Best Bluetooth Transmitter in 2022

In recent times, Bluetooth technology and wireless devices have had the most uses. Therefore, many people prefer to stream all the virtual content with wireless headphones or TV. You can use them after plugging them into your device. Then, with the help of a bluetooth transmitter, it is possible to stream content quicker than before. But which model should you use? Before knowing about the five best BlueTooth transmitters, you should know what it is.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

It is a low-power wireless communication standard of short-range. The technology uses radio transmission to connect electronic devices. People use it for mobile accessories like headsets, speakers, telepresence tools, video equipment, and different transmitters.

What is a Bluetooth transmitter?

It is a type of adapter used to upgrade old technology. A Bluetooth transmitter is an electronic gadget that communicates and transfers data between two connected devices in 2.45 GHz. It first decodes the source file into a particular transferable format and then sends it using the radio waves, namely Bluetooth Signals. Besides, it helps to connect newer, Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you have an old item and you are not willing to replace it, a transmitter is an ideal option in such a case.

These seem like small USB dongles, loaded with intelligent Bluetooth protocols completely. The devices send out strong signals making them compatible with other electronics. These come with a radio frequency of more than 2.4 GHz.

The devices have a helpful USB cable using which it is possible to connect your device through a plug-in receptacle or a USB port.

How much can you expect to invest in a Bluetooth Transmitter for a TV?

You can purchase a decent model for less than $50. However, whether you want to have improved better battery life and capability to connect many devices at a time, you need to invest at a price tag over $50.

What to know before buying a Bluetooth FM transmitter?

These are the things that you should know before purchasing the best device.

Is it for devices in your home?

If you want to buy for your home, you don’t have to use FM radio signals. However, an FM signal is essential to use a transmitter in a vehicle.

What Bluetooth version do you want?

Ensure that this type of adapter supports the Bluetooth version you want. The new versions come with more stable connections and quicker speeds. If you wish to have an affordable option, look for an older, cheaper model that supports previous versions of Bluetooth.

Which connection methods do you need?

While connecting the device, you may want to use different ports. For instance, radio stereo systems have 3.5-millimeter audio ports useful for compatible cords. On the other hand, FM transmitters suitable for vehicles have to plug into automobile auxiliary power outlets to function.

5 Best Bluetooth Transmitters in 2022

  1. Avantree Oasis Plus Certified aptX HD Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

Avantree Oasis PlusDescription: The product is aptX Low Latency certified. You can get the ultimate “no lip-sync delay” experience while using the device with a speaker or headphone supporting aptX Low Latency or FastStream. Thus, it makes you sure that you will get perfectly synced visual audio for every content you will watch on display.

It comes with a “Pass-Through” or “Bypass” feature that guarantees simultaneous audio output through the headphones connected to the device and external TV speakers like Sound Bar or Stereo AVR. It enables other members to hear the TV though you use headphones.


“dual-link” function: It comes with a “dual-link” function enabling you to connect two Bluetooth headphones/speakers at a time. The feature allows you to play audio through both devices simultaneously. So now, you can enjoy any Netflix content with your friends without disturbing other people in your household.

Broad Compatibility: The TX mode is suitable with TVs with an audio output port. Besides, it allows you to pair Bluetooth-enabled devices with headphones/speakers. The Receiver (RX) mode will enable you to get wireless audio signals from iPhone, iPad, or Android through Bluetooth and stream audio.

Long Range: The model has the highest Bluetooth range of the Class 1 model of version 5.0. As a result, it can offer stable & reliable connectivity up to 164 ft.


  • Stable connectivity
  • Wide Compatibility
  • “dual-link” function
  • “Pass-Through” or “Bypass” feature


  • Sound delay
  1. 1Mii Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver

1Mii Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter ReceiverDescription: The product comes with the recent Bluetooth 5.0 (CSR8675) version. Besides, it is compatible with Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, and AAC decoding. If you find the device supporting both codecs, you can switch them to alternate between HD and low latency.

It features a default ESS SABRE DAC recognized widely by audiophiles as a gold standard for audio performance. This standard can support the Qualcomm chip enabling you to enjoy a superior resolution, and it can offer an excellent signal-to-noise ratio 121dB. In addition, there presents a true Hi-Fi 384kHz/32-bit upsampling Audiophile Digital to Analogue Converter DAC. Finally, it enables you to use a 1Mii HiFi Adapter to decode and play audio files.


