Tips for Freelancers Working From Home

Working from home as a freelancer might seem like an attractive proposition, but it is not necessarily as great due to various reasons.

We usually associate home with a place to spend our time relaxing rather than working. Therefore, focusing on work and finishing it on time is not as easy at times.

As a freelancer, you need to prioritize work because losing even one of your clients could lead to financial woes.

You need a proper working strategy to ensure that your clients are happy and your work is going smoothly. The tips below should help with that.

Manage Your Work Documents

If you have multiple documents to manage, make it easier for yourself. Not having a system for document management will lead to errors and wasting time.

For starters, make sure that your files have proper names and are easy to find. If there are multiple directories, you will need to use the search feature on your computer to locate files quicker.

Software for changing file formats is necessary as well. For example, you might need to convert Word docs to PDFs or even insert PDFs straight into your Word documents. There are multiple ways to do that, and one can find information about it on the website.

Using Google Docs and keeping information online is worth a shout as well. You can bookmark the most important documents and access them quickly.

Finally, create data backups. The odds of something happening to your computer’s hardware are not that high, but you should not risk it. Use cloud storage or invest in an external hard drive to back up your files.

Maintain Computer in Good Condition

If you rely on your computer for work the most, do not neglect to take proper care of it. Working on a slow computer can be bothersome enough to disrupt your workflow consistently.

To maintain the computer in good condition, you should do the following:

  • Keep an eye on potential cybersecurity threats and remove them if the antivirus software detects any
  • Monitor background applications to preserve system resources, especially if you have a low-end laptop or PC
  • Make sure there is enough free disk on the drive
  • Declutter the desktop so that it has no redundant shortcuts
  • Remove the dust that accumulates inside

Stay in Touch With Your Friends

If you are stuck at home and have few opportunities to socialize with your friends and family, do not forget about them. Even if it is online chatting or video calls, you should still keep in touch with those closest to you.

Only working and forgetting to take some time to relax is not good for your health. Besides, if you switched from a traditional office job to working as a freelancer, you might find that the lack of interactions with other people is putting a toll on your well-being. Therefore, take every opportunity you can get to chat with others.

Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions are another hindrance to workflow. You may be tempted to play video games or watch YouTube instead of finishing your tasks first.

Sure, there is an argument to be made about finishing your work later, but working into the night and not having a proper schedule is not good for one’s health. Barely meeting deadlines will put stress on you. Developing poor sleeping habits is also one of the downsides when you procrastinate work and try to find some enjoyment instead.

It is also worth noting that even if you are trying to relax, that little voice at the back of your head will remind you that you should be working, and the time you spend procrastinating to relax will have the opposite effect.

Try to remove distractions while working. Disable random notifications on your smartphone, talk to your neighbors if they are making too much noise, delete video game shortcuts from your computer’s desktop, and think what else you can get rid of that might be distracting you at work.

Stick to a Schedule

work from homeA schedule is not that easy to establish when you are freelancing. The freedom to be your own boss has its advantages, but some people find it difficult to find a rhythm for their work.

Sticking to a routine is a good approach. Know when you need to wake up, when to take a lunch break, and when you should finish the work. In case you need some help to keep track of these things, use an application that generates a schedule and sends you reminders.

Take Advantage of Free Time

Since you have more freedom as a freelancer, you should take advantage of that and make the most out of the time you have. For instance, you could learn new skills or pick up a new hobby.

Having things to occupy you will make the days feel more fulfilling. Besides, if you have something to look forward to after work, finding the motivation to finish it is not that difficult.


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