How Swap the Audio Tracks to Your Video?

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The present generation tends to have a keen interest in music and to add audio to video, background music has the tendency of providing a dramatic effect on any awareness of a video irrespective of it being a movie or a video presentation.  To make this presentation more appealing one could seek the services of Movavi which tends to provide easy reliable multimedia software for this purpose.

The provider has an extensive assortment of multimedia program to provide entertainment with the videos, music and photos on any platform or device. In order to enhance the creativity, processing and sharing the media content they have designed easy-to-use and effective software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.You could utilise Movavi video editor wherein you could edit and enhance the videos with ease with the addition of stylist transitions, filters and titles.

Beside this you could also stabilize as well as reverse video, equalize the sound and much more. The software for Windows as well as Mac OS enables the user to augment soundtrack in MP3, WMA, OGG or FLAC format to MP4, MVI or other format video which can be saved as a new folder. Their main proficiency is seamless video conversion to all well-known multimedia layouts.


Editing Video – Done on Timeline – Special Effect

Producing video has now become quite easy wherein editing video images, clips and audio can be done on a timeline with the addition of transitions, titles, filters and callouts. Besides this one could also utilise special effects such as Chroma Key together with Slo Mo and the video can be exported in any well-known format.

Besides the 20 standalone applications, they also tend to offer total multimedia suite, comprising of tools for the purpose of video conversion, PC screen capturing, video editing and playback, online sharing together with disc burning. The Movavi Video Editor is an all-inclusive video editing software which enables the user to develop professional-looking movies together with slideshows on the desktop even for one without any experience.

One can do anything with one’s video while incorporating audio to video, create text captions, apply graphic effect and transitions. Besides the video making app, the Movavi Video Editor also tends to include numerous useful tools to support each producer of video with powerful video apps that helps more than 180 media formats, with convenient utility for burning DVDs, special tool for digitizing analog video and much more.

  1. Select what one intends to produce – With its Movavi Video Editor one can:
  • Produce and edit a movie from video or from audio clips which has already been stored on a desktop, mobile device or a camera.
  • From the images and pictures one can also create slideshow
  • Capture video from a screen and also prepare a video tutorial.
  • Do the recording on a webcam in order to produce an amazing opening for one’s blog
  1. Enhance Your Video and Audio
  • Improve the quality of video – Alleviate unsteady video, nip colour settings sharpen blurry video etc.
  • Cut out unwanted fragments or link single clips in order to make a long movie
  • Connect the various sections of the video with trendy alterations
  1. Apply Captivating Video Effects – the Video Editor comprises of 80 various visual effects:
  • Retro Movie
  • Slow Motion
  • Flying Objects etc.
  1. Make the Music Play – let the words fly – Work with Audio
  • Background music and sound effects can be added in any format
  • Benefit from the built-in ready-made audio tracks and samples
  • Record voice-over using the microphone
  • Diverse audio volume and playback speed, align sound with fade-in/out effects
  • Overlap creative filters such as Robot, Echo, and Radio etc.

All the essential guidelines and information is made available at the site for interested viewers.


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