Best Screen Recorder for Capturing Videos from Sites

Best Screen Recorder for Capturing Videos from Sites

Videos – Relating Information and Content

Technology has taken front stage in our present scenario where all functions are now easy with a single click.  When it comes to recording or grabbing any interesting shots, the Screen Recorder supports the user in capturing the same. One of the most reliable and well-known recorder is Movavi Screen Recorder ( which provides amazing results. Videos had been used as a means of relating information and content to others.  Online streaming has now made things possible by conveying amazing content in the capacity of video which is much more informative and descriptive.

It has been of immense help when it comes to providing guidance and tutorials or by way of entertaining videos.  One of the most reliable and well-known recorder is Movavi Screen Recorder which provides amazing results.  The recorder helps in capturing all types of screen video from a computer with ease.   Besides this it assists in recording Skype chats, webinars live streams and much more.  Moreover users also have the option of creating GIFs from movies which can be shared with their colleagues.

User Friendly- Amazing Controls – Capturing Results

Movavi software is considered to be one of the greatest and light screen recorders useful for video streaming, to record music from various sites etc.  Being user friendly, it has amazing controls and capturing results. The screen recorder is equipped with a built in editor enabling professionals in the creation of customized video products.   Besides this, it has the provision of some trendy filters, special video effects and editor tool.

Though with online streaming, there is no option of saving them,however with this screen recorder the video can be saved in any format with the support of the innovative software tool. This screen recorder being user friendly has an intuitive approach enabling the user to start recording with little or no experience in utilising recorders. Users to obtain additional insight on this amazing software with pleasing and satisfying results

Appealing & Informative

In order to capture a film from a screen it is essential to begin by initiating Screen Capture software.  To being with select the `Record screen’ to get the capture mode. Then the user gets the option of defining the area of the screen needed to be recorded.  This can be done by drawing a frame with the use of the cursor or clicking on window of your choice.

Thereafter the interface panel will appear and the user will have the option of selecting the audio source, set the level of volume or also utilise any of the pre-set capture areas. In addition, one can also set the frame rate, schedule the recording to automatically start and stop, capture keyboard as well as mouse strokes.

When the recording has been set up, user has the option to start and stop it with the use of the on-screen controls or with the use of the built-in hotkeys. Once the recording is done, it can be saved instantly or opens in the built-in editor in the software.

Begin making your video more joyful and easy with the most users friendly software made available in capturing videos which can be more appealing and informative to the viewers.

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Best Mac Games for 2019

Best Mac Games for 2019

Firstly, we all know that there is a vast difference between Mac Games and Windows Games. Windows always have the upper hand in a wide variety of games. But, many of them don’t know that Mac also has a stunning gaming experience. Here are the list of Best Mac Games for 2019 follows.

Most of the Mac Gamers are already experiencing these, but still, some are in an unknown zone. So, if you are one of them then don’t worry, in this post, you will find some great Mac games for 2019.

In this post, we are sharing the greatest and the best mac games for 2019. So, let’s get quickly into the list of best mac games for 2019 without digging into the controversy between windows games and Mac Games.

So, let’s start our journey of the best Mac Games 2019.

Best Mac Games for 2019:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft has been a buzz word for movie lovers and game lovers since its release in 1998. Its recent sequel came in 2010 with the addition on all the latest elements. This game was played by most of South Korea, and many of them have self-proclaimed it as the national sport.

Best Mac Games for 2019: StarCraft II

This is one of the fabulous game where you can take control of three separate factions like protoss, terran, Zerg. Although the wings of liberties main tagline have come from the command of the Terran but you can play. You can take any role you need, and you can even play it in multiplayer as well.

Stardew Valley:

This is one of the cool framing simulation game. It has arrived with an utterly gorgeous look and charming characters, along with combat options and other support tracks as well. The developer concerned Ape has promised online that he will release the online multiplayer experience to its fans. As he promised that feature has arrived.

