Solar Motion Light and Solar Security Light for You

Solar Motion Light and Solar Security Light for You

Solar motion light is very cost-effective. Besides, you can use these products like energy-saving alternative illuminating solutions. As these products run on solar energy, you can reduce the electric bill by using these products. Apart from this, these can automatically detect any kind of movement. As a result, by installing this product, you can protect your home or property from thieves. You can easily mount these solar motion lights on the walls. Although most of the solar motion light manufactures offer a proper instructions manual that will let you know how to mount the light.

Working of Solar Motion Light

The entire system’s main parts are A solar panel, a battery, a controller, and a light. But before using, you need to make sure that the battery is charged enough by using the sun rays—no matter whether the battery is of lithium-ion type or any other type. You need to charge it with the solar panel. These panels take the energy of the Sun and then transform it into electrical power. After that, the battery stores electrical power.

When it detects any movement, it will turn on quickly. You can turn the mode on also. As soon as you turn on the product, it will illuminate the surrounding area.

Here, we have listed the top seven best solar motion lights. Besides, from this article, you will also get to know some new tricks that let you know how to select the best one.

7 Best Solar Motion Lights

Let’s have a look at these products.

  1. LITOM Solar Powered Motion Security Lights
  2. URPOWER Solar Powered Motion Security Lights
  3. Aootek Outdoor Solar Security Lights
  4. AmeriTop 128 LED 800LM Wireless LED
  5. Otdair Solar Security Lights
  6. Richarm Solar Flood Lights
  7. Eecoo Solar Light Camera with LED Lights

Best solar powered motion security light

LITOM Solar Powered Motion Security Lights— Value of money

litom solar powered motion security lightOne of the leading brands available in the market is Liton. What makes the product exceptional is that it is equipped with combining the two most efficient and green technologies—LED and solar. Furthermore, it can harvest solar energy with ease. And then, it stores the energy in the battery to use later. By doing so, this product can brighten up for 20 seconds.

Usually, this Litom model can irradiate up to 200 square feet. And up to 800 square feet when you use four lights continuously. This product comes with approx 270° wide-angle design. Moreover, this lamp contains a sensing distance between 10m and 11m.



The lifespan of the product is more than 30000+ Hours. Besides, the model is equipped with premium ABS & PP material that makes it very durable. It is IP65 waterproof. That means this product is safe from rainstorms, blizzards, or daily heat also.

High-efficient Solar Panel

This product comes with a High-efficient Solar Panel. It allows the product to charge 25% faster than ordinary models available in the market.

Three Convenient Modes

This product comes with three different modes compared to other single-mode ones. As a result, you can mount it on the front door, back yard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, porch, and so on.


  • Three Convenient Modes
  • Durable
  • Saves electricity


  • Doesn’t last long

URPOWER Solar Powered Motion Security Lights— best-overall

URPOWER Solar Motion LightThe long-lasting and durable model comes with an exceptional and unique design. Besides, this product comes with an outdoor motion sensor that helps boost your house’s security. This sensor remains in active mode only when someone moves. Moreover, it will switch off the model as soon as the movement stops. The sensor angle of the product is 120°, and it can cover up to 10 feet.


Excellent design: It comes with both positive and negative pole directions available on the product’s bottom.

Long-lasting: This product comes with eight LEDs. As a result, this model can give a brighter illumination. Besides, it can also last longer compared to other products.

Weather resistance: These models are heat-proof as well as IP64 waterproof. Therefore, these are easily suitable in multiple weather conditions. This model is perfect for the irradiation of your garden, yard, porch, patio.

Energy efficient

The main focus of the product is to save energy. Furthermore, it also helps to protect the environment. Besides, it comes with the latest design and innovation that can attract the most users.

Automatic switch: This product automatically turns on as soon as it detects any movement. And it turns off automatically, too, when the motion stops. It has a sensitivity range of 10 ft as well as a 120-degree sensing angle.


  • Reasonable price
  • Simple to use
  • Both waterproof and heat-proof


  • Dead within a few months of use.

Solar motion sensor light outdoor

Aootek Outdoor Solar Security Lights—the premium choice

Aootek Outdoor Solar Security LightsThis outstanding model from the brand Aoote can detect motion at 26 feet of distance. A sensor angle of 120° helps this product to do so. Apart from this, it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Due to being equipped with a powerful 2200mAh battery, the product can run for a long time.

