Mobile Phone’s to Look Out for 2018

This year we have seen a lot from the technology world when it comes to smartphones. Many people sell old mobile phone gadgets hoping to find something new in the exciting list of product lines coming this year in 2018. If you are in the market for a new look or design, it’s likely you won’t be disappointed if you’ve browsed online. The OLED technology is ruling the game with its slick displays and the rear cameras. All of the phones introduced in 2018 so far, meet everyone’s budget depending on what your need. Here are a few to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Though the rumors are growing, Samsung is coming out with this powerful device that sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform. The software will undergo a huge upgrade and it certainly will be very noticeable. DJ Koh, Mobile Chief, has already confirmed that the virtual assistant Bixby will show up on the Note 9. Word on the tech street is that the Galaxy 9 will not showcase the fingerprint sensing until they introduce Galaxy 10.

iPhone 2018

It looks like the iPhone X will get an expansion regarding its design and come with a bigger screen size. Watch out for an introduction of a more low cost phone from Apple as well. It will be similar looking to the iPhone X, but the LCD Panel will have less dominance. Again, Apple phones don’t come out until the fall, so who knows what we will get.

Google Pixel 3

It was heard in some rumbling conversations that when Pixel 2 arrived, consumers could expect to see three versions after that device. Even though we have only witnessed two at this point, it appears the Pixel 3 is on its way. Google is also looking at selling two “premium” devices along with another sophisticated top-tier handset.

Oppo Find X

If you haven’t heard, this handset is supposedly the Chinese company’s first debut of a smartphone in the United States and Europe. It is set to launch next year. You won’t find the cameras on the outside for this handset, but instead they are inside. They extend out of the camera’s body at the top. This new touch gives the device a ratio of 93 percent when it comes to screen to body. It also will have an astounding front facing camera that does 3D recognition, similar to iPhone X. The Find X won’t need to depend on fingerprint authentication at all. This Android phone comes with all the regular features customers are accustomed to on this platform.

iPhone SE 2018

It has been 2 years since seeing any kind of update for this device. There was a rumor way back in May stating there was a potential release of an iPhone SE 2, however, that never happened.

Red Hydrogen One

If all goes well, this handset is set to hit the market August 2018. This jaw-dropping visually attractive device will cost nearly $1,295. You can get the titanium kind for about $300 more, if you are interested. The Red Hydrogen One has an awesome holographic display that can show 3D content. It further can support virtual reality and augmentation. It’s cinema module literally turns the phone into a handheld sophisticated camera that records high-end video. At this date, it looks like Verizon and AT&T will be selling it and you can buy one that comes unlocked.

You can certainly sell old mobile phone devices and get a new one because there are a lot of choices. This year debuts some of the most anticipated smartphone on the market.

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