Apps is the Uber of Bus Rentals is the Uber of Bus Rentals

Planning to make a group tour to your favourite place, but unable to get hold of a charter bus? Well, do not worry, is here to your rescue. This one-stop destination for charter bus services will serve all your problems. Period. A mini coach bus or a party bus, has a lot to offer that too with just a simple click. is the uber of bus rentals and it has certainly changed the bus rental scenario of North America and how. Rent a charter bus with and make the most of your trip. It is surely the boss of all the bus rental services.

Book your way:

To book a bus, all you need to do is click on “Instant Bus Quote”. Answer a couple of questions, if you have some preferences, do mention them and click the enter button. The provider will give you a quote. If you are okay with the quote, go for the deal. In case you are planning to book a bus for some event click on Buy Bus Tickets. Mention the departure time, the place concerned and book your tickets. It’s pretty easy and hassle-free.

Pay your bills:

You need to have a PayPal account for Or a credit card will also do. Cash is not accepted here. Plus, a credit card and PayPal make the process easier. You can pay the money anytime before the expiration of the quote. In case you have missed the expiration date, you will be given yet another quote.

Your kind of bus:

The best thing about is that it offers party buses. All you have to do is mention your preferences and accordingly, the platform will fulfill your lookout. The other kinds of buses which this platform offers include, mini coach buses, vans, mini school buses etc. A mini coach bus is the most suitable one as it accommodates around 30 odd people and also its the cheapest among all the others.

Wi-fi and more:

The buses available here offer wi-fi facilities as well. If you are one of them who cannot do without the Internet, you can ask for a special wi-fi facility. The wi-fi will cost you around $30 extra per day. Besides, you can also ask for electric plug facilities inside the bus to charge your laptop or phone. All of this would require a special mention in the request category while filling up the form in the initial stage. Talking of restrooms, every mini coach bus has a restroom. So you need not stop at isolated places to take a leak or dump.

Way down its history:

Now that we have all the basic information about, let us get down its memory lane. How did it start? was coined by two young guns based in Montreal, Wolf and Kyle. Much like many of you out there, both of them were done with the charter bus rental system. They wanted something hassle-free and easier, something which wouldn’t consume a lot of time. That’s how they came up with, a one-stop platform for bus rentals. As soon as the platform kicked off, it garnered a positive response from people all across the country and that’s how it gained popularity. Now, has a huge team and they are doing pretty well. Though is located in Montreal, it operates throughout North America. It started off in the year 2014 and it’s running well and how. is indeed as cool as Uber. Stop racking your brains over booking your kind of bus, just visit and let it do the needful.

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