Apple Working on Force Sensor Gloves for Gesture Controls

Apple Working on Force Sensor Gloves for Gesture Controls

Apple to make in- roads into the future with force sensor gloves. These so called force sensing gloves could be potentially used to control devices, computers and other gadgets of the future. Apple plans on incorporating force sensing circuitry into clothes which can be used to issue commands. These force sensing gloves can issue commands by touching various surfaces in different ways. Apple plans on bringing the gloves used in the iconic movie “Minority Report” to reality in the form of its force sensor gloves.

Change in The way we Interact with computers using Force Sensor Gloves:

Today we use various gestures on mobile devices instead of the ordinary tapping on particular keys or in place of using keyboards. But all this is for now. Apple is apparently looking at the future with Force sensor gloves.

An Apple patent was published by the US patent and trademark office recently and described how gloves or any other clothing could be used in issuing commands. The circuitry incorporated devices would allow the wearer to issue commands without the need of a tactile display.

The Tech behind Force Sensor Gloves:

The fabric or gloves would contain a force sensor which would be connected to a control circuitry. This control circuitry would in turn be connected to conductive strands that fit into the fingers of the glove.

The tech in the circuitry would allow the wearer to not only issue commands by simple touch but to also issue commands based on pressure as well.

Applying the idea to Any Fabric:

While the same logic could be applied to any fabric, Apple is specifically keen on the force sensor gloves route. Hands are the easiest place to input such a technology as hands will be key when issuing commands.

The technology could also be used in kiosks, automobiles, head bands, wrist bands, furnishings and various other clothing items that can be thought of.

Apple’s patent on Force Sensor Gloves:

Apple’s patent on force sensor gloves includes multiple force sensors on a per finger basis. Meaning that each finger will be able to issue multiple commands based on the number of sensors in each finger in the glove.

Force Sensor Gloves may also contain “stiffeners” that would allow a user to issue commands without even touching surfaces in certain cases. This will be especially useful in cases of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The patent on the force sensor gloves goes on to mention force circuitry that will be connected to sensors that are woven into threads in the gloves.

Apple files a number of patents on a regular basis. While it is not indicative of a future product that will reach shelves in the near future, it does show what Apple is willing to spend considerable resources on.

It is even possible that a display could accompany such force sensors incorporated into gloves or any other wearable fabric. The fabric based force sensor could combine elements of both fabric as well non fabric technologies.

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How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect Way

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect Way

Wondering how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way? But don’t know about the Google lens. Then don’t worry, i got you covered.

Google Lens has made its initial debut at Google’s I/O 2017 event, which lets you obtain text and hyperlinks from images, and it can also identify a number of landmarks around the world.

Earlier in 2018, Google has released Google Lens feature to all non-Pixel Android devices and later it has started rolling the update to the iOS devices as well.

For people who are confused with what actually Google Lens does, here is the straight and simple answer.

“Google Lens is a comprehensive photo recognition tool built into Google Photos that can provide additional information about the pictures you are taking.”

How to use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

Let’s get into few examples for clear understanding.

Example 1: For instance, taking a picture of Burj Kalifa will show the reviews, contact information and any additional information that found useful to the user.

Example 2: Taking a picture of an invitation will automatically be added to your calendar and marked it as an important date.

I hope with these examples you can get a clear view on the Google lens. Now, lets have a look at how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way.

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

If you are not using the Google Application on your iPhone/iPad yet, go to the App Store and download the latest version of Google app and launch it.

Make sure to Sign-in with your existing Google account or create a new account to effectively use this application.

How to use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

Once you are done with signing in, locate the search bar and tap on the Lens icon on the right corner.

Suddenly it prompts a popup, click on the blue button that says “Turn on camera to use Lens”. Also, you need to provide permission access to utilize the Google Lens to the fullest. Tap “OK” in the permissions alert on your settings menu to allow Google to access your camera.

That’s it, just locate a picture that you want to know more information about, and click on the circle that appears on the bottom.

This feature is not limited to only the photos that you are taking currently, but also the photos that you have taken previously and stored in your device. To know more information about the photos that you have previously taken, simply tap on the picture icon located at the top right of the camera.

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone and iPad

And repeat the same permission access step that you have done for providing access to your camera. But this time it asks to grant access to the photo library. Once you are done with giving access, simply select a photo you want.

