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It is probably the most ambitious Google project: exploring eternal life, healing from death. The company Calico which is one of the best Google Project was founded.

The cure of cancer is a task that is too small for Larry Page. The Google founder, 42 years old with a strong graying head, has made something bigger. He wants to stop aging. Death. “One of the things that I find astounding is the fact that you add about three years to the average life expectancy of humans when you solve cancer,” he philosophized in an interview with the magazine Time.

The man who sorts the information of the world sees himself as a visionary. He invented Google with his co-founder Sergey Brin in 1998 to make knowledge accessible to the masses. Google is aware of our data, our worries, and the greatest humanity: death. The life expectancy has doubled since 1840 and increases every four years by one year. But it remains that after a few decades our end is waiting. A pill against aging has not yet invented. The company has developed this knowledge. And as old as the fear of death is the dream of eternal life, in which death is not unavoidable, but curable as a disease.

In 2013, Google established a subsidiary named California Life Company, Calico which one of the best Google Project. “We are going to age, one of the biggest puzzles of life,” is the mission of the company, of which no one knows exactly what it is doing. So far, Calico – the best google project was a Google daughter, now she is a Google sister. Page is now rebuilding the Group and is sorting all business areas under a holding called Alphabet. Google is one of the holding companies, Calico is one of the best google project, as well as companies that deal with topics like self-propelled cars or the supply of the world with Internet access via drone. They should all be under the alphabet roof more freedom and independence than before. And if they write high losses, that does not hurt the business figures of Google. Page has baptized these side projects “moon shots” – moonflights – because they are so visionary. And with hardly one of the Moon Shots is about as much as with Calico – the best google project.

For a long time, a serious struggle had been made to convince scientists of the feasibility of the cure of death, the biomedical researcher and researcher Aubrey de Gray writes in an essay. “Since Google’s decision to use its astronomical resources for a targeted attack on aging, this struggle could be overcome: if financial restrictions are eliminated, Griesgrame will no longer play a role.” Page has brought the best researchers together for its largest Moonshot Calico. Above all the molecular biologist Arthur Levinson, called Art, one of the pioneers of the Silicon Valley and today the supervisory board of Apple. He is the boss of Calico – an excellent google project.


The 65-year-old is a respected person and a genius in the field of biotechnology for physicians, scientists and technicians. Even as a child, he became enthusiastic about physics and astronomy, later studied biochemistry. In 1980, he joined Genentech as a biotechnology company, where he headed the company’s drug discovery business and was then almost 20 years in the board of directors and later on the company’s board of directors. New and breakthrough therapies have been its hallmark, such as the cancer drugs Avastin and Herceptin. The funds are tailored to the genome, have a specific effect. The medicines are being marketed by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, which Genentech took over in 2009 and is still benefiting from Levinson’s research potential.

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