PHP Vs JavaScript: What’s the Difference?

PHP Vs JavaScript: What’s the Difference?

Let us  discuss PHP vs JavaScript-  And know must know differences between them.

What is PHP?

It is also known as (Personal Home Page). It is an open-source Scripting language mainly used for backend development. Using this language, developers build dynamic & interactive web pages.

This Language is so popular because most of the websites use this Language. The most popular websites are Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, and many more. This Language is different because it’s executed on a server. This Language was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

What is JavaScript?

It is a Scripting language mainly used for dynamic and interactive web development. You can easily add JavaScript code to HTML documents. This is the most popular scripting language for web development used by big companies like Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, and many more. JavaScript can be used for mobile and web application development to make websites interactive and User Responsive.

It’s a Client-side programming language, and it’s Efficient because it doesn’t require recompiling created in 1995 by Brendan Eich.

Php Vs JavaScript Syntax

Now, we will Compare both Programming language syntax. Well, it’s a personal choice, honestly. Because both languages have similar points, but you’ll get an in-depth Comparison so that if you are looking to start learning any one language, you can go further. Let’s know the Real Differences between these two languages, Syntax.


  • Both languages Use different types of brackets like curly, Round, Square brackets, etc.
  • Both languages can change types because both languages have any type, and if you want to check which type you’re looking for, then by calling language-specific operator, i.e., type of in JS & another have gettype
  • Arrays start with “Zero” in both languages.
  • Both languages have loop Functions, i.e., for(), but the difference you’ll see in both languages is that for (personal home page) scripting language, we use foreach()loop & for JS, we use for()loop.
  • In JS, variables are identified as “var.” local variables available in Functions or subfunctions. But in another language, this variable is determined by the “$” dollar. Inside this Language, all variables are local unless identified as global. Inside this, sub-functions are not available unless passing arguments.
  • In JS, addition and concatenation are done by the “+” sign & the other side addition is represented by “+,” & concatenation is represented by. “”
  • JS is case sensitive in both (Variables & Functions), but it is the only variable in variables.
  • No Key-Value pairs in JS, instead Use JSON string But in another side it allows both (Numeric and Associative arrays)
  • In JS, arrays and objects are similar & Interchangeable. On but other side, Arrays and objects are different with different Syntax & its thing represent with Arrow “-“

Well, after reading this article, you get a clear idea about their differences and similarities. This is a complete comparison between these two languages Syntax so that you can pick the best Language. Well Overall, in the end, it’s your preference only because there are not any significant differences between these two languages. So pick with the right and strong reasons.

Php Vs JavaScript: Which is Better?

Now we’re Comparing both languages so that you can pick the best one for you. The significant difference between these two languages, i.e., JS is a frontend language & Another one is Server-Side Language.

After reading this significant difference, you probably think that if one Language is for the front end and another for back end development, why do we need to know the difference? It’s obvious. Yes, it’s true! But after releasing Node.Js in JS, this Language can work as both side work mean JS can handle Frontend and Backend Development (or Client-side & Server Side). That’s why this difference is so important for you to understand. We’ve set some criteria to Compare both languages. So let’s begin with an In-depth Comparison of both languages:

We’re mainly focused on:

  • Coding Speed/ Easy to do Coding
  • Performance
  • Structure (Documentation)
  • Universality
  • Popular
  • Community
  • Easy to Learn
  • Security
  • Cost of Development

Let’s discuss each point with detailed Analytics of both languages & also declare the Winner at each criteria.

JS Vs Php ( Detailed Comparison)

#1. Coding Speed/ Easy to do Coding:

Php is so easy to code and use a language compared to JS. It’s easy because it has 1000 built-in Functions you can use to make Specific tasks. You can even create your Functions by giving some instructions (Set of Code).

In JS, it’s pretty tricky because of its additional features like Event Queues, HTTP request, Syntax, Operators, and many more because JS is Asynchronous.

#2. Performance

JS is also known as Event-driven, Blocking I/O, and Single thread model. This Event is given by event looping and node clustering.

The best thing about JS, it is Asynchronous. That’s why in JS, we can execute all Codes at the same time quickly without waiting for Functions. Significant benefits of using this Language for low-latency applications like Streaming platforms (Ex- Netflix etc.) Another benefit of JS is high performance by V8 Engine, Server Connectivity, and Callback Functions.

Php is Synchronous, and it is a Multi thread model. In terms of performance, it is pretty slow because in execution, after the first line of code execution, then runs the second line. That’s why it is slower than JS.

#3. Structure (Documentation)

In both languages, you should know that these languages are not User-friendly in terms of Documentation. This language documentation is for Advanced level developers, not for Beginners.

Once a teacher said the only reason he took a long time to learn javascript was its Documentation.

Overall, Both language documentation is not User-friendly for Beginners unless you’re an Advance level developer and Understand Scripts.

This time it’s a Tie.

#4. Universality

It is a Cross-Platform means both languages can be used for Web & Mobile application development.

The biggest benefit of using JavaScript is, it is a Full-stack Development language. This means you don’t need any other wording or software with only JS. You can build Web or mobile applications with front and back end. So it works with Both sides (Client-side & Server-side).

But Php is only used for Internal Development (Backend Development).

That’s why JS is far better than other languages because you can develop the front and back end quickly with this Language. The most significant benefit of Selecting JS is that you’ll become a full-stack developer.

#5. Most Popular

According to the report given by of Websites built in both languages

79% of all websites use PHP as Backend Development, and 1.2% only use JS as their backend Development. But this is we talk about backend Development.

While Considering client-side Scripting language or Front end development, JavaScript is the King. Almost 97.1% Websites client-side built-in JS. Now according to google trend analysis, JS has more search queries than another one. This is the most popular Language for both developments.

Well, overall, it’s Draw.

#6. Community

Developers love JavaScript because of one main reason. With JS, Developers can build the front and Backend of the Website quickly. This is the most popular Language – it’s everywhere, and there are so many amazing Frameworks.

So many Giant companies use JavaScript like Netflix, Linked In, Instagram, eBay, Trello, Uber, and many more.

Let’s talk about another one. It is an open-source and accessible deploy Language used by many prominent organizations like Facebook, Lyft, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and many more.

It’s open-source. That’s why it’s more flexible and Customizable. Overall, Both languages are in demand, both have their expertise and are used by so many big companies, and both have value and demand in the market.

It’s a Draw

#7. Easy to Learn

Using Php is much easier than JS. Best for Beginners with some basic knowledge, you can start writing codes.

This Language is so easy to understand, rather than Learning JS and its framework.

JavaScript for backend Development is also not difficult to learn. But it isn’t very easy. With some basic knowledge of JS, you can’t start writing a set of codes and Execute. It takes more effort to learn this Language.

#8. Security

Php is more secure than JS, and the reason behind this, its Code runs on the Server. JS code is not secure enough when run on the client-side. Both languages are Vulnerable.

#9. Cost of Development

Php language is a high-standard language maintained by a big community. It has an excellent Support Base. To start Development, you need an Analyzer, Web server, and Browser like chrome.

JS is ECMAScript open standard language.

Development cost will be the same in both languages, So it’s a clear Draw.

These are the top 9 Criteria we’ve Listed for both languages, and I hope you can pick the correct Language for you after reading these Comparisons.

Php & JavaScript (Similarities)

#1 Language Type: Both are Scripting languages. It means scripting language not compiled they interpreted. In simple terms, the Scripting language is not converted directly into machine language by compiling. Use a third party to Convert into machine language. That’s the most impact on Runtime.

#2 Typing of Variables: Both languages are Weakly typed means when you create a variable, you don’t need to assign a value because it’s assumed.

#3 Classes & Objects: Both languages are not originally object-oriented. Object orientation is added in these languages. At the initial stage, both languages don’t create objects and Classes.

Later versions added the ability to create objects and classes in PHP in 2004.

Also, JS later came with a new edition in 2015 with the ability to create classes and objects with ES6 Introduction.

#4 Documentation: For Beginners, it’s not a good thing because, in both languages, its Documentation is not User-friendly. If you’re Experienced in Development only, then you can understand both language documentation.

 JavaScript vs Php (Differences)

PHP JavaScript
  •  It’s a Server-side Scripting language
  • Mainly used for Backend Development
  • Highly Secured
  • You can Build Interactive Web Pages
  • So many Features available
  • Includes HTML
  • Best for E-commerce
  • It’s a Client-side Scripting language
  • Mainly Develop Front end
  • Have tools for More Security but need more efforts also
  • You can Build User-friendly Web pages
  • High Performance
  • Server load is less, and Less Server Traffic
  • Best for Dynamic SPAs

Php Vs JavaScript (Web Development)

Let’s compare both languages in terms of websites built using these languages. We all know, Php is intensely used for Backend Development only, and JS is used for frontend and Backend Development using HTML & CSS. JavaScript has more advantages for building Interactive Websites and Web applications.

The best examples of these Language built websites are – Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, and many more.

The best examples of JavaScript-built websites are – Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Both Languages

Php Pros &Cons


  • Using this Language is the best choice for backend Development; even you can build a Mobile application
  • You Can learn this Language in Less time.
  • This Language can run on any operating system.
  • Most web servers support this Language.


  • If you already learn this Language, It’s a Narrow profile now you need to focus on web Backend Development
  • It has only system-level and web application level safety.

JavaScript Pros & Cons:


  • This Scripting language Supported by all browsers and Integration with HTML & CSS
  • This Language can Work on web pages without any requests for Server.
  • Problems can be solved in minutes by using this Language.
  • Learning this Language is so easy. At initial, you see complications, but soon you’ll understand all logic.


  • This Language can’t detect errors early
  • it’s easy to put any malicious code in this Scripting language that may harm Users


Overall, in this article, we’ve discussed complete in-depth Details about JavaScript and Php Scripting languages. Both Comparison and benefits, Features.

JavaScript is a whole stack Development language that you can use to develop frontend and Backend quickly. Developers love to use this language because it’s easy and practical to build interfaces and Interactive web pages of Frontend and Backend. If we talk about personal home page scripting language, then it’s highly used for Backend Development.

After an in-depth Comparison, I hope you can pick the best one for you with Solid Reasons. Our findings of both languages are that This is a scripting language used for Backend Development. Another side, JS is used for both frontend and backend development (As a Full-stack Development programming language).


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What is PHP? Why is It So Important Even Now?

What is PHP? Why is It So Important Even Now?

Let us discuss what is php used for and why it is getting more importance even now, in this blog post.

What is Scripting Language?

This Scripting language is also known as the Programming language. It’s a Language where a set of instructions is written and doesn’t need to be compiled. It’s a Language that Integrates and communicates with other languages. There are so many scripting languages like – Bash, Node Js, Ruby, Python, Perl.