How to delete Google Lens history?

Are you striving to know about how to delete Google lens history? Then don’t worry it’s not that difficult at all. You can simply delete Google lens history by using this post. Check out the below content.

  • Simply log in to your same Google account on your PC/Desktop.
  • Go to, where you can find all the images that you have snapped using Google Lens.
  • At the top right corner of every image, you will find the “More Options” icon. Click on the icon and delete the photos.
  • Or you can directly delete all the activities you have done with Google Lens with one click.
  • At the top of the My Activity page, you will find “Today”. Similar to the process of deleting an individual photo, you will find the “More Options” icon on the right corner.
  • Click on that and you can find an option to delete all at once.

This is how you can delete Google lens history. So, just check the above process and do it in perfect way. Now, are you keen to learn more information about the Google lens then check out this guide.

More Information on Google Lens:

As you are interested to learn more about the Google lens you can check it out here in this article. Google lens has some best features which helps you to learn about the product from its history. While its visual character recognition powerhouse has been optimized to read more product labels, Google has also sharpened its machine learning and AI to recognize more animals, which suggests common pet breeds as well.

Without stopping its limitations to that, Google Lens can now also recognize a person, Wi-Fi network names for auto-connecting, and geometric shapes. And if cannot able to grab the exact information, it will offer up similar photos that match the picture that you are looking.

Curious to know what other things Google Lens can do? Or wondering how to use Google lens in iPhone and iPad perfectly? Then its Ok, here is the information you are looking for.

What can you do with Google lens?

  1. Collect contact information:

Place your Google Lens-equipped camera at any business card, and it has the ability to capture both the phone number and address present in that card. Also, It will add that info to a contact on your phone as well. That feature works with email addresses and URLs.

So, if you are keen to collect the contact information of a product then just take out your Google lens and have a glance at the product to learn more about the contact information and details about the pic or product.

  1. Books, music, movies:

If you scan a book cover or a music album cover, Google Lens will identify the title and give you reviews sourced from the web, and also adept at pulling up information about music albums, movies just by scanning their covers. If you are music freak who loves to know about the music albums and more then simply use this scan the cover with Google lens to find out more interesting aspects about those music albums and more.

  1. Details about things:

Want to know information about a landmark or building? Just take a picture of it, and Google Lens will provide you with information about the structure’s construction, architect and more. If you are walking through a museum, the Google Lens feature in Google Photos can give you information about the art pieces you see. That’s handy right?? It replaces the tour guide, as it offers even more information that one can provide. If you know what we mean(every minute detail).

  1. Scanner:

Google Lens offers more features than just collecting phone numbers and email addresses. It also scans barcodes and QR codes on products and shows up more informative results. If you strive to get more details and collect more information then you shouldn’t miss this tool.

  1. Recognize images:

Google states that Google Lens can identify the common plants and animals and shows you the necessary information when you point your camera at one of them.

Well, if you are an Android user, but still reading this article to know exactly what Google Lens does, you may be still in a disappointing side.

It’s not compatible with all Android devices and if so but not equally. For example, while it will work with the Samsung Note 9, it won’t play as nicely with the Samsung Galaxy S9. Some of the users have also noticed that the app doesn’t work on the Moto Z Play, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi A1, and many other phones. You’ll have to be running Android Marshmallow and above in order to access the app.


By the end of this article, you might have come to the conclusion that “How to use Google lens on iPhone and IPad” is not a tough task to deal with. Speaking about the application itself, Google Lens is a handy application that lets you know about the things around you in just one snap. But the only concern with the application is with the consistency. We all know that Google is a masterpiece in making the useful technology, let’s hope Google Lens will also get better and better with the updates.

I hope you all got a clear view over how to use Google lens on iPhone and iPad in a perfect way. So, start using Google lens and enjoy its features.

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All-New MacBook Air Takes Flight

All-New MacBook Air Takes Flight

The new MacBook Air with Latest Features including the T2 Chip

The announcement of the new MacBook Air was made at the Apple’s New York event. The new MacBook Air comes with a lot of features that include a Retina display, a third-gen keyboard, an upgrade on the portable design and latest processors. The new MacBook Air has faster SSDs, T2 Security Chip, Touch ID and Thunderbolt 3. It features a Force Touch trackpad, all-day battery life and incredible stereo sound.

