Fuchsia: Google is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android

Fuchsia: Google is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android

 Will Google’s Fuchsia make Android defunct?

 Is it possible that the Fuchsia OS will replace Android? The mystery surrounding Fuchsia OS only grew deeper after Google posted a code to its GitHub location. Google has acknowledged that this OS is in existence and the rough versions are present on mobile devices and PCs. It is however not conclusive if this is just an experiment or could it be a reality.

As of now, Android is leading as far as mobile operating systems go. It has been a huge success. Apple comes in second place.

Since Android can run on most phones and it is very adaptable, it is considered the best mobile operating system and has been a huge success. The iPhones have generally been out of reach of most people and hence the Android operating system has been dominating even in developing countries.

It is likely that Google may replace Android eventually and it could be this new OS. After Google posted a code to its GitHub location, there has not been any reports regarding the Fuchsia OS project.

Will Fuchsia OS be the replacement for Android and Chrome OS?  

If we consider a report that Bloomberg put out, Google is keen on making Fuchsia OS as a unified operating system which can run on any Google hardware. If the reports are to be believed, then this OS will be replacing Android as well as Chrome OS. Considering that Google wants to achieve this in three years, the project seems quite ambitious. Google may release a Fuchsia powered device in 2021 before it can actually run on hardware like laptops and smartphones.

In the Android, the main problem is fragmentation where the gap between the users who use different versions of the same software is fairly huge. Hence Google can sort out this problem by introducing a unified OS like the Fuchsia. We see that Apple has got a greater advantage when it comes to security. With Fuchsia, Google can also increase security and will be able to compete with iOS.

Is Fuchsia the ideal replacement for Android?  

Most of the hardware has been running on Android. With Android improving, getting more secure and adapting to all kinds of hardware, it does not seem that Fuchsia is likely to replace it. Google has just begun integrating Android apps into Chrome OS. With this in mind, it is not possible that Android will be replaced by it within the next three years. The users too will be left stranded if all this is done away with.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, nor Android, nor Hiroshi Lockheimer, the boss of Chrome has come out with anything regarding this project. It is only a statement put out by Verge that says Fuchsia is only an experimental project by Google.

In conclusion, it is not likely for it to replace Android or Chrome OS, at least for the moment. Fuchsia has got a long way to go before it can actually replace Android and Chrome OS. It is possible that the engineers at Google are heading towards such a scenario and this could be quite promising.

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