What is a Programming language?

A set of commands or instructions used to Create a Program written by coders or programmers. This set of instructions written in any computer language like C, C++, Java, Python and many more machines can understand and Execute the desired Task. The primary purpose of using programming languages to develop Applications, Websites and Web applications.

Main Differences between Scripting language Vs Programming language

Main Differences Programming language Scripting language
Examples Java, C, C++ and many more JavaScript, Perl, Python etc
Execution Compiled Interpreted
Learning It takes time to learn Easy to learn
Default Nature Intense coding Fewer codes Required
Structure Formation Have set of instructions into Executables Write Scripts to control other Program
Running platform Run independently any outer program Run inside another program

What is Php?

It is known as (Personal Home Page). It is an open-Source, Interpreted, object-oriented Scripting language. This Scripting language executes at the Server-Side. This Language is well suitable for Websites Development and a Web application (As Application Interface but run on Server through Dynamic Pages).

This Scripting language created by Rasum Lerdorf in 1994 but came to the Market in 1995. Now its latest version is 7.4.0 (Released on 28 November).

Some Points need to be Considered :

  • It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor
  • No need to compile
  • It is a much faster scripting language than ASP & JSP.
  • All Dynamic content of Website manage by Website
  • It is an Object-Oriented Language
  • It’s Simple and Easy to Learn



// PHP code goes here


It’s a file that contains multiple tags like HTML and Client scripts (i.e., JavaScript).

  • When learning this language, you get the advantage of HTML. Because you need to know some basics only of HTML
  • DBMS (Database Management System) for powered applications
  • You need JavaScript & XML for advanced work for applications and Web services.

Importance of Php

In comparison with other languages, It is a widely used scripting language because of the many benefits of using this language.

  • Highly Efficient and Usable for website development, It is so efficient and Usable.
  • Data Processing faster in this language
  • It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Unix and more
  • It is compatible with upload into HTML.
  • Website is affordable and accessible to Design, Develop and Modify.
  • Its Scripting language Integrate with other Web applications quickly.
  • The best part is, You can run a script without any server; you just need its parser to run it.
  • It supports a wide range of Databases
  • Its loading time is so Fast.
  • The best example of this language known for Affordable, Easy to use and Powerful is – “WordPress”.
  • Its security is so high that it Secure your Websites and Applications from outside Cyberattacks.
  • Learning and Using this language is So Easy because of less code Format.; you.

What is It Used for?

There are so many Programming languages, but why this language? It is a Server-side Scripting language Specially Used to Design Web applications with MySQL database. We’ve covered some Important reasons below to Choose this scripting language.

  • With this language, you can handle Dynamic changes in the website and Tracking of the Website.
  • Multiple sessions can Create.
  • It can access Cookies and Set Cookies.
  • Use this Scripting language to encrypt data.
  • Learning is easy than in any other languages.
  • Most Hosting Servers Support this language
  • It Always keeps updating itself.
  • One of the most important reasons is Because it is a Server-Side Scripting language. So you need to install on server and access to other clients side by requesting without installing through a Web browser.
  • It supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac Os, Linux Etc and different Servers like Apache & IIS.
  • Using this language can handle your website data, Save it and return it according to the Task.
  • It helps to convert Human Readable code into Machine-readable code


Learning Period Easy and Fast It takes a Long Time It takes more time Takes more time
Web Servers Almost Support with all Server Only with Dedicated Servers Partially Supported Only dedicated servers
open-Source Yes it is No Yes it is Both (Commercial and Open Source)
Web Service Support Built-in Support Use .NET Framework Using Libraries Built-in
Intergeneration with HTML So easy to integrate Complexity Complexity Easy to Integrate
MySQL support Native Support Need third party drivers Need third party drivers Native Support
Extend by other languages Yes No By using java classes & libraries Yes

Php Extension

This is a Special Library that can be Used in Many applications. After creating a set of instructions (Code), you can save it in the library. So that you don’t need to put the same effort again to Rewrite that code, just open the library and import that code into the application.

Why Use this (.Php) Extension

The Major reason behind using this extension is to save codes in the php library. To import codes easily without rewriting codes, just link your application with the library, and you get access to import all save codes in your application.

  • This library provides (Functions/Classes) with data structure as String, Arrays, Object, list and graphs.
  • You can connect this library with a Database (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  • With High Security using data Encryption through XML-RPC & SOAP
  • Its Extension has a new option like including, Debugging, profiling & Testing.

This extension writes in C, then compiles with Machine. This term .php file refers to the name of a library file with a source code, i.e., .php extension, just like other files like documents (.doc)

The reason behind using these Extensions files is because this language contains Hypertext Preprocessor code. While working on this language, a Web developer saves a set of code (Function) in .php format. These files are used whenever web developers want that Function in a website. They just simply pick that file and import it into the website and get the exact format and data they save in the file.


Index.php is the most common default file when a web developer requests a directory from a Web Server.


It is a secure scripting language like other languages. Now, It is a popular Programming language. That’s why its security is essential. It works as another Programming language because fundamentals are the same in a Programming language. Php web applications share a set of code (Script) with other applications, and if this code is found vulnerable, other applications also find out weak.


So many features Provided by Php. These are the five most important characteristics of its:

  • Familiarity (If you’re a Code lover or have an interest in Coding, then you can quickly learn its Syntax. Because most of its syntax inherit from other languages like C, Pascal)
  • Simplicity (When you start coding in this language, you’ll see so many predefined codes & Script that help you use them in your program and save your time. This process is so simple and easy to use. In this language, you need to write or create a class; just write the primary function, and your program will compile)
  • Security (It is a Trusted and Secured programming language because of Multiple data encryption options, and You can add several third-party applications to secure data)
  • Flexibility (It is a Very Flexible programming language because it easily integrates with HTML, JavaScript, WML, XML and many more. Its script can efficiently run on any device like mobile phone, tablet, pc and laptop.
  • Efficiency (It is an efficient Programming language, you get session management feature and eliminate unnecessary memory allocation)

Php (Personal Home Page) is a Server-Side Scripting language for Web development. This Server-side Scripting language interprets codes on the server rather than JavaScript. Provide so many customised Interface and Functions in HTML. Php can do:

  • It can generate dynamic web pages
  • Create, Read, Write, open, delete files on Server
  • Can send and receive Cookies
  • Can encrypt data

Php for WordPress

A programming language (Scripting language) to create dynamic websites like WordPress is one of the best examples of using this Programming language.

In WordPress, anyone doesn’t need to learn this language to use the WordPress website.  Most users use WordPress websites without knowing this coding, but if you’re a Developer and Want to develop any software, tool or plugin for WordPress, you need to learn this language with HTML & CSS.

Php first Basic Program

It is a Basic code to print out “Hello World” in a Web browser.


echo “Hello world”;



This article covered all necessary details about the Php Programming language with Syntax, Importance, Uses, In-depth Comparison & Characteristics. It is a Server-side Scripting language executed on the server, no need to install on the client-side still, if any query or topics not covered in this article, Comments Down below and let me know.

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ThriveCart vs SamCart- Which Shopping Cart is Best?

ThriveCart vs SamCart- Which Shopping Cart is Best?

Check out the clear difference between ThriveCart Vs SamCart and which is best for you!

This article will compare both of the shopping cart software’s unique differences like Features, Support, Pricing plan, and many more.

These are two prominent players in Shopping Cart software. To manage the business online, they need to do several things like handle products, sales, content, Website, etc. For an E-commerce business, it is an essential tool to manage all aspects. That’s why you need all-in-one software that works all your E-Commerce system without any worry.

With the help of these shopping cart Software, anyone can manage and Scale their e-commerce business through one platform with all features provided by these two cart software.

Let’s find out which is best for your business!

Key Features of Samcart vs ThriveCart

ThriveCart software is used to easily manage your E-Commerce business by promoting and receiving payments for digital/physical products, services, and subscriptions. Creating Checkout pages for more sales and Additionally creating upsell, down-sell.

Some Key Features are:

  • Drag and Drop Builder: It offers a super easy to use page builder so that you can create custom Checkout pages and Sales funnel for your eCommerce business
  • Ready-Made Templates: It has Ready-made templates for your eCommerce business so that without wasting time, you can implement and Run your page for more sales
  • Bump Offer and Coupons: It has Features like Robust including bump offers, coupon, and discounts on Products

SamCart is the best alternative. Its alternate offers many features like building Eye-Catching checkout Page, Creating upsell, down-sell, offer service, and Subscription template. In E-commerce website , after using these templates, your profit margins are higher.

Some Key Features are:

  • Membership Sites: You can Build Membership Sites with additional Products and services.
  • Sales Funnel: Build your sales funnel in few minutes
  • Excellent Interface: Its interface is eye-catching and easy to use by Beginners.

These software are the best software available in the market because of their Amazing Features and offers. In the emerging e-commerce industry, sales are growing from online stores because it’s an easy and faster way to shop whenever they want. As per the growth of E-commerce demand, The demand for two cart software is also growing.

Suppose you look only at upside features and make decisions to purchase anyone. That may be a wrong decision. That’s why I’ve compared both in detail with unique features so that you can pick the right software based on the features you’re looking for within your desired cart software.

Let’s See Some Major Differences between both software. It helps you pick the Right software based on my in-depth analysis and comparison of these two software.

Main Differences between ThriveCart vs SamCart

  • You can purchase the first one at one-time payment, whereas Its alternate required monthly paid plans
  • It has fewer checkout templates, whereas the other one has lots of Templates
  • It has Both Payment Option like Apple pay and Google pay, whereas Its alternate doesn’t have
  • You can collect Sales Tax, but the second one doesn’t
  • Offers more than one Integration Option, but Its other one doesn’t
  • ThriveCart updates Faster but but not the SamCart
  • It more difficult to build a funnel, but Its alternate software is super easy to build funnels.

With the help of these significant differences, anyone can figure out which cart is best for their business to look for Best Cart software for e-commerce business; then these are unique points you need to consider while choosing the best one.

Now we’ll discuss each software’s pros and cons so that if you already pick anyone, you understand the benefits and losses of using your desired software.

ThriveCart vs SamCart

Some of the critical features of ThriveCart are as follows:

Ready-made templates-  You can easily enhance your page creation by choosing templates from various templates offered by this software.

Drag and Drop Page Builder- Creating customized sales funnel pages and products is easy with thrive cart easy to use drag and drop builder.

Coupons and Bump offers –

You can easily include coupons, discounts, and bump offers with your products through powerful features.

Some of the critical features of SamCart are as follows:

Robust interface- The interface is intuitive, and we’ll arrange which is best for both beginners and expert users.

