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Google X is a research department of the American company Alphabet Inc. The research lab is located near the central Google campus in Mountain View, California. According to the report of the New York Times, only a few Google employees know about the existence of Google Solve For X projects.

In particular co-founder Sergey Brin is very active in the research institution; Eric Schmidt and Larry Page are also there to be active. The researchers involved in Google Solve For X projects are expected to include experts in robotics, artificial intelligence and man-machine interfaces, including a co-developer of the Kinect Microsoft gesture control.

The Times reporters list some Google Project that scientists are supposed to work with in the facility named in Google X. Robot research is a big issue, and the Google robots driven cars are said to have emerged from a Google Solve For X projects. In addition, researchers in Google Project are expected to work on a space lift, telepresence and cartography robots (street-view recordings by autopilot?) And the networking of objects.

As an example of networked house technology, the “Times” counts on the sparking refrigerator that has sprung through for decades through presentations, which records the stocks that are running out. Apart from the space lift, these projects are not particularly surprising.

In May of this year Google announced at its developer conference Google I / O, one would open as an operating system to control one day home and garden technology, the bedroom lighting and the lawn sprinkler for example.

A Google spokeswoman did not want to comment against the “New York Times” to Google Solve For X projects. She simply said that the Google Project research on speculative projects is part of Google, but the invested sums are quite small compared to the research expenditures in the core business.

Google Brain and Deep Mind

The Google Brain (Google Brain) project attempts to mimic the neurons of the human brain. For this Google Project, the company has hired the computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, who, with his deep-learning theory, tries to merge computer science and neuroscience.

In January 2014 Google acquired the British laboratory Deep Mind for artificial intelligence to strengthen these activities for 450 million dollars. First application of Geoffrey Hinton’s research is the improvement of the speech recognition of Android, Google’s smartphone operating system

Goals and ambitions

Chief Scientist is the Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The company was founded by the German robotics expert Sebastian Thrun.

The company was created to implement the very aspiring goals of the Google founders. As his role model, Nikola Tesla as a major inventor, Larry Page would like to contribute to the progress. He has summarized his philosophy under the term 10X Thinking.

This means that it is easier to make everything ten times better than 10 percent better. “There is hardly competition in exploring technological boundaries because no one is so crazy to try it,” said Larry page
Google Projects

The Google Solve For X projects include Google Glass (a headed miniature computer as part of the extended reality), a digital contact lens to measure the blood glucose value, the development of autonomous vehicles, Project Loon (internet services on balloons in the stratosphere), Project Wing Package delivery by drone) and the Internet of things also referred to as Web 3.0.

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