Best Mac Games for 2019

This game allows three players to join you in the game as farmhands to help you operate the farm. They will play through the storyline and get married in the game as the game processes ahead. This game is better for role-playing, and you can do a lot in this game such as mining, fishing, unlock new areas, the dangerous cave filled with dangerous monsters, Animal Crossing and more. You will find all the aspects of this star-drubbed game. So, this standard game has bee on this list of best Mac games for 2019.

Portal 2:

Portal 2 is another addictive game which has some best puzzles. It is a personal puzzle game where you will play as the protagonist. Here Chell attempts to break out from the research facility of the large aperture. So, you have lots of unique puzzles and you are armed with nothing but with just a portal gun. Here you have to use your brain and objects from surroundings to advance through the facility.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Portal 2

This game is full of exciting aspects so you will never get bored when while you are playing this game. Portal 2 is one of the best and unique games which has Actors J.K. Simmons and Stephen Merchant voices.  For the individual and best comedic experience, you have to play this game.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider:

If you want to go adventurous, then you have to play this epic movie cum game “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” This game has superb graphics which is impressive. Tomb Raider game is one of the favorite game in 2018 and so as in 2019 as well. The gaming experience of this extraordinary game is splendid when compared to the other games.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game starts with the same storyline as the movie of tomb raider. It begins with Lara Croft, and it will run through the beautiful snowy mountains with a wide range of puzzles and action sequences. If you are striving to play the best adventure game, then you will have to play this in your mac although it is a premium game, but it’s worth playing. As the craze of this game went peaks in 2018, I am listing this game in the best mac games for 2019.


Sid Meier’s Civilization is another fabulous game you should play to enjoy Mac Gaming Experience. Its previous series was average, so its developer Firaxis has given himself some time and has made this awesome game. Its new Civilization VI was built on the tag line of 2010’s game, but it adds lots of challenging levels, dynamic choices, more insights about the other aspects.


This is a serious game which has lots of challenges, and it shows previous civilization including Australians, Persians, Nubians, Aztecs and more. Some of the famous historical figures led these regional civilizations. This game is frequently updated so we feel that we have to list this game in Best Mac Games for 2019 post.


Most of you might know about this blizzard multiplayer card game. Because it has blown up on mobile devices and has even turned into a sensational game. It is perfect for all screens, and it gives a massive gaming experience in Mac devices. So, this game is a must try game in Mac.

Best Mac Games for 2019: HearthStone

The interface of this game is quite easy, it has several battles in just one sitting. This games matchmaking helps you to pair with the skilled players quickly. So, every battle is hard and intense on this battlefield. This game will look like a Warcraft and its quite famous for stunning attacks. If you want to experience the best gaming feel means then there is no better game then Hearthstone.


I think I really don’t have to explain about this game because it is one of the favorite game on the internet. It has immense popularity ever since it has launched its basic version in 2009.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Minecraft

As a player you will start with just a pair of hands, while you move on you will be given a chance to get more objects through the randomized map.  You’ll start with deep mining for diamonds and golds. In this process, you will face several enemies including creepers, zombies, and more. The characters you will face in this game will blow off your minds.

This Minecraft is one of the addictive game which helps you to build towering skyscrapers and mine shafts in just minutes. Its graphics are cool and lovely to watch. So, it’s one of the best game you should play. That’s the reason why we have listed this game on the list of Best Mac Games for 2019.

Gone Home:

Gone Home is a rare game which has lots of strange aspects hovering around the game. In this game, you will start your game as a college student who is returning to the home from a year abroad. Then you will arrive at your family’s guesthouse, and you will find there is no one in the home. Now, it’s up to you how to trace your family members with small clues left all over the house.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Gone Home

This game will start slowly, but it moves very fast when you adapt the game situations. It just an incredible game where you have to trace different aspects. This game relieves dark mysteries and horror play when you start exploring. It’s just a unique game with a different style of gameplay. While playing this game, you will simply get stick to it because it’s that addictive. So, this is a best mac game you should play.


Firewatch is pretty much similar to the other battlefield games, but it has its own feel when you will experience the battles, unlike other games. Its mainly focused on battlefields and other areas of conflicts. You will have to move according to your plan to complete the most stringent levels in this game. This Firewatch is entirely different from the old 90’s game.


