Expand your marketing strategy with a video animation

Expand your marketing strategy with a video animation

Video can play a fundamental role in countless ways in your content marketing game plan.

But what are the benefits of integrating animated video clips in your universal marketing game plan? And can this plan of action take your business to the next level?

Your marketing or product teams have a wide variety of options and by creating such a guided clip, you can transfer the value of your service or product, it will set you apart from your competition and establish before and after sales.

What is the first step to produce a guided video clip for your product or service? Where do I search for the right company that specializes in these guided animated clips?

Animated video clips suited for marketing purposes, give your clientele the chance to decide whether they want to buy your product or utilize your service by giving them the necessary information as the clips are designed to do it in a connected and fun manner.

The animation video company for the job will be able to rework your marketing requirements into incredible, purpose-driven visuals and also allow you to include the hard, cold facts, but subtly. Characters that represent your CEO, staff and members of the team, can be created to enhance your message. The bottom line is that your product or service can be animated in a highly entertaining way, and highlight the pivotal benefits of your offering.

Make sure that the video production team you choose will build your animated clip to communicate your message with authenticity, grace and detail. The agency should  have experience to combine a medley of styles and build your unique look and feel. The animation needs to tell a story and provide relevant details of your offering.

Detail is imperative for your animated clip. The content needs to be transparent to give your intended audience as much valuable information as possible. To stand out from the opposing crowd, your animation video production services will need authentic facts and figures, in order for them to present these in a high quality way.

The struggle is real when it comes to content marketing. Since time began, trading and commerce has always been engaged in a battle to balance giving crucial information to the audience to buy their product or use their service, as well as keeping them entertained. The trick, however, is neither the one nor the other. It is important to accommodate both, and give them equal priority by choosing a content design that fulfills both ends.

According to an analysis of 564 710 marketing videos, the highest level of engagement was seen in clips that were up to 2 minutes long. The average engagement for the 2-minute clip was 70%, and it was interesting to note that there was no difference between the 30-second and 2-minute clips.

If your content is appealing, you will need as much as 2 minutes to explain concepts that can be complex, and the length of the clip doesn’t determine the engagement level.



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