What is PHP? Why is It So Important Even Now?

What is PHP? Why is It So Important Even Now?

Let us discuss what is php used for and why it is getting more importance even now, in this blog post.

What is Scripting Language?

This Scripting language is also known as the Programming language. It’s a Language where a set of instructions is written and doesn’t need to be compiled. It’s a Language that Integrates and communicates with other languages. There are so many scripting languages like – Bash, Node Js, Ruby, Python, Perl.

What is a Programming language?

A set of commands or instructions used to Create a Program written by coders or programmers. This set of instructions written in any computer language like C, C++, Java, Python and many more machines can understand and Execute the desired Task. The primary purpose of using programming languages to develop Applications, Websites and Web applications.

Main Differences between Scripting language Vs Programming language

Main Differences Programming language Scripting language
Examples Java, C, C++ and many more JavaScript, Perl, Python etc
Execution Compiled Interpreted
Learning It takes time to learn Easy to learn
Default Nature Intense coding Fewer codes Required
Structure Formation Have set of instructions into Executables Write Scripts to control other Program
Running platform Run independently any outer program Run inside another program

What is Php?

It is known as (Personal Home Page). It is an open-Source, Interpreted, object-oriented Scripting language. This Scripting language executes at the Server-Side. This Language is well suitable for Websites Development and a Web application (As Application Interface but run on Server through Dynamic Pages).

This Scripting language created by Rasum Lerdorf in 1994 but came to the Market in 1995. Now its latest version is 7.4.0 (Released on 28 November).

Some Points need to be Considered :

  • It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor
  • No need to compile
  • It is a much faster scripting language than ASP & JSP.
  • All Dynamic content of Website manage by Website
  • It is an Object-Oriented Language
  • It’s Simple and Easy to Learn



// PHP code goes here


It’s a file that contains multiple tags like HTML and Client scripts (i.e., JavaScript).

  • When learning this language, you get the advantage of HTML. Because you need to know some basics only of HTML
  • DBMS (Database Management System) for powered applications
  • You need JavaScript & XML for advanced work for applications and Web services.

Importance of Php

In comparison with other languages, It is a widely used scripting language because of the many benefits of using this language.

  • Highly Efficient and Usable for website development, It is so efficient and Usable.
  • Data Processing faster in this language
  • It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Unix and more
  • It is compatible with upload into HTML.
  • Website is affordable and accessible to Design, Develop and Modify.
  • Its Scripting language Integrate with other Web applications quickly.
  • The best part is, You can run a script without any server; you just need its parser to run it.
  • It supports a wide range of Databases
  • Its loading time is so Fast.
  • The best example of this language known for Affordable, Easy to use and Powerful is – “WordPress”.
  • Its security is so high that it Secure your Websites and Applications from outside Cyberattacks.
  • Learning and Using this language is So Easy because of less code Format.; you.

What is It Used for?

There are so many Programming languages, but why this language? It is a Server-side Scripting language Specially Used to Design Web applications with MySQL database. We’ve covered some Important reasons below to Choose this scripting language.

  • With this language, you can handle Dynamic changes in the website and Tracking of the Website.
  • Multiple sessions can Create.
  • It can access Cookies and Set Cookies.
  • Use this Scripting language to encrypt data.
  • Learning is easy than in any other languages.
  • Most Hosting Servers Support this language
  • It Always keeps updating itself.
  • One of the most important reasons is Because it is a Server-Side Scripting language. So you need to install on server and access to other clients side by requesting without installing through a Web browser.
  • It supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac Os, Linux Etc and different Servers like Apache & IIS.
  • Using this language can handle your website data, Save it and return it according to the Task.
  • It helps to convert Human Readable code into Machine-readable code


Learning Period Easy and Fast It takes a Long Time It takes more time Takes more time
Web Servers Almost Support with all Server Only with Dedicated Servers Partially Supported Only dedicated servers
open-Source Yes it is No Yes it is Both (Commercial and Open Source)
Web Service Support Built-in Support Use .NET Framework Using Libraries Built-in
Intergeneration with HTML So easy to integrate Complexity Complexity Easy to Integrate
MySQL support Native Support Need third party drivers Need third party drivers Native Support
Extend by other languages Yes No By using java classes & libraries Yes

Php Extension

This is a Special Library that can be Used in Many applications. After creating a set of instructions (Code), you can save it in the library. So that you don’t need to put the same effort again to Rewrite that code, just open the library and import that code into the application.

Why Use this (.Php) Extension

The Major reason behind using this extension is to save codes in the php library. To import codes easily without rewriting codes, just link your application with the library, and you get access to import all save codes in your application.

  • This library provides (Functions/Classes) with data structure as String, Arrays, Object, list and graphs.
  • You can connect this library with a Database (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • With High Security using data Encryption through XML-RPC & SOAP
  • Its Extension has a new option like including, Debugging, profiling & Testing.

This extension writes in C, then compiles with Machine. This term .php file refers to the name of a library file with a source code, i.e., .php extension, just like other files like documents (.doc)

The reason behind using these Extensions files is because this language contains Hypertext Preprocessor code. While working on this language, a Web developer saves a set of code (Function) in .php format. These files are used whenever web developers want that Function in a website. They just simply pick that file and import it into the website and get the exact format and data they save in the file.


Index.php is the most common default file when a web developer requests a directory from a Web Server.


It is a secure scripting language like other languages. Now, It is a popular Programming language. That’s why its security is essential. It works as another Programming language because fundamentals are the same in a Programming language. Php web applications share a set of code (Script) with other applications, and if this code is found vulnerable, other applications also find out weak.


So many features Provided by Php. These are the five most important characteristics of its:

  • Familiarity (If you’re a Code lover or have an interest in Coding, then you can quickly learn its Syntax. Because most of its syntax inherit from other languages like C, Pascal)
  • Simplicity (When you start coding in this language, you’ll see so many predefined codes & Script that help you use them in your program and save your time. This process is so simple and easy to use. In this language, you need to write or create a class; just write the primary function, and your program will compile)
  • Security (It is a Trusted and Secured programming language because of Multiple data encryption options, and You can add several third-party applications to secure data)
  • Flexibility (It is a Very Flexible programming language because it easily integrates with HTML, JavaScript, WML, XML and many more. Its script can efficiently run on any device like mobile phone, tablet, pc and laptop.
  • Efficiency (It is an efficient Programming language, you get session management feature and eliminate unnecessary memory allocation)

Php (Personal Home Page) is a Server-Side Scripting language for Web development. This Server-side Scripting language interprets codes on the server rather than JavaScript. Provide so many customised Interface and Functions in HTML. Php can do:

  • It can generate dynamic web pages
  • Create, Read, Write, open, delete files on Server
  • Can send and receive Cookies
  • Can encrypt data

Php for WordPress

A programming language (Scripting language) to create dynamic websites like WordPress is one of the best examples of using this Programming language.

In WordPress, anyone doesn’t need to learn this language to use the WordPress website.  Most users use WordPress websites without knowing this coding, but if you’re a Developer and Want to develop any software, tool or plugin for WordPress, you need to learn this language with HTML & CSS.

Php first Basic Program

It is a Basic code to print out “Hello World” in a Web browser.


echo “Hello world”;



This article covered all necessary details about the Php Programming language with Syntax, Importance, Uses, In-depth Comparison & Characteristics. It is a Server-side Scripting language executed on the server, no need to install on the client-side still, if any query or topics not covered in this article, Comments Down below and let me know.

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