Samsung Galaxy A80: For the Era of Live

The “Era of live” starts from July or in other words you can get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy A80 starting from, well, today. This time around you get newer tech with more secure platforms. To be more exact, Samsung’s first rotating camera in a phone and a new immersive Infinity display.

Firstly what’s “Era of Live”?

Era of live according to Samsung is a time when digital natives, or you and me tech savvy people, are capturing the moment in digital terms. It doesn’t just stop there either, you share and connect too. Samsung Galaxy A80 helps in achieving this era. With its updated performance and new camera,it caters to that “always on” lifestyle that we seem to have going on.

New Triple Camera on the Samsung Galaxy A80:

This is a first for Samsung’s Galaxy Line up- A new Triple Camera. You get the same high quality lens sitting in the front and the back of the phone. Seemingly you can also take video continuously, no matter whether the subject matter of your interests is in the front or the back of the camera.

Memories of your day trips as well as your nightly excursions can be captured in all its vividness using the 48MP main camera on the Galaxy phone. What you see, the phone see’s or in other words with Samsung Galaxy A80’s Ultra Wide Lens or 123 degree viewing angle all you see is your phone’s see too, Kind of.

That’s not all either, with the Samsung Galaxy A80 you even get a 3D Depth camera. This will allow you to take more in- depth videos. Just like in the movies. The Samsung Galaxy A80 has features such as Live Focus Video Mode and Super Steady Video Mode that presumably allows you to take footage like a pro, without all the bumps and all.

The Display on the Samsung Galaxy A80:

In a thing for firsts, the new Samsung Galaxy A80 also has got the first infinity display. The edge to edge 6.7inch FHD+ super AMOLED display is a thing of beauty. For a fully immersive experience, the 20:9 display ratio is something to consider. Add to that Dolby Atmos and you’ve got yourself a new viewing experience. One that I assure you, you will not forget.

Bringing Fort Knox to the Phone:

Samsung Galaxy A80 now comes with Samsung’s own Samsung Knox security. This security will protect your phone from software to chipset. Bring along with it Samsung’s Pass to securely access apps and websites and you’ve got a very secure phone.

As for performance, the performance enhancer ensures that things run fast and smoothly without you missing a beat. Now with AI- powered performance optimization, the CPU, RAM and all that it needs for an efficient running all work together to give you optimum performance based off of your everyday work.

Your Pick of the Colours in Choosing Samsung Galaxy A80:

You can choose from Angel Gold, Phantom Black and Ghost White options. The Angel Gold and Ghost White options have a hint of pink and blue hues to go along with it.

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