The new MacBook Air is available in three different variants-gold, silver and space grey. It is selling at $1,199 and can be ordered on On Nov 7, the  MacBook Air can be purchased from Authorized Apple Resellers and Apple retail stores.

New Macbook Air Design and Sound

The new MacBook Air has a 13.3-inch Retina display with more than 4 million pixels of resolution whereby the images and text look more stunning and sharper in macOS Mojave. The  MacBook Air has a more portable design than the first MacBook Air. The wedge-shaped design is compact and portable and offers 12 hours battery life for wireless web use and 13 hours of iTunes movie playback. It is available in gold, silver or space grey. It is 0.61 inches at the thicker end and 2.75 pounds in weight.

There is an in-built FaceTime HD camera and the three microphones allow better sound quality and even an improvement on the voice recognition for Siri.

The new MacBook Air has advanced speakers and audio technology thus providing a better and immersive audio experience. Watching movies and listening to music is a treat with the speakers being 25 percent louder and the bass being doubled.

Security Features

The new MacBook Air has the Touch ID that is built into the keyboard. This becomes ideal for unlocking the MacBook Air, authenticate your ID and even ensure secure purchases on Apple Pay. In addition, the  MacBook Air has the T2 security chip to make it even more secure. The T2 has an always-on processor that enables ‘Hey Siri’ and an SSD controller with data encryption for all that is stored on the SSD.

Keyboard and Trackpadof New Macbook Air

The third-gen Apple keyboard is especially designed for a more responsive and accurate typing. There is more illumination as each individual key is backlit with low-power LEDs.

The  MacBook Air comes with a Force Touch trackpad which is 20 percent larger than the earlier MacBook Air which allows for a better user experience.

Processor of the new MacBook Air

An 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics and faster 2133 MHz system memory up to 16GB has been included in the  new MacBook Air. It ensures good performance for organizing your photos, browsing the web, viewing videos and making presentations. It also has SSDs up to 1.5TB which is 60 percent faster than the earlier gen and opening apps and files are faster and more responsive.

Thunderbolt 3

It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports for charging the notebook, transferring data via USB and Thunderbolt, output video in three formats and also connect various devices like external storage, docks for additional ports, 4K and 5K displays and eGPUs for speedier graphics.

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File Edge Review: Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike

File Edge Review: Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike as the name suggests is electric and foldable and hence good for travelling on crowded roads and gives off much less emission. We have heard of commuting on one-wheel hoverboards, electric skateboards and even the Segway. When it comes to an alternative for travelling by car, then most people would opt for an electric folding bike.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike could relieve traffic pressure and get you to your place of work without too much of a sweat. The folding bike could easily fit under your desk at your work place.

Features of the Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike comes with a 250-watt motor which is positioned in the crossbar of the bike.

It has an aluminium alloy frame and weighs 38 pounds.

File Edge Review- Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike

When the Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike is folded, there is a magnet that holds the front and back wheels together. It is about 25 inches high, 30 inches long and 17 inches wide in the folded position. It is compact enough to fit under your work desk or even in the trunk of a car. There is nothing to hold the handlebars onto the frame and hence one has to be careful to avoid the handlebars from swinging about.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike does a range of 40 miles.

The bike comes with three levels of wattage – 150, 200 or 250 watts. Depending on the level you select, you can get the computer output without really figuring out how much torque is required for either driving up hill or at a specific speed.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike achieves a maximum speed of 16 mph.

The safety aspect is also taken care of with its rear suspension and the fat, 16-inch wheels.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike comes with a comfortable seat and big firm grip. There is a small LCD mounted on the handlebars where you can check out your battery level, speed and odometer readings. In dim light, you can turn on the integrated front light.

On the right-hand grip there is a button for sounding the horn.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike has front and rear disc brakes. There is also a guard to prevent any mishap of getting your pants stuck in the chain. It comes with just one gear.

Few drawbacks of the Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike

At 38 pounds, the Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike is a bit heavy to carry.

There is no scope for a front or rear rack to store your things. Storage on the Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bikes are limited to the racks that are attached to the seat post or baskets that are attached to the handlebars. The storage weight is thus limited as opposed to the storage in compartments in the rear.