This game has a new fire on it, and it looks strange, you will start as Henry who thinks his job will be very dull. Then he will watch the world is set on fire from his tower. Then he will discover the reason and start exploring the wilderness in this special game. There is no dull aspect of this game. You will love playing this game as it blends as realistic characters appear in the game. The visual of this game are attractive than anything else.

Dota 2 & League of Legends :

The name itself sounds attractive, and it has its own story too. This game from Riot has been a global phenomenon. Millions of people love playing this game. You can find your friends who are playing these battles online as well. Here every player has their own strategy and has to coordinate with their teams properly. This game works perfectly on the Mac and its also completely free to play.

Dota 2 & League of Legends

If you want to play this game, then you can play this by downloading it from the official site. This game is an exciting game for players who love playing hardcore battles. This game is similar to Warcraft III, but it’s more interesting than that. If you start playing this game, then you will get addicted to it. So, you should be cautious in that aspect. As this is one of the best mac games for 2019, I have listed this game on our list.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth:

Most of people love playing this game. I’m definitely one in that list because I love playing this game. As the movie suggests the conflict between the Alliance and Horde in the warcarft universe will lead this war. It will turn into the war in the world of Warcraft, and you will see the battle for Azeroth at this level.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth

Powerful enemies will destroy all the popular areas in the world of Warcraft. Your entire world will be under attack in this situation you and 19 other players will work together to attempt the overrun, and you have to make way into the battle for Azeroth with combining the unique allied races. This battle is just amazing as you will play with some great gaming experience. In this game, you have to discover hidden treasure and more. The leveling up of the characters are just amazing. Totally you will love to play this game on Mac. So, it’s one of the best mac games for 2019.

The Witness:

Want to play mastermind games, then you have to play the witness game. Its created by Jonathan Blow, he has created this best mind game ever. It has gorgeous graphics with and the world of the witness is filled with challenging puzzles and philosophical musings. Its a different game one can think off. This game has happened only because of its mastermind Blow. It has unthinkable myths and puzzles.

The Witness

Most of you might find these puzzles harder to solve and it could even take a lot of time to complete this game. To complete these puzzles, you have to keep a closer eye on the game, and if you like playing the challenging game, then this is for you.

Diablo III:

Diablo IIIDiablo III is the coolest game in Mac. Its the sequel of favorite Diablo II game. This game has developed a lot from its previous version. Diablo III is a challenging game to master. It’s not like a regular game where you can quickly complete all the levels. This will take time to finish the game. Once if you are addicted to this game then you will always love to play this game mainly because of its gameplay. it’s that addictive, so we have listed in this best mac games for 2019 post.

Fortnite- Battle Royale:

If you are thinking to play the biggest game? Then Fortnite Battle royale is one of the biggest game. It can be said that it is the largest game on the planet right now. This is free to play game where shooters mixers together. Here the last man standing in the shootout is the winner. Its always identical to PUBG but it has some variations. In this game its quite easy to pick the targets but its harder to kill them.

Best Mac Games for 2019

With blazingly faster fights its quite a competitor of PlayerUnknown Battleground. Just like PUBG, you will get addicted to this incredible game. You can easily pass your time with this game. Playing this game on Mac gives a unique experience so this is one of the best mac games for 2019.

Banner Saga 3:

You might hear about this Banner Saga 3 Game because it is nothing short of the epic game. This is the conclusion to the best tactical game of role-playing series of all times. People love to play this game as it builds on decision focused. You will have two ways to move forward, and game sticks to your own way of playing.

Banner Saga 3

This is a game you should play after in your Mac because its combats are perfectly shown in mac. You will love this gaming experience as it has enhanced its combat operations in this game with the “Waves” system. They have also upgraded their options and adding animation effects to the game to attract users. So, this is a must try the game. That’s why we have included that in this best mac games for 2019.

These are some of the best Mac games for 2019 you have to play. Watch out this post for more updated list on the special games for Mac.

