Screen Recorder- What Features are Useful to You

Screen Recorder- What Features are Useful to You

Business owners, learners, trainers, developers and various other professionals use computers and mobiles to do their everyday activity. For different purposes, they also try to share important information with others. To do it, they have to capture the computer screen, and record everything, shown on it. The tool for capturing or recording the screen is known as the screen recorder. You may get this software in free or paid version.

Nowadays, lots of computers run with Windows 10. Thus, you can look for screen recorderfor your own PC or desktop. The best screen recording tool is equipped with several useful features. Although you may not get all the features in one screen recorder, we help you in choosing the most reliable one.

Software that is easy to use-

As the first-time user of the screen recording software, you may think that the interface is complicated. However, the best software is always designed to enable you in capturing the screen easily. You can have a clear view of the activities on the screen.

Editing capabilities of the software-

A feature-rich screen recorder has all essential tools for editing the captured content. After tracking the image from the screen, you will get a chance of adding various annotations. For instance,you may alter the color, highlight the text, rotate the image, crop it, add various effects, split image or insert diverse shapes. There is no need of installing another application for the purpose of editing. The integrated features of the recorder help you to do it.

You may also save the captured content in different formats.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a popular screen recorder for Windows 10, providing you with various choices for editing and file formats (MOV, AVI and MP4).

Options for capturing screen

Screen capturing applications of various types may have different capabilities, like- video capturing option, full screen recording and window capturing ability. In few cases, the software gives you a chance of having a control over time at the time of capturing screen. You may also capture the scrolling. However, too much capturing functionalities cause you confusion.

Recording sound

Some applications are designed for recording the sound of microphone and your system. You may adjust the volume, and capture the audio and the video at the same time.

Pausing and resuming the content-

Many software programs include pause option to control the video to be captured. After pausing it, you may insert various elements, alter the background and do different editing tasks. You can then resume your recording process. This will not affect the video quality, and you won’t miss any part of the video.

HotkeysYou can find a combination of hotkeys in the screen recorder. These hotkeys help in stopping, resuming or pausing the video. You may also have the screenshot and save it easily in your device.

Thus, these are the common features, found inscreen recorders. Movavi has also designed a good product for recording screen.

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