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Apple’s Latest Products and Performance on The Stock Market

Apple’s Latest Products and Performance on The Stock Market

Apple continues to produce amazing products for its customers and to stay on top of the competition with other famous brands. The company seeks to provide more integrated, yet customer friendly devices at customer friendly prices. In the recent years, Apple has faced stiff competition from rival brands like Samsung among other emerging phone companies. This has seen the company try and upgrade its devices almost on a yearly basis to ensure that its customers are not swayed away by the competitors. Apple has released new products recently and the recipient from its customers is overwhelming.

New 9.7-inch iPad

One of the most recent Apple products is the new iPad version dubbed as just iPad. The new model doesn’t have many notable exterior features. There have been, however, various upgrades in its internal features. AIR 2’s aging A8X chip has been replaced with a slightly older, yet faster A9 processor. The company has also doubled the storage capacity of the iPad which comes with a choice of either 32GB or 128GB, but the 256GB option is not available. The resolution of the new device remains unchanged at 2,048 X 1,536 as well as the front and back cameras at 8-megapixel and 1.2megapixel respectively.

The new iPad has received a positive response, notably due to its price. The 32GB WI-Fi version is available for $329 while the 128GB model is trading at $429. This is the lowest price for any mid-size iPad by the company. To make the new device trade faster and reach more customers, Apple has gone ahead to increase the price of iPad mini 4 which now retails at $399 for the 128GB, while iPad mini 2 is not available.

One of the most notable changes in the new iPad is the missing laminated screen. The availability of a lamination has become a common feature in many devices nowadays, and its exception may not be received well by some clients. The price of the device, however, could be used to compensate for the missing full-laminated glass.

Red aluminium iPhone

Apple has released a new kind of iPhone into the market. The new red aluminium iPhone has been released to mark the decade-long (Red) campaign, which is a main contributor to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The new iPhone is currently retailing at $749. The use of a red back cover is significant to the ten years that the company has been on the front line in donating to African countries to see the spread of AIDS brought to an end. Apple has also released a special edition of iPhone 7 in red. The new device offers a brighter display, worldwide LTE support, Touch ID, iOS 10 and A9 chip, retailing at $329.

Among the new products recently released by Apple is the free app, Clips. This app is aimed mostly at social media users and the people who love sharing media photos and videos. The app offers users the ability to combine videos, music, and photos to be shared across the various social media networks. It automatically recognises people in the video and offers suggestions of those who should be included as the recipients.

Other complimentary new products released by Apple are silicon and leather case colours for the iPhone 7 brands and Iphone’s SE storage memory expanded. Watch bands for springs in new colours like pollen, sapphire, azure, berry, and red are among the new developments by Apple.

apple q4

Apple’s stock after its quarterly revenue was down by 1.5% and did not hit projections. The company posted revenue of $52.9 billion while earning per share was at $2.10, higher than expected from $2.02. On Tuesday 2nd May 2017, Apple hit a brief market capitalization of $776.59 billion from the previous $774.91 retaining its position as the only U.S. Company listed on the stock market to attain a value of $770 billion. CMC markets would be a great platform for traders willing to invest with Apple.

The success of Apple Company would be attributed to the uniqueness of their products. Investors also play a great part as the future of Apple remains more certain as compared to its rivals. With customer looking forward to new and more exciting products from the company, its sales can only be expected to go up.


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