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How to Use Phone Fingerprint To Unlock Your Windows PC (2019)

How to Use Phone Fingerprint To Unlock Your Windows PC (2019)

We all are living the modern world where we got used to our phones and its full extension of features and secured options. Previously in good old days, we don’t have any sort of phone fingerprint scanners or mobiles to access. But, these days almost all the smartphones are coming up with a secured fingerprint scanner options. Thankfully here is a way How to use phone fingerprint to unlock your windows PC.

Even after getting secured fingerprint option people are not satisfied because they want to control their windows PC with fingerprints scanners. Although there are some modern laptops and PC which has those advanced techs, but they are very costly for ordinary people to bear. So, there has been a continuous debate on “How to use Phone fingerprints to unlock windows PC.”

How to use phone fingerprint to unlock your Windows PC (2019):

Thankfully, there is a way where you can use your phone fingerprint to unlock your windows PC in 2019.

In this post, I will show you how to use phone fingerprint to unlock your Windows PC (2019) tactics. This article mainly shows you how to set up a remote fingerprint option from your phone so that you can quickly unlock your Windows PC from anywhere you like.

If you are a tech freak who loves to use this splendid technique for your daily routine, then you can just use these techniques with ease. Mostly if you start using this technique, you might use this on a daily basis rather than entering your pin or password on your PC.

Now, to set up your phones fingerprint scanner to unlock your windows PC. You should meet some requirements for PC and Smartphone as well.

I’ll show you the requirements for this useful process in this helpful post.

Requirements for this process of unlocking your Windows PC with your phones fingerprint scanner:

If you want to make sure to go on with these techniques, then you have to reach these requirements.

  • Should have an Android Device with fingerprint Scanner Option.
  • A windows computer with a good internet connection.
  • Android version of the device should be 6.0 or higher.
  • Windows should be at least windows vista or higher.
  • Required a Remote Fingerprint unlock App.

These are the requirements which are required to unlock your Windows PC with your phone fingerprint option.

So, let’s get into the process of how to use phone fingerprint to unlock your Windows PC (2019):

Step 1: Download Remote Fingerprint Unlock App:

The first thing you need to kick start this process is a remote fingerprint unlocker app. You should download and install this app on your phone. You can quickly download this app from the google play store. Once you install the app on your mobile device, you can move on the other steps which is setting up the computer. Which will be shown in the below options.

Step 2: Quickly download the Fingerprint Credential Provider Module:

To communicate with the fingerprint app, you have to use a special app which has an ability to communicate with your computer. So, download the fingerprint credential provider module so that it allows you to work together.

This fingerprint credential provider module should be downloaded in your windows PC. You can check out the download links below. Select the one which fits your PC and downloads that package module.

I know you most of you might know about the 32-bit (*86) and 64bit version. If you are unsure about the version of your computer means quickly check that in system window control panel. You will get all the information you need in the system information window. Once you have downloaded the module, you need to install that with following instructions which you will see in next step.

Step 3: Install the Downloaded Module on your computer:

After downloading the module, you required all you have to do is install the module. For that firstly you have unzipped the file. Tap on the zip file and exact it to the desktop. Then just find the “Installer Package” file in that folder. Then run that installer package.EXE file and quickly follow the on-screen instructions which are given by the module to install the package.

After that, you will find a windows popup which mentions about the firewall exceptions for TCP/UDP. Click on “Yes” to grant an authenticate permission to the module.

After granting permission, your installation process is completed. And you are good to go. You will not find any other module settings during installation. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Now, let’s move into the other step in how to use phone fingerprint to unlock your windows PC.

Step 4: Lock your computer:

Now, after the installation process, you need to lock down your computer. So, that we can create a fingerprint lock screen. This downloaded module will work in lock screens only so you need to keep your computer like the below-mentioned steps. So, that you can utilize it for the fingerprint.

You can lock your system from windows start menu, or you can even lock it by using shortcut keys window key + L.

Step 5: Quickly ADD your Computer to Remote App:

After locking your windows PC, you need to hover back to your phone. As you are sitting at the lock screen, you should open a remote fingerprint unlock app in your mobile device that is installed.

Unlock the app which you have installed in your mobile device.