The wheel forks have limited clearance making the options for fenders limited.

The Jetson Metro Electric Folding Bike is selling at $800 and is one of the more affordable options than other bikes in the market.


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Mobile Phone’s to Look Out for 2018

Mobile Phone’s to Look Out for 2018

This year we have seen a lot from the technology world when it comes to smartphones. Many people sell old mobile phone gadgets hoping to find something new in the exciting list of product lines coming this year in 2018. If you are in the market for a new look or design, it’s likely you won’t be disappointed if you’ve browsed online. The OLED technology is ruling the game with its slick displays and the rear cameras. All of the phones introduced in 2018 so far, meet everyone’s budget depending on what your need. Here are a few to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Though the rumors are growing, Samsung is coming out with this powerful device that sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform. The software will undergo a huge upgrade and it certainly will be very noticeable. DJ Koh, Mobile Chief, has already confirmed that the virtual assistant Bixby will show up on the Note 9. Word on the tech street is that the Galaxy 9 will not showcase the fingerprint sensing until they introduce Galaxy 10.

iPhone 2018

It looks like the iPhone X will get an expansion regarding its design and come with a bigger screen size. Watch out for an introduction of a more low cost phone from Apple as well. It will be similar looking to the iPhone X, but the LCD Panel will have less dominance. Again, Apple phones don’t come out until the fall, so who knows what we will get.

Google Pixel 3

It was heard in some rumbling conversations that when Pixel 2 arrived, consumers could expect to see three versions after that device. Even though we have only witnessed two at this point, it appears the Pixel 3 is on its way. Google is also looking at selling two “premium” devices along with another sophisticated top-tier handset.

Oppo Find X

If you haven’t heard, this handset is supposedly the Chinese company’s first debut of a smartphone in the United States and Europe. It is set to launch next year. You won’t find the cameras on the outside for this handset, but instead they are inside. They extend out of the camera’s body at the top. This new touch gives the device a ratio of 93 percent when it comes to screen to body. It also will have an astounding front facing camera that does 3D recognition, similar to iPhone X. The Find X won’t need to depend on fingerprint authentication at all. This Android phone comes with all the regular features customers are accustomed to on this platform.

iPhone SE 2018

It has been 2 years since seeing any kind of update for this device. There was a rumor way back in May stating there was a potential release of an iPhone SE 2, however, that never happened.

Red Hydrogen One

If all goes well, this handset is set to hit the market August 2018. This jaw-dropping visually attractive device will cost nearly $1,295. You can get the titanium kind for about $300 more, if you are interested. The Red Hydrogen One has an awesome holographic display that can show 3D content. It further can support virtual reality and augmentation. It’s cinema module literally turns the phone into a handheld sophisticated camera that records high-end video. At this date, it looks like Verizon and AT&T will be selling it and you can buy one that comes unlocked.

You can certainly sell old mobile phone devices and get a new one because there are a lot of choices. This year debuts some of the most anticipated smartphone on the market.

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Why SIM only is becoming increasingly popular

Why SIM only is becoming increasingly popular

What is all the hype regarding sim only deals? Well within this article, we’re going to discuss the rising popularity of SIM only deals and what the advantages and drawbacks are. A contract that includes talk, text, and data but without the phone included, is considered a SIM only deal.

One huge reason why people like SIM only deals is the affordability factor. They are way more inexpensive than your common mobile contract. Mainly because the deals don’t provide a smartphone.

What is a SIM card? It is a microchip roughly the size of a bean that holds all of your cell phone’s configuration info. Once activated, the SIM card is permanently assigned to a particular cellular network. This is beneficial because it allows the user to keep the SIM card active but gives you the freedom of using a different cell phone.

Switching to a SIM only plan allows you to keep your phone, especially if it’s one you love without having to obtain a new number or losing pertinent information. Why invest in the most expensive or up-to-date cell phone on the market when yours work just fine, instead just search for an ideal SIM only deals. When you are purchasing an overpriced smartphone, you are also paying for the brand name and level of popularity during that specific time. If your cell phone doesn’t need data capability, then the next best idea would be to obtain pre-paid service. It’s pretty much similar to SIM only deals, the reason is that they don’t require you to commit to a long-term contract.