Sales funnels- You can easily create and customize sales funnels as per your suitability.

Membership sites-  In addition to products and services, one can quickly sell and create membership sites in addition.

Key Differences: ThriveCart vs SamCart 

Along with similarities, Both software also has different features and functionality, which make them unique. Let’s check out some of them.

Pricing-  ThriveCart offers a one-time deal which is a golden deal to save money.

On the other hand, SamCart’s basic plan starts at $49/ month, and the highest plan costs $199/month.

Shopping Cart Design- The shopping cart design is quite outdated.

SamCart shopping cart design is modern, clean, and user-friendly.

Payment Integrations- Payment options include Google pay and Apple Pay. On the other hand, SamCart doesn’t offer these options or any mobile payments.

Memberships- Membership features are not robust. And SamCart has a vital membership sites feature.

Features Comparison: ThriveCart vs SamCart

#1.Listing Products

Let’s see how both the software provides the type of products and their product listing processes.

ThriveCart offers you to sell online products, services, and physical products. To do the listing of outcomes, go to the ‘products’ tab and easily choose the products. Then can click on ‘create a new product,’ which need to set the following parameters:

  • Product URL
  • Pricing options for product
  • Payment gateway integration
  • To promote products go for affiliate invitations
  • Add bumps, coupons, or discounts as per choice.

All of this process is designed in such a way that it is going to help you in increasing your conversion rate or even increase each sale value.

Its alternate product listing process is the same. Here as well click on ‘new product’ and fill in the following details:

  • Product name
  • Pricing
  • Product description
  • Add bumps, coupons
  • And More

After filling in all the details, select your payment type like monthly, weekly, etc.

Overall, in terms of listing Products, SamCart is the winner. It is easy to use, very well arranged, which makes it simple to list products. In comparison to the previous one, it is more convenient for recording Products.

#2.Design Customisation

There is a significant difference between both the software in terms of design and customization.

If we talk about Thrivecart drag and drop builder, the interface is not that strong and outdated. Its page builder is as weak as its alternate builder having modern looks. There is also a lack of essential elements for building sales funnels and checkout pages. This offers a variety of guaranteed sales templates that will boost your marketer’s credibility.

For product pages Customisation and memberships, SamCart has updated the drag and drop builder. With its alternate’s intuitive drag and drop builder, one can easily customize memberships, sales funnels, product pages, etc. its alternate also comes with essential elements like FAQs, progress bar, testimonials, etc.

It also offers templates for guarantee sales, header area, etc. But these features are not available in the first one. Optimization for mobile users is also available, which is one of the great features its alternate offers. Mobile users are growing day by day; intelligent optimization for mobile will increase your conversions.

Overall, SamCart is our clear winner because of its intuitive drag and drop builder, modern design, and the advantage of optimizing pages for mobile devices.

#3.Sales Funnel

Both ThriveCart and its alternate offer you to create a sales funnel to promote or sell online your products.

Click on ‘new funnel’ to create a sales funnel. Now for any products, enable sales to funnel. You can also add bumps, discounts or coupons, upsells, and down sells. You can even use one Upsell for multiple sales funnels. If you have to deal with different products, then this is going to save your precious time.

In SamCart, you will find funnels under the Upsell tab. Click on it and fill in the details like funnel name, description. Other details like upsells, downsells, bump orders, etc. its alternate offers you to do the split test of pages or even individual elements on each page. This feature of split test different funnel pages is missing in the previous one.

Both the software are equally good in the sales funnel but ThriveCart is slightly better as it has more robust features.

#4.Additional Marketing Capabilities

Both the tools don’t offer marketing automation for Autoresponder, behavioral adaptation, etc. Marketing capabilities are available now. But other than that, both offer unique features and functionality. Let’s have a look at these additional capabilities.

ThriveCart offers one-click Upsell and Downsells and bump offers which help you in increasing each sale. In this software, you are allowed to provide your customers fixed fee discount or percentage-based discount. You can also activate or deactivate the coupon for some time as per your requirements. Another great feature of Thrive cart is that you can send behavioral emails as per your triggers.

This doesn’t have an Autoresponder to follow up sequences. If you need email automation, then you need to integrate externally. Then you can send emails as per set behavior triggers, but its trigger options are still not as strong as the previous one.

So, in terms of additional capabilities, the first one is a clear winner.

#5.Affiliate Program Management

Both software has built-in affiliate programs. Let’s see affiliate program management of both in detail.

ThriveCart has built-in dedicated affiliate management. It has an intuitive and beginners friendly dashboard. And, You can enable or disable affiliates for individual products. Besides, You just need to select the product and set affiliate options as you want. You can take complete control over payout settings, product options, and everything in the affiliate center.

SamCart also offers an effective affiliate program. It helps you make more sales and revenues as you can manage as many affiliates as you want. Its reporting dashboard is also clean and simple to use. Here one advantage is you can set privacy if you’re going to promote a particular affiliate. But you can only access innovative affiliate features in its higher pricing plans.

Both of them offer powerful affiliate program management. Therefore there is a tie between them in affiliate program management


ThriveCart integrates with email marketing software, payment gateways, etc.

Its Integrations;

  • LeadPages
  • Get response
  • Wishlist Member
  • AWeber
  • Optimize Press
  • MailChimp
  • Hubspot etc.

It’s alternate also has strong integration as it integrates with page builders, payment processors, etc.

SamCart integration:

  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Hubspot
  • Kajabi etc.

Overall, the First one has more integration options than its alternate.

#7.Tech Support

The Thrive Cart team provides adequate tech support as the team has more than ten years of experience. They respond to queries quickly and try their best to help out.

SamCart support team is also effective, but it lags in providing feedback. It also tries to solve queries in the best possible way.

Overall, the first one wins here in terms of tech support.

#8.A/B Split Testing

ThriveCart and SamCart both include A/B split testing. The first one can split test:

  • Pricing options
  • Payment button color
  • Test bump offers
  • Check out the overall design etc.

It offers you to split different test elements and helps you in finding out best which suits through split tests.

The second one also allows split test pages and upsell funnels. But this feature is only offered in higher pricing plans.

#9.Reporting and Analytics

Various reporting and analytics provided by ThriveCart such as:

  • Net revenue
  • Rebills
  • Conversion rate
  • Refund rate
  • Orders etc.

In SamCart, you can also compare the records and enable or disable the stats whenever you feel. One can quickly and effectively analyze reports, sales reports, and Upsell funnel reports in its alternate. These features are not available in the previous one.

If we talk about first software reports, they are pretty complex, whereas its alternate offers easy and simple, understandable reports.

#10.Mobile Payment Options

Customer convenience should also be taken care of for selling products digitally. These days mobile users are increasing, so owners must take care of their mobile users as well. And should make checkout processes mobile-friendly as well.

Thrive cart integrates with Apple pay and Google Pay for their mobile sales. Its alternate doesn’t have this feature, unlike in the previous one.

#11.Autoresponder Support

Both the software integrates with Autoresponder service providers such as MailChimp, Get Response, etc.

In its alternate, people faced issues while integrating with Autoresponders. On the other hand, ThriveCart works flawlessly with integrated Autoresponder service providers.


SamCart and ThriveCart both offer a variety of templates. These templates are unique and well designed. Owners also allow people who purchase products to access these templates. These templates are easy to deploy.

#13.PayPal Subscriptions

ThriveCart and Samcart have different ways of managing the bill. In this, they don’t handle transactions, so one doesn’t worry about it. The software only does the monitoring in the process. PayPal does subscription Management. This approach is better and transparent.

While its alternate doesn’t manage like the previous one, business owners have only two options: stick with its alternate or move to a different cart.

Therefore Thrive Cart is a winner as its alternate doesn’t offer good services in PayPal subscription.


Both of these Cart software offer coupons to your customers. Coupons are great for engaging customers for a long time and encourage them to buy more.

In ThriveCart, click on coupons, and you can easily create a new coupon. Then you have to set up a coupon code and discount. They offer you to set three types of deals like free shipping, percentage, and fixed price. You can apply coupons on one particular product or all products. Also, you can disable or enable coupons at any time.

SamCart coupon options are the same as the previous one. In its, you are allowed to provide a one-time coupon or recurring coupon.

#15.Subscription Saving Automation Dunning

Both platforms support automation dunning. Dunning helps in protecting from expired credit cards or declining payments. We call it an ideal subscription saver. The sales team sends automatic emails to your subscribers if they fail to renew their subscriptions. It all makes it easy to manage.

#16.Added Countdown Timer for the Cart Pages

ThriveCart offers its users a countdown timer for the Cart Pages. Countdown timers improve sales as they help in getting rid of procrastination and give a sense of urgency. Timers remind customers and act as an alarm.

This feature is lacking in SamCart.

#17.Automated Tax Calculations

ThriveCart includes automated sales tax calculations. Here you can directly collect tax from your customers with ease. It allows you to attest tax now or separately on checkout pages.

#18.Link Click Tracking

Both of them offer link click tracking. With the help of a link click tracker, you can track how many clicks per link obtained. You can easily monitor marketing campaigns. All plans offer this feature, but only higher pricing plans offer link click tracking in its alternate.

#19.Custom Domain Functionality

Another similar feature between them is custom domain functionality. Except for the basic plan, SamCart offers customized domain functionality in all its plans. On the other hand, this provides this feature on their pro-add-on.

#20. Pricing

Pricing plans play a significant role in choosing a platform. Let’s talk in-depth about both cart software pricing.

ThriveCart Pricing

It offers a one-time deal. You need to subscribe once and enjoy it for a lifetime. Its lifetime deal costs $497/month. This a golden opportunity, so grab it fast. This deal offers you an unlimited lifetime account, one-time payment, unlimited checkout pages, and many more.

Its premium plan costs $97/month and $1950 per year. It is better to save money and go for its one-time deal. Other than that, this doesn’t offer a free trial.

  • Its lifetime offer
  • One-time payment (no recurring fees for a limited time!)
  • Unlimited checkout pages
  • Powerful affiliate & JV functionality PRO
  • Free integrated sales tax calculation PRO
  • First-class customer support
  • Customizable business insights dashboard
  • High converting templates
  • Powerful customer behavior rules
  • And more.

SamCart Pricing

its offers three pricing plans, i.e., launch plan, growth plan, and scale plan. The basic plan costs $49/month. This plan lacks many essential features like affiliate marketing, A/B Split Testing, etc.

Grow plan and Scale plan costs $99/month and $199/month, respectively. An additional bonus is that you will get a 14 days free Trial that is missing in the alternative.

Launch Plan

Launch Plan- $49/month

Its launch plan offers features like drag and drops functionality, custom domain, etc. Also, access to one admin user and no additional processing fee.

