Google Introducing Android Oreo (Go Edition) with the Release of Android 8.1

Google Introducing Android Oreo (Go Edition) with the Release of Android 8.1

Google brings the new Android Oreo (Go Edition) to the Android devices

Google’s Android has been on the mission of bringing advanced and optimum computing to everyone. In its bid Google has been successful in establishing the Android Oreo to over 2 billion devices all across the globe. It has the highest amount of Android users in India rather than in the Unites States of America. The recent rise in the shipment and adoption of the low cost smartphone with entry level specification has prompted it come with the Android Oreo (Go Edition) OS. This edition of OS brings the best of Android with new and rei-magined apps which can run smoothly and crisply on the lower end affordable Android smartphones.

Android Oreo (Go Edition) : Google brings best of Android to billions

At this year’s developer conference Google had unveiled the Android Go project which was aimed at bringing the best of the android to the bullions of the smartphone users on the planet. Google is launching the Android Oreo (Go Edition) as an exclusive part of Android 8.21 release. This OS edition will be seen working like a charm on the devices with 512 MB RAM to 1GB RAM along with the whole set of Go optimizations. This Android Oreo (Go Edition)  focuses on three major attribute of the OS experience:

  1. The OS: It brings vast improvement on the performance and storage front along with data management features and high end security benefits.
  2. Core Google Apps: Google brings a whole new set of its core apps with lighter design and equipped with relevant features to satisfy the needs of billions.
  3. Google Play Store:  A tuned and optimized version of Google Play Store will allow users to download and install apps quickly.

Android Oreo (Go Edition), Focus on performance

Google main focus is performance and agility on the Android Oreo (Go Edition) which can run flawlessly on the entry level smartphones. For an entry level smartphone it is necessary to offer such an operating system which brings faster and reliable performance. With this new OS entry level phone owners will be able to see a definite 15 percent faster performance of their apps which wasn’t the case earlier. Apart from the speed this OS also offers a range of customization which can help in boosting the overall performance of the app and OS as a whole.

The major issue with the low cost smartphones is that it has a pathetic low storage space which is used by both the OS and the preinstalled apps. It is highly frustrating for the users to squeeze in more space to upload all of their music, photos and apps. Secondly the core Google apps are preinstalled on this OS and they tend to take 50 percent less space. Android Oreo (Go Edition) comes with Google’s data saver which helps an average user in saving more than 600MB data per year. It helps in saving more data through actively managing the background data usage by different through controlling how data is used specifically.

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