the top results for any particular search terms.

Google had already tested the system by asking more than thousands of real human raters in giving the feedback on the currents results being offered by the search engine. This testing has also helped in identifying a number of low quality information as well as fake websites which were quietly oozing out the misleading information and offensive results and to some extent the conspiracy theories in the search engine.

Autocomplete Google search will get a major makeover

Another interesting development revealed by the technology news states that Google is looking forward to change the ‘autocomplete’ tool which simply suggest the search terms. This tool was designed to make it easier to find the thing they are searching for but Google search will now allow users to simply flag the inappropriate content with it.

Technology news on global scale affirms that the industry experts are happy with the changes being brought in the natural functioning of the Google search engine. But they implore that the changes being implemented on the search engine shouldn’t be seen as way of fixing the algorithms which consistently failed in correctly indexing the results found online.

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