Launch plan Features

  • Unlimited templates, Pages & Products
  • Drag & Drop Template Builder
  • Full Email Customization
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Pixel Tracking
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Apple & Google Pay
  • Branding
  • Free & Paid Trials

Digital Product Deliver

  • Pay What You Want
  • 1 Admin User
  • Dashboard & Sales Report
  • Membership Integrations
  • Email Support (2 Day SLA)
  • 98% Uptime

Grow Plan

Grow Plan:$99/month

This pricing plan costs $99/month and offers a template library, coupons, and discounts, email Integration, etc. Admin user limited to 3 and free 14 days trial period.

Grow plan features:

  • All Features of the Launch plan plus
  • Completely White-Labeled
  • Custom Checkout Fields
  • Order Bump Collections
  • Post-Purchase Upsells
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 3 Admin Users
  • UTM Tracking & Marketing Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Subscription Charge Reminder
  • Advanced Subscription Cancellations
  • Zapier Integration
  • Email Integrations
  • Membership Integrations
  • Subscription Charge Reminder
  • Email Support (1 Day SLA)
  • 98% Uptime

Scale Plan:

Scale Plan:$199/month

It is the highest pricing plan that offers an affiliate center, multiple payment options, A/B split testing, etc.

Scale plan features:

  • All Features of the Growth plan plus
  • Multiple Payment features
  • 10 Admin Users
  • UTM Tracking & Marketing Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Subscription Charge Reminder
  • Customer Self Cancellations
  • Admin User Roles
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Pay What You Want
  • Sales & VAT Tax Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Apple & Google Pay
  • Custom Thank You Pages
  • Completely White-Labeled
  • Custom Checkout Fields
  • Built-in AB Testing
  • Affiliate Center
  • CRM Integrations
  • Custom Integrations (Webhooks)
  • Email Support (Priority)
  • 98% Uptime

Pros and Cons of ThriveCart Vs Samcart

ThriveCart Pros and Cons:


  • Build unique types of shopping carts
  • Integration is easy and Powerful.
  • Access to integrate this software with more than one auto responder
  • Multiple payment methods for better Security
  • Customer support in its amazing
  • Offers lots of Affiliate Program tools
  • Frequent Updates happen


  • No Free Trial available
  • No customization for Drag and Drop
  • Fewer templates available

SamCart Pros and Cons:


  • Variety of Templates available to create a checkout page
  • Easy to add Upsell & order bump in shopping cart
  • No previous technical knowledge required to using this software
  • You can create a subscription and payment plan by yourself
  • 14 Days of Free Trial available
  • Amazing Interface
  • Have Dunning Options


  • Only compatible with two payment processor
  • Integration is limited
  • It’s more costlier than other Software
  • Analytical tools are modest

Which is Better: ThriveCart Vs SamCart?

In today’s E-commerce demand, a high converting checkout page is necessary to generate more sales & scale business.

Two Big Software are booming in the e-commerce industry, i.e., ThriveCart vs SamCart. These two are the best software to grow an e-commerce business quickly under a low budget. Its alternate is super easy, and no previous technical knowledge is required to use this software in your e-commerce store. With the help of its alternate, you can build attractive checkout pages that give you more sales and Even Upsell for your store. I like the Upsell option to Sell more products after the front product to users. After spending a tiny budget, you can Automate your Business with more sales and a High-profit margin.

Its alternate is Higher Base because its alternate been there for a long time in the market. But we all know new Companies are coming up with new features to bring Customers to their software. This happened because first, one comes with more Unique and Extra features that attract users to use this software. Even they offer a free Trial to make the user experience more enjoyable.

If we talk about ThriveCart software, they offer more Amazing features and discounts. They used the latest technology to build cart software and Gives more profits to e-commerce websites.

Overall, After Seeing all features, plans, services, and Users reviews, we concluded that the first one is better than its alternative in terms of Building cart software builder. The reason behind using this software rather than, alternately, we’ve two significant reasons :

  1. If you’re at the beginning stage and Want to test your products, you can use them for a Free Trial.
  2. This software offers a Highly Integrated funnel Option.


In this article, we’ve covered in-depth Details and Features of Both cart software. Now it’s alternate your choice to pick the Right software based on your business requirements.

Or you can check our Recommendation for the best pick software for your business.

To conclude, ThriveCart is helpful for those Businesses who want only to sell their products, either digital or physical products.

And, if you’re planning for membership-based products and want to sell them widely, you can use its alternate software for better results. Its lifetime deal is always Value for money software to use in business.

The first one won this Game because of its Lifetime Deal offer used by thousands of businesses. Because it alternate Super Affordable, Lots of Features unlocked, and Best for Beginners to spend one time and Use lifetime.

Both are shopping cart Software, but because of their Unique Features and great Deals, the first one wins the Game. In the end, it depends on your business requirements, so pick the best between these two cart software.

After viewing this article, all your doubts will be clear, and You’re ready to pick the Best Cart software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SamCart a good choice for my store?

Yes, it is a good choice for your store. And if you don’t want to sell exclusive brands, you can try to sell one product first.

  • Does SamCart provide templates for marketing products?

Yes, you don’t need to spend hours making and designing templates. It offers a pre-made variety of templates for marketing products which saves a lot of time.

  • What is ThriveCart?

It is an online platform where you can sell online or physical products and services.

  • What is SamCart?

It is software where you can sell products, memberships, services, and more than that.

  • Can I try out these platforms for free?

SamCart offers 14 days free trial period, but its alternative doesn’t offer a free trial.

  • Can I get the money refunded if I don’t like the platform?

Yes, you get the money refunded as both the software offers a money-back guarantee.

  • How many checkout designs are available on ThriveCart?

Currently, it offers only four checkout designs, but its future updates will provide more of that.

  • Which marketing tools does SamCart offer?

It offers one-click upsells or order bumps so your clients may purchase multiple products from the same shopping cart. You can provide different payment options to your clients as well.

  • Does SamCart integrate with different payment processors?

It is directly integrated with two payment processors, i.e., PayPal and Stripe.

  • Does its alternate offer dunning options?

Dunning feature only available in its higher premium pricing plan.

  • Can I build a sales funnel with SamCart?

Yes, one can quickly build sales funnel in Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels an easy process and takes less amount of time. But if you are looking for a powerful funnel builder, then go for Clickfunnels.

  • How many plans SamCart alternate offer?

It offers three pricing plans, i.e., launch plan, growth plan, and scale plan. The basic plan, which is the launch plan, costs $49/month. And the growth plan costs $99/month. The highest pricing plan, which is the scale plan, costs $199/month.




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PNG to STL: How to Convert an Image to STL

PNG to STL: How to Convert an Image to STL

All you need to know about how to convert PNG to STL here in this post.

Portable Network Graphic, commonly known as PNG, is of the image Type.

Web designs use it to project an image transparent in the background or succeed in launching a semi-transparent image.

The usage of PNG’s is most prevalent while logos are designed and develop an idea. They place this image behind a picture as a backdrop, with it forming a color block.

PNG’s are best if it is a complex image with size not being an issue. It is the level of complexity that determines its use and discarding JPG in place of it. The decision to use only PNG in the case of Graphic images is mandatory.

The PNG format first came into prominence in 1995 as the GIF format was not sufficient to keep pace with screen technology which had a tremendous capacity to support many colors.

PNG to STL Conversion:

PNG files are easy to convert to your requirement and convenient to the format you wish to. Converters are available online, and these include Zamzar Adapter, which is free too.

STL is a special type of file format native to the stereolithography CAD software created by 3D Systems. This file format is supported by most of the software packages available .

Conversion of PNG to STL online – Explained.

Step 1:

The PNG file needs to be uploaded. For that

  • Click on ‘ Choose File
  • Choose the PNG file on your computer.
  • The file you choose should not be more than 100 MB.

Step 2: The Conversion stage:

  • Locate the Convert button and click on it. This will start the conversion.

Step 3: Download in STL.

  • The STL file would be available for download S soon as the conversion process is over.

C++ template classes provide common ground for programming data structures and include functions: arrays, lists, stacks, etc. STL is a wholesome library of algorithms, iterators, and container classes.

The salient difference between every other C++ library and STL is that the algorithms present in STL are generic. STL can work on containers that are different from one another, including basic C++ arrays.

Set, multiset, map, multimap, hash_set, hash_map, hash_multiset, and hash_multimap.

What are the main constituents of STL?

  1. Containers:

There are two components to make up a container. They are the

  • Sequence Containers which has a list, deque, and Vector.
  • Associative Containers set, multiset, map, multimap, hash_set, hash_map, hash_multiset, and hash_multimap.
  1. Iterators are which as object that helps a programmer transverse a container.
  1. Algorithms are a collection of functions.
  2. Streams generally represent the file stream.

For a newcomer, 3 D modeling can be very intimidating. It is best to create models from 2D images and thus enter this field. This is the reason for PNG files to be converted to STL.

Conversion of PNG Files:

PNG files are easy to convert to your requirement and convenient to the format you wish to. Converters are available online, and these include Zamzar Adapter, which is free too.

Conversion of PNG to STL online – Explained.

Step 1:

The PNG file needs to be uploaded. For that

  • Click on ‘ Choose File
  • Choose the PNG file on your computer.
  • The file you choose should not be more than 100 MB.


Step 2: The Conversion stage:

  • Locate the Convert button and click on it. This will start the conversion.

Step 3: Download in STL.

  • The STL file would be available for download S soon as the conversion process is over.
  1. Converter Name: Any Conv

Cost: Free

OS: Mobile friendly, Linux, macOS, and Windows

File formats supported: DXF, OBJ, and STL plus ten more formats.

Any Conv is an online platform converter available for free and can convert specific files into various categories. The 2 D files are converted into 3 D files using this Converter and on their platform. They are, however, split into two sections. One is the Mesh Converter, and the other being CAD converters. There is, however, a restriction on the uploading, which is 50 MB.

  1. Bear File Converter:

Converter Name: Bear file Converter

File formats supported: Blend, STL, OBJ, plus 42 other file formats.

Operating system: Mobile-friendly Androids, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Cost: Free!

One of the best-known ways to convert a 3D Model into other formats, including STL, is the Bear file Converter. It is not only user-friendly but straightforward to understand and follow. The upload restricted to 50 MB.

  1. Materialize Cloud:

This program developed or rather a web service that targets specialized 3D printing companies and the professionals who work for them.

The specialty about Materialize Cloud is that it almost a unique web service that offers file conversion in bulk either through their

  • API
  • Web interface.

The service rendered by Materialise Cloud is

  • Hollowing
  • Scaling
  • Model Repairs.