A trend has seemed to emerge among the cell phone market. It appears that many people are just deciding to opt-out of contracts and deciding to just purchase their phones outright. This allows them to sign up for services like data, talk, and text without having to sign up for a contract.

The best way to sign up for a SIM only deal is to first check if compatible with other carriers. If you want to go with the SIM only method, then checking to see if your number is still available is a great idea. Your first step is to contact your service provider and ask them for a PAC code. Short for Porting Authorization Code, the PAC is used to facilitate the transfer of phone numbers to different carriers.

After receiving your new SIM card, it’s best to safely destroy the initial one used by cutting it up or burning it. Make sure the gold foil that covers the sim card is damaged refraining it from being reused again.

There is one setback associated with obtaining a new sim card. Not all of them are a compatible match with most carriers. The older phones still use micro SIM, while the more updated one use Nano SIM.

With so many companies fighting for your business, SIM only deals have become ideal among many people. When you are paying on your cell phone bill, it’s best to remember that you’re paying for some of the phone too, as well as the actual bill.

As you can see from this article it is not actually necessary for you to obtain a new phone. If your phone is in good shape, it’s best to try a SIM only deal with the intention of saving some money. These cell phones are becoming outrageously expensive. Consumers want practicality, innovation, and savings. By deciding to go with a SIM only deal, you’re not only keeping your investment on the phone you already possess, you’re also deciding to not partake in any contracts regarding service.

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What is the Best Laptop in 2018

What is the Best Laptop in 2018

Best Laptop of 2018 So Far!

Looking out for a laptop in today’s market is no easy task. There’s a lot to choose from whether it be hybrid models, touchscreens and more. Knowing what is the best for you can be very difficult but here’s our list of best laptop for 2018 to get you going. Whether you’re a gamer or a professional or you simply would like to use your laptop for something else, we have a variety of best laptop to meet your every need.Today’s laptop has to do it all. There are a lot of good laptops in the market and very few features to tell them apart. So focusing on those features and what will be good for you here’s our list of best laptops for 2018 so far!

Starting of the list with Best Laptop: Numero one Dell XPS 13—

Numero one Dell XPS 13 best laptop

Combine fast processing with a cool exterior and you have Dell XPS 13. The Dell XPS 13 features 8th generation processors along with solid state drives and up to 16 GB of RAM. As for the look of the laptop, it has a metallic finish with a white fiberglass interior.

The design looks premium and feels premium. Another feature of this sleek design is the InfinityEdge Bezel. This laptop has a bezel of only a quarter of an inch surrounding its screen. The keyboard is easy to use and the touch pad is as large as any of the competitors so there’s really nothing to complain about. Apart from all these niceties, this laptop has its web cam below rather than above the screen due to the quarter inch bezels. This laptop on the best laptop list will cost you above $1000.

Another best Laptop on the List- Macbook Pro 13 inch:

best laptop Macbook pro

So what do you get for paying Apple’s premium on a laptop- well you get MacOS of course and Apple’s great quality to go with it.

To add to this you get 7th generation core processors with not only this laptop but with all macbook pros. So if you’re wondering why to pay a premium for Apple products when there are just as best laptop out there? The answer is simple if you’re not really that taken up with Apple and its OS then their customer service will definitely make the decision of choosing a laptop for you.

Their service includes hardware others might refuse to guarantee and you can go to any Apple store to get your laptop looked at. While all this may still not appeal to you, Apple’s reputation and the quality of their goods will definitely ensure you a longer lasting laptop. So in a way it may be worth the extra price tag. This laptop will set you back around $1300.

Only the Best Laptop for this List- Samsung Chromebook Pro:

Samsung Chromebook Pro best laptop

This one is for those looking for basic functionality, this laptop on the best laptop list combines a budget buy with Google’s reliable Chrome OS.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro has 2,560 by 1,600 display and an intel core M processor to power it up and to add to that its got tons of memory to go along with it.

Google’s Chrome OS is simple and fast to understand. Before Chrome OS was used to run only web apps and extensions but it now includes everything you can find in the Google Play Store. So now you get all that is there on your phone on your laptop as well. You can get this budget friendly laptop anywhere above $600.

