A Nonaddictive Opioid Painkiller with No Side Effects

Opioid Painkiller, Which Isn’t Addictive And Have No Side Effects

Painkillers are additive and people usually end up having it even when it has done its job. Having painkillers when there is no need usually results in unwanted side effects which have dramatic effect on the health of the person. It is very likely to develop an addiction for an Opioid painkiller but scientists has come up with a new kind of painkiller which is addictive not does it have extreme side effects.

This new Opioid painkiller has been discovered and developed by an international team of scientists who came across the crystal structure of the kappa Opioid receptor.

It is worth noting that this particular substance is extremely vital in providing the relief against the pain and works like charm of human brain cells to lessen the pain drastically.

The international of scientists consisted of 24 scientists led by researcher from University of North Carolina along with three scientists from USC Michelson Center who had made their name with their research on the special receptors exclusively found on the neuron.

Another important discovery made by the researchers in their endeavor is that this particular Opioid based compound only ends up in activating the kappa Opioid receptor which ensures that there is no risk of addition among the users and certainly it will not have any dangerous side effects surrounding it.

This finding has already been published in a reputed journal called Cell which give insights and details the discovery and development of this amazing painkiller.

Challenge To Bring New Opioid Painkiller into Mainstream Healthcare

In the drug research and development arena scientists face a major challenge of coming with reliable new alternatives towards easing out pain but at the same time keeping down side effects as low as possible.

But using Opioid presents the danger of giving rise to the addiction which is quite rampant with the use of Opioid painkillers. Current data shared by National Institutes of Health shows that more than 1 in 10 American citizens suffers from chronic pain which require administration of painkiller to relive the pain and this has resulted in the addiction to the Opioid painkillers for millions at the same time.

The Science behind the New Opioid Painkillers

It is worth noting that the G protein filled receptors found right on the surface of the membrane is known to act as the communication gatekeeper within cells.

The solution towards bringing relief to the pain is to get in touch with the structure of the receptors and allow it to interact with the right kind of drug compound with limited side effects.

Usually scientists move towards determining the structure of the receptors through forcing the proteins compound right into a crystal lattice which gets exposed to X-rays later on.

This group of scientists actively tried to come up with a perfect model of receptor to understand when it does and doesn’t interact with the drug compound.

There research has also helped in generating a greater understanding of the tecpetor and their behavior and the new Opioid painkiller is based on this very knowledge.

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