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How Technology is Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry

How Technology is Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry

Technology has changed the travel and tourism industry a lot, whether we like it or not it has simply changed the way our world works. People are more convenient with their journeys now rather than in the old days.

Traveling has been increased tremendously with the help of technology. In a recent study, according to the world tourism organization, it is believed that by 2030, two billion international trips will take place by approximately 8.5 billion people.

That’s a huge number and that’s the main reason why the travel and tourism industry constantly transforming themselves in numerous ways by taking the help of technology to sustain. Technology is simply changing the ways we travel and it helped us to travel faster. It also helped us to have the better quality journey and more comfortable accommodations together with the help of the hospitality industry.

Technology has transformed the consumption behaviors of the travelers and as a result travel and tourism industry has advanced tremendously.

Now, let’s see the few most significant factors how technology is has changed the travel and tourism industry.

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  1. Technology helped us to have more personalized travel experiences:

Personalisation is the buzzword for the travel industry and people do use personalization a lot. Nowadays, modern travelers are looking for the customized and unique travel experiences with the help of technological advancements. They wanted to explore the world with luxurious and unique planning experience.

Now, if you are striving to have a personalized travel experience then you will get a lot of help from the technology to find out the best services which are readily available at your fingertips to make your trip a dream vacation.

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  1. Technology helps you with Travel application:

In this modern age, people are exploring a lot of content through their phone. So the travel and tourism industry has focused mainly on the travel application development to improve the traveler’s experience.

With the help of new technologies, they are created well-crafted travel applications which are highly useful for their users. Generally, you will get any information regarding your trip on these travel applications. You can even book your trip or you can cancel your trips from these user-friendly mobile apps. As the technology has changed the landscape of tourism and travel industry, companies are investing more and more in their travel application development to help travelers.

As a traveler, you can get a lot of benefit from these travel applications. So, this is the other significant factor of technology. A recent study proves that 85% of users make use of the travel applications and planning their holiday trips. So, from that, you can think about how this has changed the outcome of the travel industry.

  1. Social media has driven marketing results for travel industry:

When I say social media driven marketing there is no denying. Social media has had a dramatic impact on the travel industry and it changed the way we experience the world around us.

Although there are other industries which are significant in marketing opportunity tourism marketing is the best match for the digital heaven.


It is because the travel is one of the most shared topics on the social media. The three giant networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has lots of traveling topics which are shared vigorously on the internet.

People generally love sharing new and unique experiences of travel on their social media pages. Which is playing a proper impact on the travel marketing. They also love to tell the traveling networks about their upcoming travel plans and other trip plans way before. This is information is, in fact, the gold mine for travel marketers.

This is how the technology and social media has been driving travel marketing a lot and at the same time, it is helping travelers to get a good trip offers a unique experience on their technology

  1. Technology helped to create an Impact on the internet for travel and tourism industry:

The technology significantly helped the travel industry to create a major impact on the internet. It has a massive impact on tourism both for the consumers and for providers. Most of the studies proved that the travel industry is having a huge impact on the internet.

The development and contribution of the air travel as a means of transporting the tourists to the different locations is an important contribution of technology which has made the people talk more.

Along with that, the significant development of low-cost carriers is the other means of successful application in the tourism which has impacted the audiences. As the people used to search or talk about the travel industry it has created the major impact on the internet.

  1. 24/7 Relationship with the help of digital technology:

Usually, people used to dial customer cares numbers and due to the heavy number of caller’s people always get busy or kept on hold tones. Now, with the help of the digital technology the travel world has changed a lot. People found new ways to connect and so as the travel agencies.

Digital technology has completely changed the way people used to connect with airlines and other travel, it has created a 24/7 relationship with the people who want to resolve their issues.

These are the few factors how technology is changing the travel and tourism industry.


Technology has transformed each and every phase of the travel and hospitality industry from finding a hotel, to check in process and also to unlock the door and other personalizing activities. It will do even more in the future, so let’s watch out for the next few years how the new technology innovations will help travelers.

So, what are your thoughts about the technology in the travel and tourism industry? Let us know them in the comments section. We’d love to check out your views on the shaping of technology.

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