Similar to the Litom LED product, this product has three modes of operation. These three modes are Bright mode, dim motion sensor, and sensor mode. The dim motion sensor indicates low brightness at night. When the product is in sensor mode, it turns into bright mode for up to 30 seconds.


Three Mode: The three modes are security mode, permanent On all night, and smart brightness control. It contains a motion sensor that helps to turn on and off the model automatically. The Permanent On all night mode turns on at night. And it will keep on all night. When the product is in Smart brightness control mode, it will turn brighter while detecting any movement.

Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: This product can easily detect any kind of movement, taking the help of an upgraded Motion Sensor Detector and a Greater PIR sensor. It can detect movements up to 26 feet within an angle of 120 degrees. Furthermore, it comes with a 2200 mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is brighter and long-lasting.

Ultra Brightness: Compared to other models, it offers a more comprehensive detection range and brighter illumination.

High Efficient Solar Panel: This model is equipped with a PET laminated solar panel and premium LED. Additionally, this product lasts long and comes with very durable construction as well.

Waterproof IP65 and Heatproof: You can use this product for walls, patio, garden, porch, lawn, pathway, gutter, and so on. The design structure of the product is exceptional. This product is suitable for usages in different weather conditions.


  • Long-lasting
  • Heat-proof


  • Unable to hold the charge for a long period

Solar security light with motion sensor

AmeriTop 128 LED 800LM Wireless LED

AmeriTop 128 LED 800LM Wireless Solar Motion LED LightThis product is equipped with 128 super bright LED beads. It can create up to 800lm 6500K high brightness output. Besides, the upgraded polycrystalline silicon solar panel has a 20% high conversion rate.


Enhanced PIR Motion Inductor – It has an upgraded wide-angle motion detector that can detect movements up to 26 feet. It remains off in the day and turns on at night automatically. And it will turn off at night when it doesn’t get any movement for 30 seconds.

Wide radiate Area – The model comes with an innovative wide-angle and three heads design. Besides, it has adjustable heads that can move upwards, downwards, and horizontally. Besides, it has Up to 270° wide angle along with a 16-26ft sensing distance. Moreover, this product comes with lens hoods and motion sensors with various angles.

All-Weather Resistant – The ABS material is used to make this product durable. This material makes this product suitable for bad weather. The IP65 waterproof rating ensures that users can use these products even in different weather.

Wireless Motion Sensor – The motion sensor is very easy to install. Hence, there doesn’t exist any wire or adapter. You can use this product in your yard, garden, driveway, patio, entryway, and so on.


Suitable in all weather

Improved PIR motor inductor


Doesn’t last long

Unable to hold the charge for a long time

Otdair Solar Security Lights

Otdair Solar Security LightThis product is both energy efficient and waterproof. The IP65 makes this model exact for outdoor usages.

The wattage of this model is 8W. Besides, it comes with a Li-ion Battery of 3.7V and 2200mah. By mounting the wall, you can install this product with ease.


Bright 360° Rotatable Design: It has three heads and a multi-joint rotatable design. This product has a 360° independently adjustable solar panel. As a result, you can rotate this product at any angle as per your needs.

2200mAH Eco-friendly Power: It comes with a built-in body motion sensor function and low sensor. With the help of the sensor, this product can detect up to 33 feet distances.

IP65 Weatherproof: According to IP65 rating, you can use this model in snowy, and rainy weather. This product is suitable for patios, lawns, patios, etc.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable solar panel


  • The night mode is absent.
  • Doesn’t last long

Solar motion sensor flood light

 Richarm Solar Flood Lights

Richarm Solar Motion LightThis model comes with a 6-watt rating. And it contains 42 LED bulbs, whereas every bulb has about 800 lumens power rating. Besides, die-cast aluminum is used to construct the bulbs.

This product comes with a focus of 60 degrees wide angle. It enables you to illuminate anything in between 430 square feet. Furthermore, the efficient solar panel can easily convert 17% of the Sun’s rays into energy.


Automatic control: This model has an automatic controlling mode that turns it on at dusk and turns off at dawn. It has a bright led output at 60 degrees. As a result, it can cover a wider angle of 430 ft.

High Brightness: It contains 42 LEDs and a 3 V Battery. The beam angle of this product is about 120 degrees.

6W or 6V Polysilicon SOLAR PANEL: This model offers fast charging and gets completely charged within five hours. Furthermore, it has a 2200mAh, and 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.