There is a provision in Materialise Cloud that restricts the user to ten free uploads. Above ten, it warrants a payment, and there are convenient slabs of 10, 30, and 100.

OS: Will work on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Cost: The pricing is as follows:

  • Initial 10 models free
  • Additional ten attracts $ 17
  • Thirty would cost $ 35
  • One hundred would cost $ 82. 00

PNG to STL Free Converters:

The process of such conversion is simple and explained here below:

  • The (free) tool the image which is in 2D.
  • It gauges the pixel’s luminosity without exception
  • New 3 D pixels would be created, the height of which is decided by the luminosity of the pixels.
  • Black pixels are those with #000000, and they do not have any height at all. These would be excluded from the 3 D model at the final stages.
  • A white pixel can be denoted by #FFFFFF (white) and would have a height.
  • The rest of the colors lie in-between.
  • All results can be printed using a 3D printer
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Capture Card: A Detailed Overview Everything You Need to Know

Capture Card: A Detailed Overview

Best capture card can change your streaming level completely. When you want your stream to function smoothly, have the highest frame rates. As well as the best quality, a card is essential.

Alright, you have to start your creation by targeting a card or computer that can stream at the maximum resolution at the lowest price. Thereby providing you with the most worth for your deal. That sounds simple, but the cost to deal ratio will shift the right match for you and your equipment.

For this reason; this is especially important for streaming beginners.

What is a Capture Card?

A capture card is a gadget that lets you record and stream games from your video game consoles. The best card is part of the most exceptional streaming system. Even when your graphics card or processor can do the task, you can lower the pressure on your first gaming Laptop by a perfect capture device. So that you can enjoy high-quality streaming and reliable frame rates at once, even, the best capture cards will extend the gaming arsenal throughout PC platforms.

Types of Capture card

Capture Card for Xbox one

Users having Xbox one; may confuse why they require a card for PC. Especially when they already have capabilities for capturing and streaming. One of the points for having it; you will have more control over your recording capabilities. Using a game card one can record more protracted periods of Game-play.

Capture card for Xbox one is of good quality, so there’s no worry about too much storage taken up on your screen. You need to pick the right game capture card for Xbox one.

Capture card for ps4

If your wish is to enter the world of gaming. Yes, you are on the right page. Of course, you do have your PS4, trustworthy sticks, a comfortable headset, and microphones but is that sufficient?

You might think you have everything, but let me tell you something important is still missing, i.e. A capture card for ps4.

It offers you to record game-play on consoles such as ps4 and PC in the possible excellent quality. With the use of a card, you need not worry about various hurdles in capturing or transferring your gaming footage. One of the great things about getting a capture card is that there’s no time limit to care about.

Card Switch

Your Switch would need to be in a docked position to use it properly. Unless you are using it in handheld mode, the streaming process won’t be complete. Disable the HDMI cable from your TV, and instead plug it into your capture card’s input port. If you use an external capture card now is the way to connect it with a USB cable to your PC.

First, you’ll want to take a second HDMI cable, and run it on your card to your TV from the output port. Congratulations, Mr leader!

HDMI capture card

It’s simple to find the best HDMI capture card. Initially, it would help if you understood the types of systems you would like to attach to. Then you will begin to consider where you want to assign to those devices. Before that, you’re required to ask yourself if you’re an existing video producer, or just beginning. These questions will help direct you to the correct HDMI capture card itself.

Compatible devices

Almost everyone wants a recording device. With their choice of streaming software; everyone avoids learning new software. You will also prefer considering operating system support. As this is easy to deal with. We can assume that you are not using a decades-old pc or console.


  • Portability implies it is small enough to fit into your pocket. You can carry easily in your hands.
  • For durability, detachable cables are superior. On the other fixed wires are better for portability.
  • Fixed cables are also easy to use.

Do I need a capture card?

Most users mostly feel uncertain, whether or not they require a card. In case you are among them. There are a few common capture card advantages listed below. You can make the correct choice:

  • It offers high-quality video. It also provides storage streaming.
  • Keep yourself apart from the rush. For streaming, you have the choice to use custom overlays.
  • It supported streaming is of high quality and lag-free. This is what makes users feel great always.
  • Even on external storage, Users can easily create and manage video library.

What do you need to point for a card?

In search of a Great Capture card? The one as similar to easy switch-and-play solution as needed, right out of the box. Of course, you would like to play, stream, and capture as efficiently and smoothly as you can. A Capture card that can do this will be a performer. Besides that, you’ll also need the price you want.

What is a USB  card?

Hardware which we can use for translating the digital signals from the camera output into a digital format is commonly known as the USB Capture device. The one your computer could identify quickly.

USB capture cards are popular as they are portable. Also, the size is convenient. In a small duration of time, these devices keep on evolving.

Need Card for YouTube?

A High-quality card is a must for you if you love sharing game-play videos. You can expand a YouTube channel by getting all the game footage that you require to create awesome videos.

How to Choose the Best Capture Card?

Choosing the best card depends on the type of topic you wish to create. Either you record videos for later editing, or concentrate on playback? Several cards are better as compared to others. Video resolution varies from card to card too, especially for streaming.

It would help if you kept in mind some of the things when you are planning to purchase a capture card for PC. Of course, you need to spend your money on the right device. Four essential points you should consider involves:

Price is one of the significant factors of buying a card is its price. You are not required to purchase, a costly capture card if you want to store a few infrequent videos.

  1. Video Quality

Undoubtedly, your capture card should have sound quality. Also providing additional support to high-resolution pictures. Indeed, the frame rate needs to be high as well.

Users who wish to track intense games. Should look either for Full HD or 4000 resolution. This enables capture cards to give excellent feedback. Rendering videos on a powerful device is necessary. In case you wish to use capture cards with 4k resolution standard.

  1. Computing

Before purchasing your new device for live streaming, make sure to check; whether your card and hardware specifications are matching. Gaming consoles like PlayStation 4; Xbox one; etc. use HDMI transfers to support it.

With several hardware factors, such as storage capacity, speed, and memory, etc.; A Capture should be ideal. A user should buy a card from recognized sellers as this provides support and helps through tutorials, customer support, and user guides. This will allow users to deal with different practical issues.

  1. Simple to use

The best Game card provides a long list of characteristics; that help users at different levels. In case you want to utilize any feature, you will have to explore the right process. It is, therefore, essential to read the user manual properly. Or you need to take help from the technical staff. Any device that is easy to handle is the choice of every user.

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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot and Other Process

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot and Other Process

Are you striving to learn how to do a factory reset windows 10 from boot and other methods of Factory resetting? Then don’t worry, in this post, you’ll learn about the different ways to Factory reset windows computers including Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot.

Typically, people do a factory reset if they face any computer issues such as slower than it once was, or for malware infection or even if they plan to sell the system. For all these, the factory reset is the best option.

The process of Factory Reset windows from the boot and other process changes depending on the setup and the installed version of windows. In this post, I will try to cover all the ways that you need to know to Factory reset your device.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot

We’ll show you how to Factory reset windows 10 from boot, how to reset a Windows 10, 8, or 7 computer with ease in this process.

The general process of windows 10 factory reset from boot can restore all the settings of your PC as it was when you first brought the PC. It even deletes all the essential files and changes made on the PC as well.

Reminder: Take Backup and be Safe:

Before moving into the process, it’s always best to take a backup of your PC.   If anything wrong happens, then you can restore your system back to the normal state.

Never miss out on backup to be safe in any situation. Now, after taking the backup, let’s check out the process of the Factory Reset.

Let’s get into the factory reset process. Firstly, we’ll have a look at the built-in method.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 – ( Built-In Process):

If you’re searching for the most effortless process to factory reset your windows, then you should use this method. This is a hassle-free method is the best way to factory reset in both windows 10 and 8.

To quickly head over to this method, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly go to settings.
  • Then click on update & Security Options.
  • Click on the Recovery.
  • Then you will see a “Reset this PC” option.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button, which is underneath the “Reset this Pc.”

Now it takes to another step where it shows two options. Those are either “Keep my files” or ” Remove Everything.”

Remove Everything: In this option, your files and other installed apps such as browsers, games, Microsoft office, and more are removed, but it keeps your data. With this feature, you can ultimately bring your system back to the default condition.

Keep My Files: The Name itself suggests that you will retain your data. The best part is you can still use the backup in case if something goes wrong.

Remove Everything Process:

  • If you choose “Remove Everything,” your screen will display “Additional Settings.”
  • This process removes your files but doesn’t erase them; this just clears the data from your drive.
  • Here select “Change Settings” to quickly adjust these options.
  • If you choose “Data Erase,” then windows will erase everything, so your chances of data recovery are slim in that case.

However, this process takes some time as it erases all the data from your hard drive. You can use this process when you are getting rid of your computer, or else you shouldn’t have to use it.

After all, Enable “Data Drives” to erase everything on your PC, including recovery drives and external hard drives as well. As you are having backups on the drive you shouldn’t use this process as it permanently erases everything that is associated with your PC.

Process for Keep My files:

  • If you click keep my files on the PC, then you see the list of apps that it will remove and check them to uninstall.

In case if you are using windows 10 newer version, then you will be offered a Cloud download option at this point. This helps you to reset windows 10 by simply downloading the fresh copy from the net.

After selecting your option, click on confirm the operation by clicking on the “Reset” and simply wait for the process to complete. It will take a little while, so make sure you plug it to avoid losing power during the resetting process.

This is the built-in process to factory reset the system. Now, let’s check out the other method in factory resetting windows.

Factory Reset Windows 10 — “The Fresh Start” Option:

In this fresh Start, the process is identical to the above process, with a minor difference.

Let’s check out the process below.


  • Firstly head over to the Settings.
  • Then click on Update & Security.
  • After that, click on the Recovery page.
  • Then you have to click on ” Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation.”
  • That will open the “Windows Security window.
  • Now click “Get Started to Proceed.”

After getting started, you have to follow this process.

  • This process keeps your files as it has no option to remove data like the above process.
  • The Fresh Start process downloads the latest version of Windows 10.
  • In the fresh Start, it avoids all the clutter by removing all non-standard windows apps, including bloatware. But, it will not remove Microsoft store apps that were per-installed by the manufacturer.

Finally, the fresh start keeps ” windows settings” but doesn’t specify which options they will remain.

To say in detail, this process will download a fresh copy of the windows version and keeps your files and settings by removing all the bloatware aside from store apps.

