Save Space with the Industrial Robotic Arm

When one thinks of a factory, the image that comes to mind is a large complex. A large building with a lot of space, machines and a large number of people is what we know as a factory.

In the modern world, factories are no longer the large complexes. This is brought about by the fact that amounts needed for rent and lease are quite high. Further, with low employment rates, many would-be entrepreneurs cannot afford the large complexes.

There are many in the same situation.

For those who want to start manufacturing and are facing space challenges, robots can help save the situation in the following ways.

They are compact in size

The industrial robotic arm enables you to start manufacturing since it is a small in size and compact.

You do not need to have your manufacturing process in a large complex, when you have a collaborative robotic arm. With a small footprint and reach, you can buy and install your robot even in your bedroom and carry out numerous manufacturing processes.

Easy to use

The collaborative industrial robotic arm is also very easy to use. It is computerized and comes with a large screen on which you can issue your commands. You do not need any specialized knowledge to operate the collaborative robot. All you need, is a little training. If you can use a smart phone, you will quickly understand how to use a collaborative robot.


If you have a small working space, you will need a small working robot. The collaborative robot is suitable for this task. Even with a small footprint, you can trust your robot to reach up to sizable surface with its long arms.

Solve your labor shortages

With a robot, you are sure that you will not need a large labor force. With a smaller labor force and a robot, you are guaranteed that you will get as much production as you need, at a lower cost and less time.

Robots carry out tasks faster than human workers. They are also more accurate thus ensuring higher quality goods which means more customers and higher financial returns.

With a robot, you will not need a lot of space to hire hundreds of workers.

Can be moved around

Another advantage that you gain from having a collaborative industrial robot arm in your small factory, is that you can move it from one area of your factory to another. This is especially important if you need it to carry out multiple tasks in the factory.

You can have it complete one task in one section of your factory and another task in another section. With its lightweight, it is easy to carry it around and thus, you will not need a lot of space to operate your factory.

Automatic production

This is another feature of the industrial robotic arm that allows you to save on space for your manufacturing factory.

This feature allows your robot to work independently without the need for human supervision. As such, you can ensure that the robot can keep working for as long as possible on its own. All you need for this to happen is a small room, your raw materials and your robot.


One of the main reasons why factories were and still are and occupy large spaces, is to ensure safety of those who work there. Traditional robots, needed their own fenced off spaces where they could work. They were kept out of bounds for human workers as they caused fatal accidents.

Collaborative robots on the other hand are intrinsically safe. This goes a long way in ensuring that factories no longer need large factory spaces. Resulting in lower production costs.


Robots help greatly in the manufacturing sector. One of their many advantages, is the fact that they help space for manufacturers, thus lower manufacturing costs in terms of lease and rent space costs.


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