Long Range: The product has dual antennas and uses Class 1 Bluetooth technology. It can achieve up to 265ft line-of-sight in the open air and 80-110ft indoors. Wi-Fi routers, Wireless TV adapters, physical obstructions like walls, metal obstacles, etc., can affect operation range. However, the operation range relies on the receiver also.

No Lip Sync Delay: You won’t face any audio delay as it has AptX Low Latency technology. The long-range adapter is compatible with dual-link simultaneously, and the device supports two headphones or speakers.

Each device features ultra-fast audio streaming. However, if you are willing to experience low latency ( <40ms delay), the receiver needs to be compatible with AptX Low Latency, else experience a 70-220ms delay.

Simple to operate: You can use the model with ease. First, your task is to plug the audio cable and hit the Power button to start.

The adapter can identify the BT device quickly. It supports 99% of TVs, BT headphones or speakers, a Home stereo system, Optical, AUX, RCA Audio outputs/inputs.


  • Easy to operate
  • Supports most televisions
  • No sync delay


  • Hard to deal
  1. Anker Soundsync A3341

Anker Soundsync A3341Description: The product comes with a 2-in-1 Design that means a transmitter and receiver in one body. As a result, the model can support Bluetooth functions.

Version 5 offers transmission speeds two times quicker than Bluetooth 4.2. In addition, you can get a super stable connection over a distance of 33 ft (10 m).


No lag: The aptX Low-Latency helps decrease the delay between the audio and picture to undetectable levels to ensure that you are not experiencing any distracting lag.

Enjoyable: The model lets you connect two headsets to the TV in TX mode. Besides, it helps to pair two devices to a home stereo system for streaming music in receiver mode.

Accessories: It includes Anker sound sync A3341, Micro USB cable, aux cable, RCA cable, optical cable, 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.


  • 18-month warranty
  • Micro USB cable is available
  • Great customer service
  • No lag


  • Short USB charging cord
  1. TROND V5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

TROND V5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter ReceiverDescription: Along with a premium CSR8670 chipset, the model is also compatible with the latest Bluetooth V5.0. Besides, it features aptX and aptX Low Latency applicable to both the TX and RX modes. The aptX enables you to enjoy CD-quality sound wirelessly over BT connections with TV, phones, tablets, and other aptX-source devices. Besides, the aptX Low Latency allows you to watch a video and hear audio wirelessly at a time in a synchronized fashion. Moreover, you will not experience any audio delay in this case.

Plug the device into the non-Bluetooth audio sources like TV, iPod, MP3, or Kindle e-Book reader. Thus, it allows you to listen to top-quality songs wirelessly or enjoy night shows without irritating your family members. Moreover, you can use the device while charging. Besides, it comes with a default battery, compatible with the BT adapter, can last 9-10 hours per full charge.


Volume control: The adapter can upgrade the old wired headphones like Bose QC25/QC15 or speakers into wireless using aptX Low Latency. It has volume/track buttons used to play or pause music, turn volume up/down, and choose track forward/backward. However, you won’t find any hands-free calling feature without a microphone. Moreover, it is impossible to power up while starting the car ignition automatically.

Compact design: Coming in a round shape body, it has merely 0.61oz weight. The product supports most BT headphones, and you can store them at home with ease. Besides, you can carry while traveling to any location or taking a flight to enjoy music. However, you can use the RX-mode only in the car.

Compatibility: You should see if any AUDIO OUT socket is available in the TV’s back panel. You cannot use the BT-DUO S while inserting into any AUDIO IN/COMPONENT IN sockets. Whether you find your TV with one digital optical port for audio out, you can use another model.

Accessories: It includes a 3.5mm Bluetooth V5.0 Transceiver, 3.5mm male aluminum audio adapter, 3.5mm male audio cable, 3.5mm female to RCA male audio cable, USB to micro USB charging cable, user manual in English, etc. The audio cable is 50cm extra-long.


  • 50cm extra-long audio cable
  • Compact design
  • Great aptX Low Latency


  • Unable to hold pairing with AirPods
  1. ZIIDOO Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

ZIIDOODescription: The product allows you to relax on your couch and watch TV with headphones, and it will not disturb any person staying in the room. The model enables you to stream music from phone or tablet to speakers easily.


Low Delay: It offers low latency while allowing you to enjoy high-fidelity stereo sound. Besides, it can share content without making any delays in TX mode. Therefore, you may need a low latency Bluetooth receiver.

Multi-function: There presents a portable adapter that you can use as both transmitter or receiver together with hands-free function.

Bluetooth: While the device is in TX mode, you can convert a computer, TV, CD player, iPod, MP3 / MP4 into a Bluetooth transmitter. On the other hand, the receiver mode is suitable for sound systems that transmit songs in the car or at home.