If you’re using a cracked version, then you should use this process as this will ask you to enter license Keys.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot by using Recovery Drive:

In case your PC doesn’t start anymore? You can use this method to factory reset windows 10 from the Boot. To use this method, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly insert the recovery disc into the PC; you can even use a USB flash drive as well.
  • Restart your PC and boot it from the recovery drive.
  • Then you’ll see a popup named “Choose an Option” on your screen.
  • Now, click on troubleshoot from the options.
  • Then select the factory reset windows 10 prospect from the Boot.
  • Select “Reset PC,” and then you can choose options the same as the first process “Keep my Files and or remove anything.

This is how to restore windows 10 from Boot. Let’s check out how to factory reset windows 10 from Boot using the installation disk.

How to Restore Windows 10 from Boot by using Installation Disk:

To Restore Windows 10 from Boot, you can follow this installation disk method. This method helps you to restore the PC in the factory reset mode.

For this process, you should have an installation disk to proceed further. Take the installation disk in hand before starting this process. Follow below steps


  • Firstly, put the Windows 10 installation disk in your PC.
  • Then restart your PC and boot it from the windows.
  • You’ll get a screen called “Install Now.”
  • Select the “Repair your computer” option on the screen.
  • Hit the troubleshoot option and quickly click on ” Reset this Pc.”
  • Then it will take some time to complete the process. But, before that, you can select keep files or remove everything similar to the first process.

This is all about how to factory reset windows 10 from boot. Now, let’s check out how to factory reset windows 10 from boot by windows boot genius method.

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 from Boot by using windows boot genius:

If you want to try, factory reset windows 10 from boot by using windows boot genius? Then you can do that by using this process.

This is a powerful tool that can create a bootable disk to resolve your problematic computer, and it gives you an option to reinstall windows 10 from scratch.


  • To move ahead with this process, you need to create a bootable disk to perform the reinstalling windows task.
  •  Download windows boot genius from the website and install the software on PC.
  • Then put an empty Disk or USB drive into the PC.
  • This will become your bootable disk.
  • Now, open windows boot genius and select USB/CD/DVD and click “Burn.
  • This starts the process of creating the boot disk.
  • Continuously Click on F12 from the keyboard until the PC goes to boot mode.
  • Then choose the option DVD or CD or USB for booting the PC from the USB or CD/DVD.
  • If you successfully get into the WinPE environment, then you can see the icon of “Boot Genius.”
  • Then click on launch windows boot genius to get into the widow’s rescue mode.
  • Click on the windows Rescue option.
  • Then select the “Reinstall Windows system.”

These are the ways to reset your Windows 10 PC. This is how to factory reset windows 10 from boot and another process.


There are several ways to factory reset windows 10 from boot or different processes. Choose the best process that suits you and can complete the installation to use your system. If anything wrong happens, then don’t worry. Just reinstall the backup, this can help you get the data back.

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Free Open Source Software for All in 2020

Free Open Source Software for All in 2020

Free Open Source software has enlightened lots of small scale businesses and helped in the development of the internet. There are lots of software programs out there on the internet, which allows us to do lots of tasks efficiently.

If you’re striving to check out the best free open source software of 2020? then don’t worry, in this post, I’ll let you know about the best free open source software list.

But, before that, let’s know about what is open source software?

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source software is typically a free software that is mainly released under the license of free usage. The copyright holder literally grants users the right to study the code, change the system, and even distribute the software to anyone for any purpose. That’s what is called open-source software. These open-source software are free to use.

Let’s check out the best free open source software for 2020 in the below post.

Before that, let’s check out the importance of Open Source Software.

Importance of free Open Source Software:

Open Source software has been empowering the internet for a long time. It has developed the web with the LAMP Configuration services that usually run on Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

Not only that, there are various other free open source software programs out there on the web, which helps lots of small and big organizations to ease up their work.  With the open-source software, anyone can edit files, add any option to it, enhance the software by changing or improvising the code, and so on.

Its open nature is the crucial strength to it because it invites a wide range of collaboration. With developers trying different codes and command lines, the software can be enhanced in different ways.

In some cases, where the open-source projects become prominent means, it can cause trouble because of different opinions as the communities become more abundant, and it can be divided into groups working in different directions. But, let’s take positives out of it as open-source software has helped lots of organizations.

The power of open-source software remains vital in this modern world, despite the influence of proprietary software platforms. Open Source software is used as alternatives to the paid programs and serving lots of organizations as well.

As you are striving to check out the best free open source software for 2020, let’s check them out in the below list.

Best Free Open Source Software for 2020: Home & Business:

In this list of best free open source software for 2020, i have included popular free open source software’s which are trending.


LibreOffice is one of the popular open source software and prime alternative to the Microsoft office. It is available for windows, mac, or Linux operating systems, and it offers spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and documents.

Although Microsoft is a popular tool, its pricing hasn’t been accessible to some users. So, for them, this is the best alternative to Microsoft office.


  • Full feature range and can open all documents.
  • Fully compatible with MS files such as doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx files.
  • You will get lots of templates in this LibreOffice.

VLC Media Player:

Everyone definitely needs one media player to play audio and video files. If you are in search of the best free open source software, then its VLC media player. This player can handle all the virtual formats and works with all audio formats.

It’s, in fact, the world’s most popular free media player as it can handle all files. This player can give you a fantastic degree of control over playback, and it optimizes video and audio for your system as well. It’s the latest version that can be used for a 360-degree playback option as well.


  • It works with all audio formats.
  • VLC can play and handle all major video formats.
  • VR Audio
  • Streams internet radio.

Best Free Open Source Software Linux:

Linux is one of the main open source operating systems. These are mainly used by tech geeks and code junkies. The craze of Linux and crazy working days are gone, previously it used to be an alternative to Mac and windows as well.

All the efforts of developers have helped to edge Linux towards the mainstream but still, windows have the upper hand. But, coming to security, Linux is more secure than windows as windows can be hacked easily than Linux. Linux has a lot of talks, but I won’t cover them all because it will take lots of time.

Linux is one of the best free open source software for 2020 as well as its having a certain amount of craze.


  • This platform is increasingly accessible.
  • It has good features because of that its popular widely.
  • This is stronger in terms of security.
  • You can find an overwhelming choice of distros.


Audacity is one of the best free open source software in 2020. I’m saying that because it’s the perfect tool for recording and editing the podcasts and the music as well.

The best part is even the music aspirants have cash in hand to buy audio editor; but, they stick to Audacity because of its useful features. This software has almost all the tools because of that it is used for recording and editing sound files.

You can use the extensions to add more features to the software for free. Because of this tools features you can combine audio clips, copy and paste the audio sections, remove noise and Strip vocals from songs, applying echo, and more.


  • It has a wide range of premium features because of that its popular.
  • You can find hell lot of extensions.
  • The performance of this app is excellent.

Popular Open Source Software GIMP:

GIMP is one of the popular open source photo editors. This open source software is packed with powerful tools that are close to the Adobe photoshop. We can say its one of the near alternatives to Adobe Photoshop as you can get it for free. This software supports layers and has advanced editing options and many other plugins. You can start enhancing your pictures and create new ones from scratch with this app.

In this software, you can adjust every aspect of your image and apply customized filters to make your picture look stunning. Along with these, you can get a massive array of themes and effects on the internet as well.


  • This app supports layers.
  • It has advanced editing options.
  • Thousands of plugins & Effects, because of those its popular.

Open Source Web Browser Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is an open-source browser that has tons of features than other basic browsers. It replaces internet explorer as the primary browser for basic users. This powerful open-source browser has a plugin for every purpose.

Mozilla Firefox is incredibly flexible, and it’s easy to transform firefox into the perfect browser. The source code of firefox includes specialist projects like tor, waterfox, and more. Despite the popularity, it has struggled with flash extensions.


  • Thousands of plugins are available for free.
  • Private browsing option.
  • Memory hog option.

Best Free Open Source Software File Zilla:

Filezilla is one of the best free open source FTP software clients. If you have knowledge of running your own website, then the chances of knowing about the FTP software will be higher as you have to upload the files to the server.

They are some other FTP Clients out there, but they are premium, but file Zilla is a free open source software. This software does all the things you need, such as uploading clients and doing changes to the server and more.  It has an easy drag and drop option and has full features as well.


  • It’s easy to use so its popular.
  • This has a drag and drop functionality.
  • File Zilla is having a wide range of features.

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Mozilla Thunderbird is the best free open source software for 2020 and its best alternative to the Microsoft Outlook. If you have multiple accounts and want to manage them? then  you can use Mozilla thunderbird will save your time similar to outlook.

The thunder’s bird standard feature is an RSS Reader because of that its popular, and it has the ability to link to the larger files and send as attachments quickly. You can even include weather forecasts and other google tabs as well. This lacks cloud-based support as it’s free.


  • It has tons of features because of that its popular.
  • You can get additional plugins.

KeePass Password Safe:

If you’re searching for the best free open source software for 2020? then KeePass password safe will be on the list. This is a password safe that generates secure passwords for your accounts and stores them in a secure vault.

Usually, there is no shortage of password managers, but KeePass is best among other software because of its open source software. It’s not that flashy, but it’s power-packed full of features. This has some best features like AES Encryption, two-factor authentication, password key generation, and more therefore its the best option.


  • It has the most robust encryption because of that its quit popular.
  • This is a portable program.
  • It’s effortless to use.

Bit Torrent:

Bittorrent is another essential free open source software. If you love to download torrent files means you should have a bit torrent. Although they are other tools such as Utorrent and so on. Bittorrent is an open source and a smooth working tool.

It is a peer-assisted digital content platform that delivers content faster and most efficiently. So, you can transfer and download the files very efficiently.


  • Easy to use, because of that its popular among torrent downloaders.
  • Downloads torrent faster.

This is all about the 10 best free open source software for 2020. If you want more softwares then you wait for our next blog post on open source software.

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Android Recycle Bin: Top 5 Recycle Bin You Should Use in 2019

Android Recycle Bin: Top 5 Recycle Bin You Should Use in 2019

We’re living in the digital world, where there is always a possibility of making some mistakes such as deleting important stuff unintentionally. You can retrieve them if you are using any Android Recycle bin.

For example, if your working on a document for months and you have unintentionally clicked on delete then restoring that document is quite difficult in the good old days. But in this modern world, recovering files is somewhat easier. It’s easier when you’re using the recycle bin apps.

That’s why lots of people love to install the best android recycle bin apps on their mobiles. These apps will help them to rectify their mistakes by restoring the documents, images, or other files which you have deleted from your Android device.

If you’re striving to check out the best android recycle bin apps? then you can find out the best recycle bin apps for Android in this special post.

Top 5 Android Recycle bin apps you should use in 2019:

By using these best Android Recycle bin apps you can recover accidentally deleted files and save your time. Now, let’s check out the top 5 best recycle bin apps for Android which you can use in 2019.