Another on the best budget buy laptop list- ASUS Zenbook UX33OUA:

ASUS Zenbook UX33OUA

This ultrabook is a powerful laptop that may not be a Dell XPS 13 but is still a really good buy. The base model comes with an 8th generation intel core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB worth of solid state drive. This budget friendly laptop also comes with great battery life to go along with it.

This laptop will cost you $750 to get your hands on it.

A 2 in 1 Laptop for this list- Surface Pro:

Surface Pro

Not so sure about a laptop cum tablet kind of thing then the surface pro is the one to bring you over to the hybrid side. It’ got all you look out for in a laptop fast processing, its light weight, stylish and functions as a tablet as well.

You can tote this thing around without the extra weight of the keyboard too. It has windows 10 and does everything a best laptop is supposed to do. Clocking in at just 1.73 pounds and only .33 inches thick this laptop is the one for anyone. It comes in a student version too. But no matter what version you pick you get the 7th generation Kaby lake processor to go with this laptop. This laptop on the best laptop list will cost you above $800.

This one is for the gamers out there- Alienware 17 R5:

Alienware 17 R5

Alienware is known as the laptop makers for gamers and this one is no different too. Being one of the first laptops to come with a 6 core intel core i9 processor and also a Nividia GTX 1080 graphics card with 32 GB worth of RAM this laptop screams power and more.

With this amount of power you can run anything at any resolution without having any problems whatsoever. The display has 1440p with a refresh rate of 120Hz so gaming on this laptop is smooth sailing. As for design, Alienware never gets it wrong. This laptop may come in at the pricier side of things starting at $1500.

Hopefully this list of best laptop has given you clue or maybe more on what laptop to get whether it is for gaming or for a normal days work at the office or maybe simply for lying down watching YouTube videos all day. Coming in at a variety of price ranges these were our top picks for the year 2018.


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Oculus Go is the first VR gadget you might actually buy

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Give serious thought to VR and buy first true VR gadget from Facebook called Oculus Go

The age of virtual reality has finally arrived. The virtual reality platform has grown by leaps and bounds in less than a decade and we had seen almost every other tech firm or consumers electronic manufacturer coming up with its own version of virtual reality headset. So far the most advanced and dominant offering in this field has the Hololens from Microsoft but Facebook has taken the crown from by unveiling the Oculus Go.

How VR goggles has evolved?

VR tech for the home use has made it to the consumer market quite early. Just two years we had $600 worth of goggles being placed on the face with a cable running down right to a computer to enjoy the newfound VR environs. Then came the cardboard box based VR goggles which simply required your premium smartphone to be placed in the holder to enjoy the VR like output.

And finally it came to the consoles with the launch of the PlayStation 4 VR which simply changed the game for better.All of these invention or unique products have helped in making the VR gadgets better and creating niche segment for it in the overcrowded consumer electronics market. Facebook’s latest VR headset Oculus Go is primed take a good shot at this market as well.

Oculus Go is affordable, trendy and desirable

Facebook has spent a quality to develop its every own VR headset even when the competitors were aggressively churning out their own versions with each passing year. But the headset designed by Facebook is simply way above the competition and it offers such cool features and functionality for the price that other will find it difficult to provide.

The best thing about the Oculus Go is that it doesn’t have any kind of cables. It’s cable free and extremely easy to use. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac or any other PC. And it comes at a price of just $200 which acts as an icing on the cake. Oculus Go is designed for everything extraordinary.

You can play games or watch TV shows or movies with friends living continents apart with ease. It can also act a cosy private theatre on the long flights. Facebook has been kind enough to make it so immersive that you don’t need to bother about the fellow passengers and just enjoy your visual treat in air.

Oculus Go is for everyone

Oculus Go allows you the opportunity to teleport to new exciting places and explores things unimaginable. However in order to bring an affordable VR headset in the market Facebook did have to cut some corners and this can be felt in the VR experience which happens to be less sophisticated that it earlier counterparts. But the good thing about Oculus Go is that being affordable makes it better accessible to millions of prospective customer who aren’t super rich or being into this kind of thing.

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Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS: Crazy 400-Megapixel Camera Does Have a Purpose

Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS:  Crazy 400-Megapixel Camera Does Have a Purpose

Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS Camera will blow your mind away!

