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If your business has made the decision to recruit an adwords management agency, you have made a wise decision. When done correctly, adwords can be a highly rich source of leads and revenue into your company.

How to recruit an agency can be undoubtedly tricky though, and because it is the nature of their business, even a Google search will not help you narrow your list of options down! In this article we give you some key things to look out for when you search for and choose your agency, and how you can make a flying start to your online advertising campaigns.

Finding the right adwords management services for your firm

The first job is to come up with some kind of shortlist of agencies or consultants. The best way to do this is ask some companies what their experience is of managing adwords campaigns, and how they present their results to their clients. It is crucial to establish this, because while well-done adwords campaigns can deliver good results, less effective campaigns can quickly churn budget and become a source of frustration.

How to get the best results with your campaigns

Whether this is your first foray into adwords campaign management, or if you have previously been carrying out the activity in-house, there are some things to consider when preparing your campaigns with your new chosen agency.

It is best to spread your adverts into a number of groups to spread your bets. Also, place a lot of emphasis on getting your keywords right, and ensure that you have at least 50 setup to give your campaign the optimal chance of success. By only focusing on one campaign, you will also pigeon hole yourself into too narrow a field, and you will have a lack of data to analyze at the end. So the message is to create a number of different campaigns and get your adwords right, and you’ll be on the right course.

Making the decision on your agency

First and foremost, you need your chosen adwords management company to be your trusted advisors on everything to do with your online advertising. They should want to understand your business and the products and services you offer.

From this they should be able to guide your strategy for your campaigns, advise on the popularity and effectiveness of your keywords, and provide detailed estimates of traffic and click numbers to help you plan your lead follow ups and budget.

Following each campaign, you should also be able to expect your agency to run over the results, make recommendations for fine-tuning future campaigns, and help you optimize future campaigns even more effectively.

Getting your budget right

Plan your budget based on how much return you need to get from your campaigns, and your capacity for following up leads. There is no value in ploughing lots of cash into adwords campaigns if you don’t have the time or resources to follow them up. Likewise, if you are expecting hundreds of clicks from your paid advertising to keep a hungry telesales team fed, you need to think about increasing your budget accordingly.


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