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Top 5 U.S Cities That Reach Extreme Temperatures During the Summer Months

Top 5 U.S Cities That Reach Extreme Temperatures During the Summer Months

While many cities in the US reach high temperatures in the summer months, there are some cities that are known for their warm weather year round. While these high temperatures might feel nice at first, it is important to note that heat exhaustion and other dangers can occur in extreme heat. Many of these cities use severe weather tracker tools to communicate heat index warnings when the temperatures are too high. Here is a list of five high-temperature cities in the US. If you plan on visiting one of these destinations, be sure to reference a real time lightning data throughout the day for your safety, and have fun!

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is known for being a city with some of the highest temperatures, but if you have never been there it can be difficult to understand just how hot this city can get. Phoenix averages a temperature over 90 degrees more than 170 days a year with the average temperature during the summer between 104-106 degrees.

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas might be known for its glittering lights and casinos, but it’s also known for its’ intense heat. Las Vegas temperatures reach over 90 degrees more than 130 days each year, and the city only sees rain about 25 days out of the entire year. The dry desert air adds an added heat that makes it feel as though you just opened an oven every time you walk outside.

Miami, FL

While the climate in Miami is nice for going to the beaches, the temperatures can reach a dangerous height in this tropical city. While the temperature in Miami doesn’t quite hit the100-degree mark like some other cities, the constant 90-degree weather every day, mostly year round can be difficult to endure.

San Antonio, TX

Temperatures in San Antonio have reached 90 degrees for a third of the year for the past several years according to records. The summers might even be one of the hottest in the country, with temperatures reaching up to 98 degrees which is more than any other city aside from Phoenix.

Tucson, AZ

Yes, another Arizona city is known for being the hottest in the state. Average temperatures of 90 degrees and up to 100 degrees in the summer place this city on the top of the list of cities in the U.S. with the highest temperatures.


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