  • Made of ABS material
  • Auto controlling mode


  • Not suitable for security purposes

Eecoo Solar Light Security Surveillance Camera with LED Lights

Eecoo Solar Light Camera with LED LightThe Camera sensor of this Eecoo product is 1/2.7″ 1080P CMOS. And the angle view of the lens of the camera is 138°. Besides, the image resolution is up to 1920X1080.

The battery capacity of this model is the 8400mAH lithium battery. The camera only supports USB charging adapters. Furthermore, it has an output power rating of 5V/1.5A.


Monitor and detect movements: It can detect any motion with ease. As soon as it can get any movement, it will alert you on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Wider angle: This product comes with a Semi-arc design that makes it more convenient than an average solar camera. You can use it on the wall or any other larger area.

48LED: This product is equipped with 48 LEDs. With the help of this product, you will get bright illumination during the day and night. Apart from this, it can give clear images as much as possible.


  • Offers clear image
  • Comes with Semi-arc design


  • Unable to sync with Android device

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Motion Light:

Before going to buy any product,‌ you must know the pros and cons of this product. Here, we have elaborated the details on the pros and cons of these types of lights. Let’s check out.


  • These products don’t depend on conventional power sources. And it is one of the main advantages. These products are run by solar energy that further converts into electrical energy. And stores the energy in the battery. As a result, you can get rid of the extra monthly bills.
  • These products have a versatile use. It is not only for security lighting but also for making your landscape (home or property) more illuminating. You can install these products in the garden, patio, yard. It also helps to improve the security of your outdoor space. When it detects any movement, it will get turned on automatically.


  • In too much rainy or snowy weather, the batteries can’t store up the sun energy properly due to lack of sunshine.

Solar Motion Light Buying Guide:

Nowadays, multiple brands are available in the market that comes with many different features. That’s why if you are looking to buy the best one, then you need to consider a few factors. Let’s have a look at those factors.


Perhaps you are buying this product to improve the security of your property or home. Therefore, you need to make sure whether it can detect movements properly or not. An efficient sensor light can detect every single movement and give you alerts at the right time. Furthermore, make sure that the product is very easy to install.


If you want to use this to illuminate your surrounding area, you should check the product’s lumen capacity. However, in case you need a dimmer one, then lower lumen lighting can help you.

Waterproofing Ability:

The essential thing which you need to consider is the waterproofing ability. Certainly, you are not willing to waste your money by buying these products again and again. Isn’t it? Therefore, you have to use those which are suitable for rain and snow.


It is a factor that you may consider first. But the price of the product varies according to the brand and the features of the product.

Warranty Period:

The next vital thing you need to consider is to check the warranty period of the product. It sometimes happens that you may face something wrong with the product. In that case, if the product has a warranty period, you can get assistance from customer service.

Battery Capacity:

The battery capacity is also a dependable factor. For how long the product will illuminate will depend on the battery capacity. As well as make sure that the product is equipped with the feature of dim mode.

These are a few factors that you should remember before buying the solar motion light. Don’t make a hurry. Take your time to think about which one you should go for and make the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the best solar motion sensor light?

Some products are best for the budget when a few have the best sensor. The names of the products are as follows:-

  • LeonLite LED Security Lights.
  • Maxsa Motion-Activated Security Outdoor Spotlight
  • Baxia Technology Solar Motion Sensor Lights.
  • Sengled Smartsense
  • Mr. Beams Wireless Outdoor Spotlight
  1. Are solar motion lights any good?

These products are usually very reliable. And it can be charged even in bad weather conditions. The quality of these products depends on the solar panel and the quality of the battery.

  1. Do solar lights need the Sun or just light?

No, these products don’t take sunlight directly for charging. What these models need is light in such a form so that it helps to get turned on.

  1. How do you install a solar motion light?

If you want to install this product, the tools you need are Drill, Drill bits, Ladder, and Screwdriver. Now you need to follow the below steps:

  • First, all you need to do is position the light.
  • Then, you need to remove the mounting bracket.
  • Next, you have to mark and pre-drill the holes with the help of a drilling machine.
  • After that, you need to screw on the bracket.
  • Then, what you have to do is attach the sensor light.
  • After choosing the sunny spots for the panel, you have to mark the position of the holes.
  • After that, you need to pre-drill them.
  • Now you need to screw the panel. And make sure that the angling is towards the Sun.
  • Now, you need to plug it in the power cable. And wait for the sunlight to charge the batteries.
  1. Is solar motion security lights able to withstand rainy, snowy weather?

Due to being constructed with waterproof materials, these products can efficiently deal with any weather. But even if the product has waterproof ability, you should not plunge into the water intentionally.

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