For starters the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS Crazy 400-Megapixel Camera Does Have a Purpose camera can capture pictures in 400 MP.  and there’s no joke here either. The 400 MP capture is pegged as one of the biggest features of the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera. Mind you I said one of the features, the camera has more to it than what meets the eye, but more on the other feature later. They say the devils in the details and boy let me tell you the  H6D- 400c MS is that devil.

You might think who might require a 400 MP camera but according to Hasselblad, they are one of the leading camera manufacturers for organizations, institutions and museums worldwide and also professionals too if they can handle the very steep price tag that goes along with the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera.

The big 400 MP Picture on the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera:

You might thing 400 MP capture is a bit of an overkill and to be honest for most of us yes, but for those who like the details and getting every color, every reflection and every glint of something on a surface in their pictures, then Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera is the one for them.

But even so, being brutally honest, first it was 50 MP then 100 MP and now 400 MP later it will be something else and then that will be the best camera out there, so when it comes to details, for now 400 MP takes the cake. A big emphasis on the now!

To take the 400 MP picture,  H6D- 400c MS camera uses a tech known as the sensor- shifting technology to bring together pictures that measure 23,000 by 17,400 pixels.

The other spectacular feature in the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS Camera:

One of the other features that I mentioned earlier is the Sensor- Shifting technology in the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera.

Basically what this tech does is that, the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera takes about six shots at the same time. At each individual shot the sensor shifts one pixel at a time. The resulting six images are them stitched together to create the grand 400 MP picture.

Now for the limitations of using this feature on the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS Camera:

Ok, looking at this feature, it is too good to be true and yes as expected there are limitations to using this feature on the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera.

First limitation to use this feature is that the camera needs to be hooked up to a computer via USB, the second as you can well imagine is that the camera needs to be mounted on a tripod to take that monstrous 400MP pic, no shaky hands will do.

Ok so you don’t need that 400 MP image, no problem the Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera has got you covered. You can also take a 100 MP image in a single shot or using the same six shots per take tech but instead of six shots it’s four this time.

Now for the price, brace yourself. The Hasselblad H6D- 400c MS camera is available at a whopping $48,000.

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New ways to control Google Pixel Buds

New ways to control Google Pixel Buds

New exciting ways to controls your Google Pixel Buds debuts today

When Google Pixel Buds made its debut a year it was seen as a blatant copy of the Apple Ear Buds and the response to it was quiet underwhelming. Google has been quick enough to understand that simply coping the Apple devices isn’t the best way to lure the high-end Android users therefore it went back to the basics and focused on bringing more features to its simple buds to make it a lucrative and powerful option for the users.

In last couple of months Google Pixel Buds has transformed into new age smart ear buds with the injection of the Google Assistant centric features which includes gesture controls to start the voice command mode by simply touching and holding the Google Pixel Buds. Just a week ago Google has even transformed the way in which apps tends to send the spoken notifications to the Google Pixel Bud.

Now we have the final update which brings a range of tap gesture capabilities to the Google Pixel Buds making it easier to pair the ear buds with the devices. These updates are expected to roll out from today and by the end of the week everyone will be able to do more with their Google Pixel Bud globally.

Triple tap to turn Pixel Buds off or on

Google Pixel Buds now comes with the option to manually turn on or off by simply giving a triple tap on the right ear bud. Now users wouldn’t require opening their mobile in order to disable the buds when not needed. This is a smart intuitive way to get put Google Pixel Buds at rest when not needed or bring them back in the action without the need of picking up the phone.

Give double tap to select ‘next track’

So far users were able to hear the upcoming notifications by simply double tapping the Google Pixel Buds but now users will get the opportunity to set the double tap for skipping to the next track as well. Users can enable this option by going to the Pixel Buds settings present within the Google Assistant App. Now users can make use of Google Assistant to skip to the next track or given double taps on the Google Pixel bud.

A focus towards improving the pairing of devices with Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds is essentially an audio device therefore it has to have a fine way of pairing with other devices without any issues.  But switching between phone and computer has always been an uphill task for the users therefore Google has brought a massive update here. By simply selecting the Pixel Buds in the Bluetooth menu of the desired devices users will be able to switch between phone and computer with ease and grace. But in doing so they will get disconnected from the device they are using at first before getting connected to the new one. These features will certainly help in improving the overall listening experience for the users on the Google Pixel Bud.


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