  • When you open the screen, you will find the main screen on the app which asks you to scan your fingerprint.
  • So, scan your fingerprint, and it will generate a unique key.
  • Once you generate unique keys next you should tap on the menu icon which is located on the left.
  • Go to the “Scan” option and click on the plus button below at the bottom right.
  • Now, by scanning, you should find out your computers name on the screen popup.
  • This will show you the list after it scans the network.
  • Once you detect your computer, you are good too with another step.
  • Or else you should make sure that your computer is sitting right on the lock screen and your Android device connected to that same local network.

If it’s connected with different networks means it won’t work. So, go ahead and click on the computer name. And set every other setting default and click on the save option.

Step 6: Unlock computer with fingerprint option:

After completion of the above process, all you have to do is take an initial step to unlock your computer with Fingerprint.

  • So, to do this go the fingerprint scanner app.
  • Click on the menu button on the left column.
  • Click on “Unlock” and start scanning your fingerprint on your phone.
  • To complete this process like you usually do.

If you have done everything perfectly then, you might just see the computer unlocks right before your eyes. But if you don’t get that means you have done something wrong in between so please keep a close eye on the topic.

Step 7: Remove the module if needed:

If you are curious to uninstall the module from your PC means you can quickly do that. All you have to do is search for a system file for the term “Uninstall Fingerprint Unlock Module.” After you find that option click on the uninstaller and click on yes to uninstall. That’s it.

With this process, you can simply uninstall the module from your computer. The method of using phone fingerprint to unlock your Microsoft is tricky for starters. But I have done my best to explain this topic precisely in this article.

This is all about the topic “How to use phone fingerprint to unlock your windows PC.” If you want to explore more then, you can quickly install pro version if you’re going to be more secure.

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Exciting New Features in Android 10

Exciting New Features in Android 10

2019 is the year which has a lot to look forward to. One of the things to look forward to are the new features in Android 10. The major update in the world’s most used operating system brings a lot of goodies that we can’t wait to explore. Android 10 or code name Android Q has some of its details leaked and while it may be bad for some it’s great for us. There might not be any dramatic over- the- top visual changes but there will be some great new features in Android 10 that will be worth the wait.

1ST in the New Features in Android 10 is System wide dark mode:

You can imagine that the internet was a buzz when the Android police found news of a system wide dark mode as one of the new features in Android 10. Dark mode is more than likely going to be a part of Android 10 or Android Q. The first evidence of dark mode as one of the new features in Android 10 came in the form of a comment back in October of last year. So exercising caution, the news was received with a very luke warm response as Google could abandon the whole idea when Android 10 came around.

After that, the XDA team got around to getting a leaked build of Android 10 and can confirm that Dark mode is there.

To access dark mode on Android 10 all you have to do is to go to “Display” in Settings and apply it. You can turn it on or off or even make it come on automatically based on the time of day.

Ok so there was a dark mode in Android 9 as well, but that was a half- baked one compared to this. In Android 9, dark mode worked with only select Google apps while in Android 10 all system wide apps will turn dark in dark mode. To turn third party apps dark there is an option in Developer options. It may not be a perfect dark mode in these apps as they only invert the colors but it is still something when compared to Android 9.

APEX- Get System Updates Directly from the PlayStore:

One of the new features in Android 10 is that you won’t have to wait for your phone’s carrier or manufacturer to roll out an OTA so as to get your hands on the latest Android version. Now you can get all the latest Android updates directly from the PlayStore as and when they arrive rather than wait for your carrier.

An Expansion of APEX or application express in Android 10 could actually bring about such a scenario, this according to the team up at XDA. If not, the very least you can expect is the way libraries are updated in Android 10. Previously or in older versions of Android, to update libraries you would have to first update the software. But one of the new features in Android 10 allows you to update libraries in the same way as you would update an app. This means that on the surface a large volume of system updates will take place directly from the PlayStore. This means that getting updates will now take place almost immediately and you won’t have to wait.

One of the New Features in Android 10 includes removing a feature- no more Android beam:

Let alone not using it, many of you might not even know what Android Beam is all about. Hence Google plans on removing it from Android 10. Android Beam was very useful since it first launched but since then newer technologies means that other methods have become more useful. Now you can share large files or volumes of data using file sharing apps, which there are no dearth of, or simple Bluetooth.

