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Writing an Internet Security Research Paper: Sources to Turn To

Writing an Internet Security Research Paper: Sources to Turn To

Writing can be difficult at the best of times and if you’re writing for a purpose i.e. you’re writing a report or a research paper, you will need to make sure that the message that you are trying to get across in your writing is received, with the accuracy which you intend it to have. The problem with writing is that you need to make sure that you have enough information to write about. Using the correct sources, with the right amount of information can be tricky.  For example, if you are writing a research paper about Internet security you need to know where the best places to look for information so. Only by knowing this can you complete a research paper effectively, accurately and successfully? Let’s now take a look at some of the sources that you could turn to, to make sure that your research paper about Internet security hits the spot.

The Internet

The Internet is obviously a great source for information, but within the Internet, there are also some sub informational centers that you could look at in order to be sure that you focus your research and obtain your source information correctly. The first and foremost aspect that you must look at is the type of website that you have come across. If you are writing about Internet security, you need to find information sources that have facts and figures about Internet security. Try to avoid blogs and sites that are not bona fide as these sites could be providing misleading information. How knowledgeable a site is about Internet security should be obvious, as they will have a large amount of information that matches up with other sites that have a high authority ranking. The trick is to look at more than one source on the Internet and this way you can see how the information compares.

The Library

In this day and age, the library may seem like an out-dated source for information. However, libraries will not only give you full Internet access, but they will also give you access to books and journals that could provide you a background on the subject you are writing about. The good thing about libraries is that they will give you access to journals that may have been written by professionals. Journals that are written in this way will give provide you with other bits of research and information that you may not necessarily be able to access by the web. Also in a library, there are a number of primary and secondary sources you can use.

Internet Security Companies

So as we have mentioned above, if you are writing a research paper on Internet security it might be advisable to contact Internet security companies. There are a number of ways in which Internet security companies can be used and these companies will be able to give you an idea of what they are all about. Also, on a company’s website, there will be an ‘about us’ page and maybe even a ‘latest information’ page which may give you an insight into Internet security. You have to remember the Internet and the library, as sources, will give you accurate information about the subject in general. Going to an individual company will give you an individual company’s opinion about what they are doing which you be able to discuss in your research paper. This would also mean you could compare and contrast each individual company is doing.

Doing your Own Research

Doing your own research is also a very good way of making sure that your research paper stands out from the rest. You can obviously reference other research so that your paper looks more accurate, but conducting your own research will also give your research paper an individual tone which will make it engaging and more interesting.

Television and Radio

Television and radio have also become areas where you are able to get a lot of information. Gone are the days where you had to watch a program, at a particular time or you will miss it. We now have interactive television, so if there is a program on a particular subject that you want to watch, you can save the programme and watch it at a time that is convenient for you. If you were doing a research paper on Internet Security you could search for any programmes related to this subject and reference them in your research paper. Doing this will not only give your paper a wider source base, but it also will give you more information if your research paper is lacking quantity. Not all subjects are easy to write about, but Internet security is big business and as many companies fight about Internet security breaches, more and more information is becoming readily available.

We have covered a number of areas above, which highlight how to write a research paper about Internet security and we have discussed the main ways in which you can gain information. Both will show you how to add depth to your research paper, as there are numerous ways to gain different sources. Not all sources offer the same kind of information, for example, Internet and library sources will be more academic, where television and radio sources are more for the masses and therefore have a mixture of information which will help with a research paper which could be accessible to the masses.


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