SpaceX Got U.S. Regulator to Back Satellite Internet Plan

Finally SpaceX get US regulator nod for its ambitious satellite internet plan

SpaceX was in news for its successful launch earlier this month when it placed its Roadster car right into the space in a rare display of the firm prowess. SpaceX seems to be on the roll as it has just received the endorsement from the US communication regulator which will allow it bring together a massive network of satellite to offer internet coverage globally like never before. It would be the first when a firm is specifically looking at deploying satellite with the sole purpose of building a strong broadband network for its consumers.

Getting the FCC approval isn’t an easy task

SpaceX got approval from the Federal Communication Commission or FCC and it can now provide the broadband services within the United States and even worldwide using satellites. FCC chairman has stated that this move on the part of the SpaceX will allow millions of Americans to access internet services in the rural and remote location where bringing fiber optic cable and cell towers isn’t possible.

SpaceX has shared its plan of using satellites to provide broadband coverage to the users but it wasn’t green lit by the FCC in the past. SpaceX didn’t get snubbed by it rather went ahead and planned to launch a pair of experimental satellites. This got approved by FCC and very soon these satellites will be launching from California in the upcoming days. Apart from the experimental satellites this rocket will also carry the PAZ satellite for Spain as well as other multiple smaller secondary payloads.

SpaceX:  Putting a car in the space

Just a week ago SpaceX made news for building and launching the world’s most powerful rocket ever named Falcon Heavy. It was a 23 story talk jumbo rocket which carried Tesla’s very flagship vehicle named Roadster which happens to be world’s faster electric car. FCC chairman Pai was quite enthusiastic about the SpaceX endeavor and he stated that this approval would come as the first when an American company is given a chance to provide broadband coverage to the citizens by utilizing new age low Earth orbit satellite technology.

The vision of SpaceX and the competition

Elon Musk has talked about launching a satellite internet based business way back in 2015 and he even stated that the money generated from this venture would help in funding a future city on Mars. He is more in creating a unique global communications system which can be easily interpreted as rebuilding the internet right into the space. Certainly such a system will be much faster and reliable than the traditional internet services being utilized on the land.

SpaceX isn’t the only with approval to deliver broadband services using satellites. Now it has a stiff competition to deal with as FCC has approved requests made by a number of firms namely Telesat, Space Norway and OneWeb. All of these firms will be competing against each offer better internet services at better prices. This would certainly be a boon for the people living in the remote and rural areas of the country where network reception and communication capabilities are quite limited.

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