How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Social media is an excellent tool for making connections, especially as more interactions are coursed through digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By measuring engagement rate, brands and content creators can better understand how many people are connecting and interacting with their content. According to Statista, the average engagement rate on Instagram posts was at 1.45% last year, but it recently dropped below 1% in January of this year. Whether caused by new algorithms on the platform or due to other reasons, it’s an indicator that more and better connections should be made with audiences online.

One sure way to get higher engagement rates is to simply be more present on the platform. However, it isn’t realistic for content creators or business owners to post on Instagram 24/7. Whether you’re a personal content creator and influencer or a mid-sized clothing brand, scheduling your Instagram posts is a simple but effective method to ensure that your audience always has something to look forward to, even when you aren’t online. Here are different ways you can schedule Instagram posts:

Create a Content Calendar

Scheduling posts can be as easy as using Google Sheets to get organized, especially if you have a modest following. Start by creating a calendar to plan out your content. Using Google Calendar is especially helpful here as it can sync with your mobile phone and use the data to set reminders for posting times. It is also possible to export Google Calendar into Google Sheets to further organize your data with conditional formatting and drop-down options. These functions can help you organize the type of content to publish, whether they’re pictures, videos, or in carousel format. Formulas like VLOOKUP or “vertical lookup” are also useful for sorting through user data and demographics provided by Instagram analytics.

While this more manual method is not the most popular, it is still a practical option for smaller accounts that are just beginning to grow their following on Instagram.

Use Creator Studio

As your following grows, the more difficult it will be to manually keep track of each interaction using the first method. To save time, content management tools can help tremendously with scheduling your posts. Creator Studio is one such tool native to Facebook’s platform that allows you to create and schedule Instagram posts from your desktop. It also has additional functions to make uploading, publishing, and monitoring content easier while providing insights you can use to make better decisions on your posting strategy.

To use this tool, ensure that you have a business or creator Instagram account. After linking your Instagram account to Creator Studio, key in “” in a web browser to access the homepage. From there, you can create posts, find personalized recommendations on pages you manage, view estimated earnings, and see summaries of overall performance. You can also use Creator Studio from your mobile device by downloading the app for easy access.

Try an Instagram Scheduler

Apart from Facebook’s native content management tool, there are other third-party apps and programs emerging, both for businesses and individual users alike. Unlike Creator Studio, these third-party schedulers will often allow you to schedule several types of content beyond just posts. This means you can start planning and scheduling your reels, IGTV videos, and even stories. Some Instagram Schedulers also go the extra mile by providing you with personalized insights about your followers, suggesting the best times for you to post and the kinds of posts that get the most engagement. You can get really specific metrics on stories analytics, posts, and audience insights.

Third-party schedulers often include features such as uploading media directly from Google Drive or Dropbox, scheduling for several social media accounts across platforms, and building smarter workflows. When choosing the right scheduler for your needs, think about the features that you will use the most based on your priorities.

Instagram is an excellent platform for gaining a loyal follower base, and there are many tricks and tools to make managing your content easier. From scheduling your posts to learning ‘How to Save Instagram Videos’, knowing the ins and outs of the platform is key to developing better engagement strategies that can ultimately help you reach more people online.


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