While from Google’s side there won’t be anymore Android Beam, they are leaving it to manufacturers to decide if they still want to keep it or not.

More Permissions in Android 10:

As one of the new features in Android 10, google has placed more control over permissions. Now with this new feature, you can grant access or permission for apps only when you are using it. As soon as you close the app the permission is not granted. For example if you allow Google Maps to access your location they can do so only when the app is being used. As soon as you close the app location is blocked.

To know more about the permissions you can always take a look at the information page on permissions, which by the way too has been revamped. In this new version of the page, Android 10 makes it easier to see which apps you have granted permission to and which ones you haven’t.

Privacy Indicators as one of the New Features in Android 10:

Following in the footsteps on Android 9, Android 10 makes a considerable effort in improving the privacy and security of its users. Whenever you allow an app to use your microphone, camera or any other sensors there will be an icon in the status bar indicating the same. When you tap on the icon, it will let you know which all apps are currently using your phone’s sensors. For further information, Android 10 will even direct you to a new page.

Toggle to put sensors off-one of the new features in Android 10:

One of the new features in Android 10 will be a “Sensors Off” toggle. This new feature allows you to disable all sensors and turn on airplane mode.  XDA says that maybe this toggle will also disable accelerometer, gyroscope as well as others.

If this turns out to be true, then this will be the first time an operating system will have such a feature.

These new features in Android 10 are sure to be highly anticipated by all users. Especially, since they seem to be very useful.

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Here Comes Project Treble: A Modular Base for Android

Here Comes Project Treble: A Modular Base for Android

Project Treble to be launched by Google’s Android

Google is on the continuous prowl for ways to make Android better. This time they are in the process of launching project treble, which will supposedly make updating to a new version of OS much easier. While at present the entire process of updating an android phone to the latest version is time consuming and costly, project treble aims to remove these impediments.

All users of Android O and above will be getting this new feature that will supposedly make app developers and the silicon and device manufacturers kind’s life all the more simpler. Project treble is poised to be the “biggest change to a low level system to date” in the words of Google.

Understanding an Android’s release and how Project Treble is going to help:

Step one- Android or the team behind it to be more precise, publishes an open source code to the world. Then silicon manufacturers or the chip makers, take that code and modify it to support their own chip’s hardware. From there it is onto device makers or the makers of smartphones and such, that again modify that code to suit their own device’s hardware. Finally, the device makers in close collaboration with carriers, test the new code and finally release it to the public.

So, this is where project treble comes in. Google’s project treble is all set to make this entire process much faster and less costly for all those involved in bringing the updated OS to the ultimate user.

Making it all standard for vendors with Project Treble:

When android was first released back in 2007, the team behind android wanted to make a structured framework that would be followed by app developers worldwide. This would make apps standardised across all android devices and all devices that use the android framework.

This is what treble aims to do but in this case it is the source code rather than app’s API that will be standardised. This will essentially separate the original source code released by the Android team from the vendor’s modified versions.

How will Project Treble be Implemented?

A new vendor interface will be launched by Android that will lie between the original Android OS and the vendor’s implementation of it.

The vendor’s interface will be validated by a vendor test suite which is basically do the same thing as a CTS except for the OS code. This vendor test suite will test the vendor’s source code to ensure that it will be forward compatible.

What is the current situation without Project Treble?

At present without project treble, a lot of code needs to be updated when a new version of Android is released, making it a very expensive and time- consuming affair.

Now, with treble, vendors will have access to hardware specific parts, this means that device makers can deliver the latest in an Android release without requiring specific work from silicon or chip manufacturers. Project Treble is running on the developer preview of O currently.

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Screen Recorder- What Features are Useful to You

Screen Recorder- What Features are Useful to You

Business owners, learners, trainers, developers and various other professionals use computers and mobiles to do their everyday activity. For different purposes, they also try to share important information with others. To do it, they have to capture the computer screen, and record everything, shown on it. The tool for capturing or recording the screen is known as the screen recorder. You may get this software in free or paid version.

