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Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

Top 5 French SEO Expert You Should Be Following to Stay on Top

If one intends to be really serious and remain on top on SEO strategy they could seek the services of SEO assistance.  Several of them tend to manage their online business successfully assisting others in maintaining high traffic websites. They are the ones with great expertise in the online business.  The principles on website architecture enable to design technologies wherein guidance and expression of issues on some precise varieties are met.  It is the planning as well as designing of the functional, technical and visual components of a website prior to its design, development and deployment. With regards to content marketing, it is another intentional marketing concept which is targeted in developing and distributing valuable, relevant as well as consistent content to draw and maintain distinct audience and eventually lead to profitable action plan.  In website Search Engine Optimization, netlinking is utilised frequently.  The backlinks also known as incoming link is said to be a hypertext link displayed on a web page that tends to come from external website which aims to a page of one’s website.

Conversion Optimization

The netlinking policy comprises of obtaining backlinks from excellent external websites. Frederic Jutant – French SEO expert has the skill in providing the essential support.    In order to develop the sales in your business, SEO tends to play an important role in the digital market scenario. is another joint, community function withthe purpose of creating, maintaining and promoting systems for structural data online on web pages, in email texts and much more.

Another open-source initiative with the aim of enhancing the web is the AMP project which empowers the creation of websites together with ads that tend to be reliably quick, striking as well as performs well across devices and distribution platforms. Substantial prospects for businesses of any magnitude are achieved through conversion optimization wherein scientific method   optimization of websites is done enabling businesses to convert visitors to customers.  The following five French SEOs could be helpful in enabling clients in enhancing their businesses:

  1. French SEO Consultant Jérémie Politi (SmartWeb Group)
    Jérémie Politi,  French SEO consultant at the head of SmartWeb Group. He is having experience in SEO more than ten years. He is having strongest skill in SEO, more particularly link building.
  2.   Nicolas Robineau (Studioclick)

Nicolas Robineau is the founder of Studioclick, a speaker at CELSA-Paris Sorbonne, and the webmaster of

  1. Oliver Andrieu (Abondance)

Oliver has dedicated more than 20 years in search engines and SEO conducting various consulting, training, audit as well as project support of many French businesses together with main accounts in optimizing their presence on the internet.

  1. Frederic Jutant (Splendia – Voyage Prive)

With passion for the web, Frédéric Jutant, french SEO expert established a real proficiency in online marketing. SEO Manager at Splendia (Voyage Privé group), Frédéric Jutant is working for SEO industry for now more than 6 years. He is also travel & high-tech blogger and has been speaker at SEO Camp Day and for Webikeo

  1. Kevin Richard (SEObserver)

Founder of SEObserver, tool specialized in analysis of competition; Kevin has been separating data of his tool for two years.  This was done with the intention of attracting stimulating conclusions on the level of SEO.

  1. Walid Gabteni (Light on SEO)

And the fifth of this top is Walid Gabteni, a SEO consultant who has won the Wix SEO contest “SEO Hero” last year. He is specialized in Google visibility, editorial strategy and netlinking.”


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