Easy to port: It has a BT adapter of compact design. The adapter comes in a small size, and it weighs light.

Enjoyable: You can see late-night TV shows without disturbing anyone in your house.


  • Simple to port
  • Compact BT adapter
  • Multi-functional
  • Hands-free function


  • High audio latency while using Bluetooth headphones

Buying guide of the Best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV:

The tool enables you to transmit audio from one device to another. It helps to add Bluetooth to those devices where the feature is unavailable. An old smart TV is an example of such a device without Bluetooth. It uses a wire to connect itself to the source device and transmit audio wirelessly to receivers like wireless headphones.

Transmission Range:

Two kinds of classes are available for the transmission range.

Class 1: It can offer approximately 100 meters to 300 feet of audio.

Class 2: It delivers an audio transmission ranging up to 10 meters, i.e., 33 feet.

You can get a good transmission range from these devices if no outside impact directly affects you. However, if you want to use it for home purposes, you should choose Class 2 models. There exist alternative methods to increase the range for Class 2, but it is not as high as Class 1.

People can buy extra accessories like cables or an audio hub for supporting the range expansion. Usually, brands come with their accessories to help customers.

Battery Life:

A built-in battery can allow you to operate it for 15 hours on average, and if you have a lower battery, it can last for only 12 hours. Devices that have dual functions can let you experience a significant drop in the battery percentage while the device is transmitting and receiving signals.

These come with a rechargeable battery that is handy for people who are willing to use them in the long run. It has a portable device and a lightweight battery that can save your time for packing. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite music using it. Besides, a built-in microphone is helpful for business meetings.

Try not to use the gadget while charging because it can cause overheating and damage the battery. Multiple brands offer an anti-overheating battery as a solution. The battery provides enough charging time and can preserve energy, helping it last for a long time.

Transition Modes:

These devices can switch modes from transmitter to receiver and vice versa. It helps you to send audio to a remote gadget via TX mode. Besides, you can receive or play audio from a remote gadget in receiver mode.

Thus, use the device to turn on Bluetooth connection in non-Bluetooth audio sources. Besides, you can allow audio that you are receiving from your mobile and play via wired headphones or speakers. If you find these available at the same rate as transmitter-only models, you should go with TX/RX combo models. It is because buying these can offer you more bang for your buck.

Default Volume Control:

Built-in volume control is one of the aspects that you can consider while using the device. It helps to manage the volume on your device directly rather than changing it on the audio source itself. As a result, people can access it easily.

Audio Output Compatibility:

The device needs a wired connection between the TV’s audio output and the device’s audio input to connect to the device for the television.

Each television has various types of audio output. A few devices provide both digital and analog audio output, whereas a few models offer one of them. Ensure that the device caters to the proper type of audio connection. You may need to invest more money to buy a converter for the connection to work.

These are a few audio output devices that are compatible with such devices.

  • Digital Audio Output
  • Optical Audio (TOSLINK)
  • USB
  • Analog Audio Output
  • 5mm jack (AUX)
  • RCA (red- and white-colored)

Audio Codec:

The Bluetooth audio codec is a technology that can encode and decode audio. Therefore, it can affect the bandwidth and audio transmission quality. Besides, it may affect the latency of transmission.

We know the latency issue as the lip-sync problem. It can happen while a person on television speaks, and you will hear the audio some seconds later, and it can let you have a jarring listening experience.

The Bottom Line:

Always try to purchase a top-quality device to convert a wired device into a wireless one. The model is highly cost-efficient. It doesn’t matter which device you choose, and you should ensure that you will have the best performance. The best Bluetooth transmitter can let you experience minimal audio lag and the most extraordinary connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can a Bluetooth device be compatible with products from different brands?

As per the Bluetooth Logo Certification program, all BT products support products from other manufacturers. Otherwise, these are unable to acquire the Bluetooth logo. The policy can offer people high flexibility while selecting products matching the purposes and budget. These devices can work efficiently with products from famous brands like Apple and Samsung.

  • How many devices can one device connect?

Generally, a device allows you to connect up to two devices. Products produced by a similar brand enable the device to pair up to four devices together. If people buy different products from various brands, accessories can support the pairing procedure.

  • Can a Bluetooth device transmit and receive at the same time?

The devices can transmit and receive various signals, but it relies on the design. For example, it indicates that while listening to music on the speaker, another person may connect the device with a game console. As a result, users will get seamless sound quality.

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