Nowadays, lots of computers run with Windows 10. Thus, you can look for screen recorderfor your own PC or desktop. The best screen recording tool is equipped with several useful features. Although you may not get all the features in one screen recorder, we help you in choosing the most reliable one.

Software that is easy to use-

As the first-time user of the screen recording software, you may think that the interface is complicated. However, the best software is always designed to enable you in capturing the screen easily. You can have a clear view of the activities on the screen.

Editing capabilities of the software-

A feature-rich screen recorder has all essential tools for editing the captured content. After tracking the image from the screen, you will get a chance of adding various annotations. For instance,you may alter the color, highlight the text, rotate the image, crop it, add various effects, split image or insert diverse shapes. There is no need of installing another application for the purpose of editing. The integrated features of the recorder help you to do it.

You may also save the captured content in different formats.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a popular screen recorder for Windows 10, providing you with various choices for editing and file formats (MOV, AVI and MP4).

Options for capturing screen

Screen capturing applications of various types may have different capabilities, like- video capturing option, full screen recording and window capturing ability. In few cases, the software gives you a chance of having a control over time at the time of capturing screen. You may also capture the scrolling. However, too much capturing functionalities cause you confusion.

Recording sound

Some applications are designed for recording the sound of microphone and your system. You may adjust the volume, and capture the audio and the video at the same time.

Pausing and resuming the content-

Many software programs include pause option to control the video to be captured. After pausing it, you may insert various elements, alter the background and do different editing tasks. You can then resume your recording process. This will not affect the video quality, and you won’t miss any part of the video.

HotkeysYou can find a combination of hotkeys in the screen recorder. These hotkeys help in stopping, resuming or pausing the video. You may also have the screenshot and save it easily in your device.

Thus, these are the common features, found inscreen recorders. Movavi has also designed a good product for recording screen.

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How to get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

How to get the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update brings cool features to compete with rising Android

For last few years Microsoft has seen itself withering and dealing with countless setbacks. The sudden demise of the Microsoft branded smartphones along with the so called obsolete Windows Mobile OS and the inability to position surface range as definite measure against the popular Apple iPads are just to name a few. However the latest Microsoft update to Windows OS brings new cool features which might give some completion to the competitors. With Windows 10 October 2018 Update Microsoft has again taken upon itself to finally come with a reliable solution to provide a seamless experience for the users between the laptops and mobile devices.

When Windows 10 October 2018 Update will be available

Windows users were eagerly waiting for the update which so far went by the name ‘Redstone 5’ but now it has been officially released as the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. This updated had officially launched on 2nd October but it will be made broadly available to users across on October 9 which happens to the ‘Patch Tuesday’ for Windows users globally.

Pair your Windows PC with Android devices

With Windows 10 October 2018 Update users will be able to pair their devices with the Android smartphones with ease. Thereby users will be able to text right from their PC, transferring photos between the two will become more simple and smart activity. Copying files from one smartphone to PC will become just like the usual drag and drop exercise. This would be beneficial for a number of users across the globe that still rely on emailing pic of their own to get it across multiple devices.

Windows has brought the Windows 10 Timeline feature which effectively shows what you had done on your phone so far by using any of the Microsoft app. Microsoft is making it easier for the users to bring the desktop like features on the phone and vice versa. But it still gets a stiff competition from the Android which is slowly emerging as the dominant and most preferable operating system globally.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update brings Office 365 enhancements

Microsoft most popular Office 365 applications get the much needed upgrades. Now both the MS Word and PowerPoint will support handwritten bulleted lists along with flowcharts and diagrams. Users will be able to draw freely on the chart or icon and the app here in question will make of the AI feature to understand the content and put it in the presentation in a better fashion.

Windows Server 2019 is coming soon

Microsoft is also expected to launch the Windows Server 2019 in this month. Users will be made aware of its launch via blogpost in the coming days and they will be able to download it via the Azure Marketplace or Volume Licensing Service Center.

Microsoft had certainly a number of heads turns by bringing a revamped search experience with Windows 10 October 2018 Update. This update also brings some great info to the user disposal like the battery details of the Bluetooth devices connected with the system.

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