Recycle Master – Professional Recycle bin and File Recovery App:

recycle masterDo you like to safeguard your photos and files from your Android device? Then you have to install recycle master. The recycle master is a professional recycle bin app which is best in securing and restoring the files after those are accidentally deleted.

With this Recycle master, you can quickly save all your deleted files at any time and you can restore them back to your device hassle-free. This app works as a recycle bin for Android devices.

Recycle master is having regular recovery feature and Deep Recover feature as well. In deep recovery feature, this app will search your internal storage location for the missings files and detect the file with ease. With all these features we can definitely say that this tool is one of the best Android Recycle bin apps.


  • Lock your app with password
  • The auto-clean feature can help you clean useless backup files
  • This app will be used as a files dumpster similar to recycle bin in PC.
  • Instantly retrieve all your files, pictures, videos, audios and more.
  • You can effortlessly backup your photos and videos.

Disk Digger:

DiskDiggerDisk Digger is one of the best recycle bin app for Android. This app can recover your lost photos and images from your Android phone internal memory hassle-free. The best part of the recycle bin app is you don’t need to root your device.

This special app is having some powerful features which help you to recover your pictures instantly. In a rooted device, you can use the deep scan option to dig deeper into your phone internal storage.

The special part of disk digger app is you can easily delete all the unnecessary restored files with a single tap. Other best feature of this special app is it gives users choose which file to restore or to delete. If you’re not satisfied with the results you can then opt for the DiskDigger pro for more advanced features.

But, frankly speaking, you don’t have to use a pro version unless are a big-time client who stores lots of data on your device.


  • Quickly upload recovered files directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • You can save files in a different local folder with this app.
  • App has two options “limited scan” which search for deleted pics on cache and thumbnails of your device.
  • It also has a “Deep Scan” feature which searches for all the internal storage files.
  • You can wipe free spaces with its wipe free space feature.

Most Downloaded Android Recycle Bin  Dumpster:

Android Recycle Bin DumpsterThe dumpster is another awesome recycle bin app for Android.  If you’re the one who asks ” Does Android have a recycle bin” then the perfect answer for your question is Dumpster.

The dumpster is one of the popular recycle bin app for Android. It has plenty of advanced features which helps you to protect your pictures, images, files and more. If you have unintentionally deleted any files from your Android device? then you can easily restore then through this app.

This app is pretty fast in restoring the deleted files. It has similar features like the other major recycle bin android apps but it’s slightly different than those because of its speed. The only concern of this dumpster is sometimes it can’t restore all the files even when you use its  “Deep Scan Recovery” feature. But this happened very few times but overall this is the faster way to restore files.


  • Dumpster lets you backup your Android media files, apps and more effortlessly.
  • You can instantly restore all your important photos, images, and documents.
  • The auto-clean feature is one of the notable features in Dumpster.
  • This app has support for 14 languages and no need to root your Android device.

Best Recycle Bin App

Recycle Bin is one of the most popular and interesting apps which is used to restore the deleted files. With the help of this app, you can recover all the deleted files but the sad part is that it can’t recover the files which are deleted previously.

In this app, you can select the file which you want to delete with ease. With this app, you can share and send it to the others. In this app, you can configure the list of files and folders. Along with that, it has a special feature that is “Permanently delete the file”. You can take backups and store it on the app as well.


  • Quickly restore all the files which you want to restore
  • This supports file explorer so you can easily send files.
  • It has a special feature that helps you to generate automated backups.
  • Easily configure the list of files types.

Cx File Explorer:

Cx File ExplorerCx File Explorer is another recycle bin app which mostly acts as the file explorer for your Android but it has the robust recycle bin features. In this app, you can find out the built-in recycle bin which works perfectly for your device.

With the help of this recycle bin, you can quickly restore all your deleted files with a single tap. If you’re eager to delete all the restored files then you can delete them as well.

This android recycle bin is quite similar to the other apps and has the same features like auto clean, deep scan and more. The main thing about this app is it won’t work perfectly with the deep scan feature. That’s the reason why I have listed this app in the last place.


  • This app helps you to organize your files and folders
  • It can restore your files and images with ease.
  • You can access files on cloud storage
  • Easily access files on NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Wrap up:

These are the best android recycle bin apps which you can use to safeguard yourself from accidentally deleted photos and images. If you want more useful information like this then you have to check out our blog.

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10 Best Drone Apps in 2019 for People to Take Splendid Images

10 Best Drone Apps in 2019 for People Still Waiting to Take Splendid Images

Most of people love drones just because there are helpful. Although there is a lot of debate on the use of drones but there are useful in lots of ways. In this topic we will not touch the legal aspects or other rumours, here all we know is about the best drone apps in 2019.

These days, most of the people are using drones for photography and if you really want to test the drones for photos then you can literally find hell lot of drone apps in android. It’s really hard for normal users to know which one to choose and how to choose them. That’s the reason why we have put all the best drone apps together to make a massive list of 10 best drone apps in 2019.

So, let’s get into the list of best drone apps for 2019 which are primarily used for photography. These drone apps are not only used for photography but these are also used for controlling the Drone.

Best Drone Apps in 2019 to Take Splendid Images: Google Earth

Best Drone Apps in 2019 Google EarthMost of you might already know this, the first thing we require to do with any sort of drone is registering it. After that, you have to figure out a particular place to fly the drone. So, to fly drones often needed a map and there is nothing better than the Google maps. So, google earth is one of the best drone apps in 2019.

In google earth, you can find the safe places to fly your drone. Not only that you can find some exceptional places where you can take absolutely fabulous photographs with the help of this google maps.

Google Earth is useful for many tasks this includes drone photo locations, measuring distance, how to get there and more.  The best thing I especially like about Google Earth is a topographical map in the “terrain mode” to mainly see the landscape better than normal modes.

With all these impressive features Google Earth is one of the best drones app in 2019. And the best thing is it’s absolutely free and you can get it on Google Play store or you can even get in on the web.

Best Drone Apps in 2019 Airmap:

Best Drone Apps in 2019 Airmap

Airmap is a basic drone app which can be found in almost all the drone pilot. Not matter whether you are commercial or normal recreation drone photographer you will have this app just because it has great features for you. Some of these features are advanced features which you will not get in any normal apps such as Geo-mapping, Geofencing, flight logging and more. If you are beginner then you might get scared because of these features but you don’t have to be because this app also has beginner module and has a pretty easy user interface.

This app is backed up by companies like Qualcomm and Microsoft, Yuneec and more. In this drone app, you can even check out location-based flight restriction information. The Airmap has the legal information and restrictions of over 20 countries and it is especially useful for travellers. Airmap can also control the DJI drone which was built with functionality to fly machine drones. This best drone app can be available for free in the Google Play store. This is definitely the best drone apps in 2019 you should talk about. That’s why i have included this app in this special post.

One of the Best Drone Apps in 2019- Hover

Hover Best Drone Apps in 2019Hover is another valuable drone app for drone pilots. Although it is an underrated app but it provides good features like location mapping, location awareness and other information which was provided by the Airmap. Along with these it also adds the weather updates and information to have a glance at so that it will show whether the drone able to fly safely or not.

This apps takes the visibility, location and wind factors into the considerations and then it will stick the margin to fly. hover has the flight logging features which can save time for you and it an download the logs of your flights and send it to you.


B4UFly is one of the best drone apps when you want to make sure you are well with the Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations. This app helps you to follow the rules and regulations of the FAA with ease. The B4UFly app helps the drone operators and help them fly in the perfect place.

Best Drone Apps in 2019 b4ufly

This app will not allow the drone to enter into the airport zone or within the 5-miles around it because of the security reasons. So, it’s a super cool app which the drone operators should use if they want to stay under the regulations of the FAA. This is definitely the best drone apps in 2019 you should talk about. That’s why i have included this app in this special post.

UAV Forecast:

Best Drone Apps in 2019 UAV ForecastIf you want to focus on the safety of your drone means you have to use UAV forecast drone app. This UAV forecast app is almost entirely focused on the weather and it provides a detailed wind and the weather information which is required to decide whether to run the drone or not.

UAV forecast app also helps you to quickly indicate whether to fly or not depending on different parameters of the weather. Along with that information, you can check out location mapping and other basic features.

With this special app, you can even check the chance of rain and other key information which is useful for drone safety. So, this is one of the useful apps for drone photographers. That’s why I have included this app in the list of best drone apps in 2019 post.

Top of the Best Drone Apps in 2019- Kitty Hawk:

Kitty HawkKitty Hawk is a drone app which covers most of the top drone app features. As we have covered, weather apps, no-fly zone listings, maps with air traffic and more features but you will find all the features in one app. Kittyhawk is an amazing app which drives close to the perfect all in one drone apps. It is the robust app which has a good user interface and it also checks pre-flights check, air traffic, flight logs, post-flight analysis and more.

If you are new into the drone apps and keen to select the perfect app means just download this kitty hawk drone app. The features in this attractive app have let me include this on the list of top 5 best drone apps in 2019 list.



Most of the users often hesitate to install this app for their drone operation but it is definitely worth installing drone app. This app is so cool and once if you use the app you will not leave this app interface. You can use this app as an alternative to the flying machine. With this special app, you can control the flight you can even check out flight planning and gain autonomous control for your drone.

With this dronedeploy app, you can select a path of perfect coordinates and watch your drone fly in the same path or route. You can even control the camera exposure and other settings with this effective app. This is definitely the best drone apps in 2019 you should talk about. That’s why i have included this app in this special post.

Best Drone Apps in 2019- Photopills:


If you are really curious about your drone photos means you can use this amazing drone photography app. It is a small yet powerful app which has some special features. It covers, really amazing features and it is useful for drone photography.


The photopills apps are having the planner and sun pills features which are incredibly useful. it allows users to see the movement and the direction along with the angles of the sun at any time. You can even plan the sunrise and sunset photos with ease from this app.

This app allows you to include drone view and also helps you to plan the composition based on the different flying altitude. This app is really useful for drone photography so I have included in the special list of best drone apps in 2019 post.

If you are really curious about your drone photos means you can use this amazing drone photography app. It is a small yet powerful app which has some special features. It covers, really amazing features and it is useful for drone photography.

The photopills apps are having the planner and sun pills features which are incredibly useful. it allows users to see the movement and the direction along with the angles of the sun at any time. You can even plan the sunrise and sunset photos with ease from this app. This app allows you to include drone view and also helps you to plan the composition based on the different flying altitude. This app is really useful for drone photography so I have included in the special list of best drone apps in 2019 post.

Litchi for DJI Go app:

Litchi is one of the best drone apps in 2019 mainly because it is the best alternative to the DJI Go app. You can consider this app at any level because it is a superior app. this app offers impressive autonomous tracking feature and it is also perfect for the video shooting as well.

Best Drone Apps in 2019

You can check out the flight modes include the orbit me, follow me, panorama and more. Along with that, you will also have Ground station and waypoints with VR mode features. The best feature in this app is its ability to plan out flights in advance just by using the mission hub that’s it.

Although it is a useful app it is one of the more expensive apps which has a price tag of $23. if you like these features then you have to take a look at the Litchi app.


Best Drone Apps in 2019 Pix4dPix4d is another impressive app which is free of cost, although it’s free its software behind it is premium. This Pix4d is one of the powerful drone apps which has special features like 3D mapping for your drone. This app works similar to the dronedeploy app but it has some more cool options such as advanced 2D to 3D output and also has some improvements in software. As it is having premium software it might be expensive for a few of the people but it’s worth it. This is definitely one of the Best Drone Apps in 2019.

This is all about the best drone apps in 2019. With these apps you can simply become the best drone photographer. I have covered almost all the best drone photography apps in this post. If you want to include any other interesting app in this list then do let me know in comment section. That’s it about the Best Drone Apps in 2019 find out other interesting posts in blog section.

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Best Mac Games for 2019

Best Mac Games for 2019

Firstly, we all know that there is a vast difference between Mac Games and Windows Games. Windows always have the upper hand in a wide variety of games. But, many of them don’t know that Mac also has a stunning gaming experience. Here are the list of Best Mac Games for 2019 follows.

Most of the Mac Gamers are already experiencing these, but still, some are in an unknown zone. So, if you are one of them then don’t worry, in this post, you will find some great Mac games for 2019.

In this post, we are sharing the greatest and the best mac games for 2019. So, let’s get quickly into the list of best mac games for 2019 without digging into the controversy between windows games and Mac Games.

So, let’s start our journey of the best Mac Games 2019.

Best Mac Games for 2019:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft has been a buzz word for movie lovers and game lovers since its release in 1998. Its recent sequel came in 2010 with the addition on all the latest elements. This game was played by most of South Korea, and many of them have self-proclaimed it as the national sport.

Best Mac Games for 2019: StarCraft II

This is one of the fabulous game where you can take control of three separate factions like protoss, terran, Zerg. Although the wings of liberties main tagline have come from the command of the Terran but you can play. You can take any role you need, and you can even play it in multiplayer as well.

Stardew Valley:

This is one of the cool framing simulation game. It has arrived with an utterly gorgeous look and charming characters, along with combat options and other support tracks as well. The developer concerned Ape has promised online that he will release the online multiplayer experience to its fans. As he promised that feature has arrived.

Best Mac Games for 2019

This game allows three players to join you in the game as farmhands to help you operate the farm. They will play through the storyline and get married in the game as the game processes ahead. This game is better for role-playing, and you can do a lot in this game such as mining, fishing, unlock new areas, the dangerous cave filled with dangerous monsters, Animal Crossing and more. You will find all the aspects of this star-drubbed game. So, this standard game has bee on this list of best Mac games for 2019.

Portal 2:

Portal 2 is another addictive game which has some best puzzles. It is a personal puzzle game where you will play as the protagonist. Here Chell attempts to break out from the research facility of the large aperture. So, you have lots of unique puzzles and you are armed with nothing but with just a portal gun. Here you have to use your brain and objects from surroundings to advance through the facility.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Portal 2

This game is full of exciting aspects so you will never get bored when while you are playing this game. Portal 2 is one of the best and unique games which has Actors J.K. Simmons and Stephen Merchant voices.  For the individual and best comedic experience, you have to play this game.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider:

If you want to go adventurous, then you have to play this epic movie cum game “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” This game has superb graphics which is impressive. Tomb Raider game is one of the favorite game in 2018 and so as in 2019 as well. The gaming experience of this extraordinary game is splendid when compared to the other games.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

The game starts with the same storyline as the movie of tomb raider. It begins with Lara Croft, and it will run through the beautiful snowy mountains with a wide range of puzzles and action sequences. If you are striving to play the best adventure game, then you will have to play this in your mac although it is a premium game, but it’s worth playing. As the craze of this game went peaks in 2018, I am listing this game in the best mac games for 2019.


Sid Meier’s Civilization is another fabulous game you should play to enjoy Mac Gaming Experience. Its previous series was average, so its developer Firaxis has given himself some time and has made this awesome game. Its new Civilization VI was built on the tag line of 2010’s game, but it adds lots of challenging levels, dynamic choices, more insights about the other aspects.


This is a serious game which has lots of challenges, and it shows previous civilization including Australians, Persians, Nubians, Aztecs and more. Some of the famous historical figures led these regional civilizations. This game is frequently updated so we feel that we have to list this game in Best Mac Games for 2019 post.


Most of you might know about this blizzard multiplayer card game. Because it has blown up on mobile devices and has even turned into a sensational game. It is perfect for all screens, and it gives a massive gaming experience in Mac devices. So, this game is a must try game in Mac.

Best Mac Games for 2019: HearthStone

The interface of this game is quite easy, it has several battles in just one sitting. This games matchmaking helps you to pair with the skilled players quickly. So, every battle is hard and intense on this battlefield. This game will look like a Warcraft and its quite famous for stunning attacks. If you want to experience the best gaming feel means then there is no better game then Hearthstone.


I think I really don’t have to explain about this game because it is one of the favorite game on the internet. It has immense popularity ever since it has launched its basic version in 2009.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Minecraft

As a player you will start with just a pair of hands, while you move on you will be given a chance to get more objects through the randomized map.  You’ll start with deep mining for diamonds and golds. In this process, you will face several enemies including creepers, zombies, and more. The characters you will face in this game will blow off your minds.

This Minecraft is one of the addictive game which helps you to build towering skyscrapers and mine shafts in just minutes. Its graphics are cool and lovely to watch. So, it’s one of the best game you should play. That’s the reason why we have listed this game on the list of Best Mac Games for 2019.

Gone Home:

Gone Home is a rare game which has lots of strange aspects hovering around the game. In this game, you will start your game as a college student who is returning to the home from a year abroad. Then you will arrive at your family’s guesthouse, and you will find there is no one in the home. Now, it’s up to you how to trace your family members with small clues left all over the house.

Best Mac Games for 2019 Gone Home

This game will start slowly, but it moves very fast when you adapt the game situations. It just an incredible game where you have to trace different aspects. This game relieves dark mysteries and horror play when you start exploring. It’s just a unique game with a different style of gameplay. While playing this game, you will simply get stick to it because it’s that addictive. So, this is a best mac game you should play.


Firewatch is pretty much similar to the other battlefield games, but it has its own feel when you will experience the battles, unlike other games. Its mainly focused on battlefields and other areas of conflicts. You will have to move according to your plan to complete the most stringent levels in this game. This Firewatch is entirely different from the old 90’s game.


This game has a new fire on it, and it looks strange, you will start as Henry who thinks his job will be very dull. Then he will watch the world is set on fire from his tower. Then he will discover the reason and start exploring the wilderness in this special game. There is no dull aspect of this game. You will love playing this game as it blends as realistic characters appear in the game. The visual of this game are attractive than anything else.

Dota 2 & League of Legends :

The name itself sounds attractive, and it has its own story too. This game from Riot has been a global phenomenon. Millions of people love playing this game. You can find your friends who are playing these battles online as well. Here every player has their own strategy and has to coordinate with their teams properly. This game works perfectly on the Mac and its also completely free to play.

Dota 2 & League of Legends

If you want to play this game, then you can play this by downloading it from the official site. This game is an exciting game for players who love playing hardcore battles. This game is similar to Warcraft III, but it’s more interesting than that. If you start playing this game, then you will get addicted to it. So, you should be cautious in that aspect. As this is one of the best mac games for 2019, I have listed this game on our list.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth:

Most of people love playing this game. I’m definitely one in that list because I love playing this game. As the movie suggests the conflict between the Alliance and Horde in the warcarft universe will lead this war. It will turn into the war in the world of Warcraft, and you will see the battle for Azeroth at this level.

World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth

Powerful enemies will destroy all the popular areas in the world of Warcraft. Your entire world will be under attack in this situation you and 19 other players will work together to attempt the overrun, and you have to make way into the battle for Azeroth with combining the unique allied races. This battle is just amazing as you will play with some great gaming experience. In this game, you have to discover hidden treasure and more. The leveling up of the characters are just amazing. Totally you will love to play this game on Mac. So, it’s one of the best mac games for 2019.

The Witness:

Want to play mastermind games, then you have to play the witness game. Its created by Jonathan Blow, he has created this best mind game ever. It has gorgeous graphics with and the world of the witness is filled with challenging puzzles and philosophical musings. Its a different game one can think off. This game has happened only because of its mastermind Blow. It has unthinkable myths and puzzles.

The Witness

Most of you might find these puzzles harder to solve and it could even take a lot of time to complete this game. To complete these puzzles, you have to keep a closer eye on the game, and if you like playing the challenging game, then this is for you.

Diablo III:

Diablo IIIDiablo III is the coolest game in Mac. Its the sequel of favorite Diablo II game. This game has developed a lot from its previous version. Diablo III is a challenging game to master. It’s not like a regular game where you can quickly complete all the levels. This will take time to finish the game. Once if you are addicted to this game then you will always love to play this game mainly because of its gameplay. it’s that addictive, so we have listed in this best mac games for 2019 post.

Fortnite- Battle Royale:

If you are thinking to play the biggest game? Then Fortnite Battle royale is one of the biggest game. It can be said that it is the largest game on the planet right now. This is free to play game where shooters mixers together. Here the last man standing in the shootout is the winner. Its always identical to PUBG but it has some variations. In this game its quite easy to pick the targets but its harder to kill them.

Best Mac Games for 2019

With blazingly faster fights its quite a competitor of PlayerUnknown Battleground. Just like PUBG, you will get addicted to this incredible game. You can easily pass your time with this game. Playing this game on Mac gives a unique experience so this is one of the best mac games for 2019.

Banner Saga 3:

You might hear about this Banner Saga 3 Game because it is nothing short of the epic game. This is the conclusion to the best tactical game of role-playing series of all times. People love to play this game as it builds on decision focused. You will have two ways to move forward, and game sticks to your own way of playing.

Banner Saga 3

This is a game you should play after in your Mac because its combats are perfectly shown in mac. You will love this gaming experience as it has enhanced its combat operations in this game with the “Waves” system. They have also upgraded their options and adding animation effects to the game to attract users. So, this is a must try the game. That’s why we have included that in this best mac games for 2019.

These are some of the best Mac games for 2019 you have to play. Watch out this post for more updated list on the special games for Mac.

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